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  1. WH is on the mouth of the white knife and a naval trading hub, we also know the waters around WH do no freeze in winter which is a massive plus Winterfell has winter town, and I believe it is implied that during winter the population increases dramatically. I think we must remember that due to the seasonal effect the northmen probably try to cultivate as much land as possible during spring\summer\autumn and then group together to try and survive winter. This really puts a block on trying to form cities in land
  2. hnv

    Abilities of mages

    Magic in Planetos is more similar to LoTR than D&D, it's mental to a degree and requires some connection to praxis and the intrinsic properties of the world (blood, fire, ice, the earth, animals). Magic could be speculated to be a physical phenomena that supervenes from the world itself where some users manage to tap into it. Warging, future sight all seems to be some genetic mutation, and other magic requires physical elements. In that sense magic is a material phenomena, walking around with a stick shouting bizarre words to master the natural would have no effect
  3. hnv

    Lord Tywin Frequented Brothels (Theory)

    pretty much accepted as a fact at this point
  4. The Ironmen never conquered the north, they held three castles and then 2 while the majority of the land was free, even the lands around those castles seems relatively unharmed from their presence as they had too little men to exercise effective control. And in that case they aren't different from the Arryns who managed to hold lands around the area of white harbor in the past.
  5. hnv

    Warships in a Song of Ice and Fire

    Technically Lichtenstein still exists so it survived to 2019.
  6. hnv

    What happened to the Targaryen slaves?

    It’s interesting, as the moral grounds of opposing slavery were often similar to those opposing classic serfdom, yet the Andals had no qualms about this social institution.
  7. hnv

    Events you are most looking forward to see in TWOW

    Some big character dying. Hopefully Jaime and\or Brienne
  8. hnv

    Small Questions v. 10106

  9. Bran was the direct heir to Robb, also Rob could have just decreed the title with a letter patent. I don’t think there’s strict rules on titles in Westeros
  10. hnv

    Geographic problems of Westeros

    The land beyond the wall would have less that 100k inhabitants and that would be an upward estimate. The free folk live in a Hobbesian state of nature, their ability to produce enough food and survive the harsh winters is minimal. I would say the land from maidenpool to Harrenhal had more living in it that the lands beyond the wall
  11. hnv

    Why Does Darkstar Matter?

    GRRM clearly wants the Daynes to play some role, but without the gap Ned is going to be far too young. Darkstar's emo speech about his uncle being the only Dayne people remember and his sword might imply that he will make a move to get Dawn. that will have some significance later
  12. Tyrion was born on 273AC and wed when he was 13 on 286AC. Jaime was born on 266AC and joined the KG on 281AC, Joffrey was born on 286AC and we know Jaime was there (and probably didn’t leave her side for the entire pregnancy). So how did Jaime found himself out and about hundreds of miles away while on KG duty, we know he stayed for the entire marriage (a fortnight), and with traveling time he must have been away from KL for some 2 months. Am I the only one this doesn’t make sense to? KG knights hardly leave the king and Jaime wouldn’t leave Cersei with Robert during her pregnancy, there’s a little time glitch here Edit: damn wrong board. Mods can you move this to the general forum?
  13. btw note that Essosian culture is ripe with law, in Dorne which is the most Essosian of all Westros we have justiciars and Arianna has a book about Dorinish law in her tower chamber confinement
  14. The septons had thousands of years to develop an advance canon law. The maesters being the closest to academics we see in all of planetos ask no question of law, ethics, or political philosophy. We have a medieval society with the intellectual depth of a Bronze Age society, it’s very possible to question the likelihood of the westrosi society considering their lack of developed normative concepts. where’s Plato or Aristotle of Westeros? It is bizarre that warriors are remembered more than the intellectuals