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  1. Yes. The decline clearly began when the show no longer paralleled the books as closely as it did in the first couple seasons. That being said, if it were to continue on that path, the show would need to be 12 seasons long and there would be too many characters and subplots for normal TV viewers to handle. As much as I would love to see a true adaptation all the way through, I don't think it was feasible. That being said, this doesn't excuse the show from doing terrible things like turning the Dorne subplot into a Michael Bay movie.
  2. Would an example of this be, The Frozen 7 (and their 7 redshirts) taking ravens with them on their nonsensical kamikaze mission, and/or Dany flying to Eastwatch to be on standby for an extraction mission?
  3. Yes, it's abundantly clear now that the show has said 'fuck it' with constraints of time/space vs. plot. I'm pretty sure it's necessary due to the relatively low amount of screen-time they have left to wrap up the story. I'm okay with this because it's still fun to watch and it makes me want to read the last two books even more (please George, please!). What i find more infuriating is the people on other forums who reply to people complaining about the violations of space/time with comments like "you suspend disbelief for dragons and shadow assassins, but you can't believe that Gendry/raven/dragon can save them in time." These people just don't get it.
  4. Ser Hyle

    Jojen Paste

    How would future Bran make it to BR and be able to reach back in time if he wasn't already awoken in the first place?