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  1. Did the NK lure Jon and his companions to the north on purpose, just to get his dragon? Did he let the 'fellowship' wait on that rock because he was really waiting for Dany and her dragons? Was this his plan from the beginning? Or did he have another plan to cross the wall?
  2. Count Winter

    Queen Daenerys Targaryen will rule Westeros

    Don't believe Jon and Dany both will make it to the end....
  3. Count Winter

    Bringing down the Wall

    Maybe the NK needed a dragon to fly across the wall.... Once he has passed, the dead will follow.
  4. Count Winter

    Will R+L=J Deliver?

    In the show, its just not that important...
  5. Jon thought the Wildlings would pass the wall just because they had the greater numbers. The army of the dead has even larger numbers. I don't think he trusts the magic within the wal to stop the White Walkers....
  6. Count Winter

    Jon will never be king.

    Ed Stark was suited to rule and he fucked up.... Jon took out those mutineers of the Nights Watch, defended the Wall, was willing to sacrifice himself by killing Mance, got the Wildlings out of Hardhome and let the Wildlings pass the wall. Of course he did a lot of stupid things, he just need some good councellors ....
  7. Count Winter

    Seven Samurai

    No not really. People don't care enough for Gendry to be shocked.....
  8. Count Winter

    Sansa and Aria are Playing Littlefinger (Not the Other Way Around)

    If Sansa still as naive as in the beginning of the series, it would be a disappointment. Think Sansa and Arya will outplay LF, even if they need some help from Bran
  9. Count Winter

    A Wight for Cersei? Seriously?

    True, they could also have taken Jamie north to see the army of the dead with his own eyes....
  10. Count Winter

    Death of the Night King...And stuff

    It's all speculation of course. But i cannot think otherwise then that it's Jon's 'job' to kill the NK. Probably with some help from Bran and possibly it will cost him his own life (again)....Arya's dagger is mend for the Mountain...
  11. Count Winter

    Jon should bend his knees.

    Where is Mance btw? I totally forgot about him...
  12. Count Winter

    Death of the Night King...And stuff

    Well, as GRRM mentioned, the Daynes play a significant role, at least in the books. But i agree it's quite late to introduce them in the story now. Probably their role will be fulfilled by someone else('s sword).
  13. So now they have all the gold, but no food and no army anymore. Kingslanding will starve to dead real soon then.
  14. Count Winter

    Jon should bend his knees.

    Maybe Jon already did, they just didn't show it...
  15. Count Winter

    Arya V Brienne!!!!!!! Appreciation Thread

    Think it's was done well. Of course Brienne didn't take her serious at first. Anyway, the show wants us to tell that Arya is a fully trained assassin now. Think the show is setting us up for a fight between Arya and...? This training with Brienne is just a warm up for the real fight.