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  1. Ben Dover

    What type of laugh do you have?

    Usually it's either this thing that sounds like, "hanhanhan" or I wheeze.
  2. A belated thanks to all the nerds who responded to my comment about IQ .
  3. Ben Dover

    Small things you hate

    When I hear or see someone use "was" when it should be "were," I feel like something just broke in my eyeball. Oh, and where I live now, I've heard some folks pronounce "wash" as "warsh." Bleh.
  4. Ah, I should take advantage of my sleeping issues more often! I still laid in bed a long time after I woke up too early, but I got to work much sooner than usual. My 8 hours for the day was done before 4.
  5. Ben Dover

    Smell things you hate

    Ah, I just remembered the Bradford pear tree (often regarded as smelling like semen lol). I believe one grew near my old apartment -- it's terrible smell stank up my bedroom during the spring/summer (I left the window open because we didn't have AC).
  6. I was reading this website by Chris Langdon (I think he has the second highest tested IQ of anyone known, or one of the highest known) and he answered the "which came first, the chicken or the egg?" He said it was the egg, since other creatures (like reptiles) were laying hard shell eggs before chickens came along. I was like, "ohhh."
  7. Ben Dover

    Smell things you hate

    I would second many of the posts in here. I also don't care for the smell of cut grass. I've lived in three different states, two of which are on opposite sides of the USA, and haven't smelled any mown grass that was pleasant/neutral for me. Alcoholic beverages tend to stink to me as well.
  8. Ben Dover

    Small things you hate

    Loud environments... When I'm trying to talk and listen anyway. I mean clubs or bars with tons of folks and loud music. I don't like straining to listen or shouting my throat raw just to speak. Just, why? I guess I don't really hate this one as much as it skeeves me out -- that squelching noise of a sponge or rag being squeezed dry! Iebdjepqom....
  9. I wrote a post I deleted (but never published) about a client of mine, but I thought it was possibly a little too detailed. It didn't have identifying info, but... I'll say that I nearly set a client up in a situation that would have been dangerous for her. An old man propositioned me once. We worked in the same place and I had the impression his job probably didn't pay that well. I wondered how many young ladies would get intimate with non-wealthy old man unless (to be brutally honest) they were addicted to hard drugs or in some other desperate situation. This thought relates to the above. The end xP.
  10. The nervousness I had about going to MeetUp groups seems to be gone. I felt okay going to the last one I attended, and didn't feel nervous about the one I meant to attend today... which I backed out of because I have been terribly unproductive on my senior project. Anyway, I think I only went to two MeetUp group meetings before the social anxiety went away. I feel I've been hard to talk to at them, but I assume this will improve with time as well. Now, to work on my "easily distracted and unproductive" problem...
  11. Ben Dover

    What Do You Do When You Are Bored?

    "What do you do when you are bored?" You're looking at it !
  12. There was a quarrel between... Irri and Jiqui??? Anyway, it was fight between a a couple of Daenerys' handmaids over a guy. And Wyman Manderly's "confession" to killing Little Walder.
  13. Geez, I've been derping around on the internet for most my life. Without it, I'd probably watch TV more. I'd probably read more books about topics/stories of interest. I'd go back to using phone books... Rent movies. Buy music. Hm.
  14. I'm trying to make friends in town (still new-ish here) by going to meetup events. I'm going to a new group tonight and I'm a little nervous. I don't like going to socials with strangers, particularly on my own, because of some shyness. I think I'm probably too shy at my age, so to motivate myself to attend these new social situations, I remind myself that I could do with the desensitization that usually comes from repeated exposure to fear-evoking stimuli (lol).