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  1. Agreed, ohhhh that would be soo awesome to see him witness battle. Yes, Theon will have to claim Pyke via force. There are a lot of options such as, Stannis wins and Theon finishes him with Manderly fleet (not likely but this chapter was more than unlikely to predict), Ironborn betray Euron, they get crushed by Redwynes or maybe even Hightowers,... I dont know who will rule at the end but Euron will fall eventually. I just dont see Theon winning Kingsmoot even if Euron would ever accept one. After 3 minutes of taunting he would start to call himself Reek and Ironborn dont want Reek as a King.
  2. I read somewhere that Arbor was sacked. Which means Oldtown is next, Marwyn, Sam, Leyton, Sarella, Jaquen,... To mamy great characters on one place, this is going to be huge.
  3. He sent them in Mander to face Euron which is more than idiotic. He has to fortify Oldtown, either fake info or he has brilliant plan.
  4. Why did lord Leyton send his ships away? This is really puzzling. He must have something awesome in mind.
  5. I dont have enough time to go trough all comments and see if anyone else wrote this, but here is what I find interesting: SE fell in a day?? Mace didnt do it with larger army, so there must be some kind of a deal, but what deal? Between defenders and Aegon or Stannis and Aegon? Arianne will dislike Aegon but try to seduce him in order to be Queen, or more important not to see Quentyn becoming her King. And this may lead to downfall of Aegon. There were multiple hints that Aegon is a Blakfyre.
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