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  1. Raisin' Bran

    Acrophobia 34A&B: COMPLETE

    Salutations and farewells, There comes a point where one does not have the freedom they once did. This is one of those points. I apologize that I will not be able to continue the game and will likely not be a regular on the forums for quite a while. Thanks for the laughs and support.
  2. Raisin' Bran

    Acrophobia 34A&B: COMPLETE

    First: 6 A Dutiful Life Second: 2 Old Knight’s Fiery Tale Third: 7 Old Knight, Forever True
  3. Jace's longtime ambition has been to sit on a triumverant as judge to an accused regicide. She then plans to offer to champion for the accused in a trial by combat, then lose on purpose. Yes she will be dead, but the look of betrayal on the condemned's face will totally be worth it.
  4. Tywin has yet to win at anything.
  5. Raisin' Bran

    Acrophobia 34A&B: COMPLETE

    First: 3 Never Even Liked Children Second: 7 Nan’s erotica: lovers chronicled Third: 5 Old Ladies Know
  6. KoA makes prayers to the crone to have a life half as exciting as a slug.
  7. Raisin' Bran

    ASOIAF Limericks

    I like this idea. Now if only I could actually think up a limerick.
  8. Raisin' Bran

    Would you rather?

    Faith. You never seem to know what kind of Cersei you will get on any given day. WYR be Margaery or Cersei facing their trial by the Faith?
  9. Raisin' Bran

    Acrophobia 34A&B: COMPLETE

    First: 1 KINGS HATE PEACHES! Second: 4 Sieged Liege: Damn Mace’s Wheat! Third: 6 KING Honor’s Price HC to all others. Tough decisions.
  10. Raisin' Bran

    Be as unhelpful as possible, v. 3 (No)

    If anyone says chicken, I will punch them. Though grilled snake does, in fact, taste like chicken. At what point will Bran be too big for Hodor to carry him?
  11. HC is a hunter/gatherer in that he hunts ducks on his old 8-bit Nintendo and gathers used cheeto wrappers.
  12. Raisin' Bran

    Acrophobia 34A&B: COMPLETE

    Are we still on the Stannis round? I have lost track.
  13. Raisin' Bran

    Be as unhelpful as possible, v. 3 (No)

    My son likes to say invisible wolves chase him around the house. What is the significance of eye color in the books?
  14. Raisin' Bran

    Be as unhelpful as possible, v. 3 (No)

    Old Mother Hubbard Velaryon doesn't have the same ring. How do you tell if a Westerosi woman is married?
  15. Jez Bell waits all year long so she can show off her flesh colored leggings.