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  1. I like this idea. Now if only I could actually think up a limerick.
  2. I am so glad to know that I only had to put your balls in a vice so you would agree to my requests.
  3. You know what really scares me? spiked rocking chairs
  4. I would get up, but I am sitting on my cape and rocking forward makes the cape choke me.
  5. For some reason, setting my screen to the darkest setting never seems enough.
  6. Sticking a giant candy heart to my sweater was not really that hard. It will be washing it off, that will be tricky.
  7. Sitting on my cape makes me feel as though I am walking on a red carpet at some important event.
  8. I know. I know. I forgot to put on sunscreen yesterday.
  9. Brown? No my hair is chestnut. Not that I know the difference
  10. What do you mean I am going to have to ride in a designated pet crate in the cargo area? I paid for a ticket! I get a seat!
  11. Finally!! A really fun way to check for color blindness.
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