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  1. Jace's longtime ambition has been to sit on a triumverant as judge to an accused regicide. She then plans to offer to champion for the accused in a trial by combat, then lose on purpose. Yes she will be dead, but the look of betrayal on the condemned's face will totally be worth it.
  2. I like this idea. Now if only I could actually think up a limerick.
  3. HC is a hunter/gatherer in that he hunts ducks on his old 8-bit Nintendo and gathers used cheeto wrappers.
  4. Jez Bell waits all year long so she can show off her flesh colored leggings.
  5. HC has begun a campaign to combat the Chik-fil-A cows. He intends to alter the image of the chicken, to the point where they are so cute that no one would possibly want to eat one. Little does he realize that the chicken people eat rarely resembles the animal.
  6. I am so glad to know that I only had to put your balls in a vice so you would agree to my requests.
  7. When HC first cracked his copy of A Game of Thrones, he thought it was somehow about a championship game of Musical Chairs.
  8. You know what really scares me? spiked rocking chairs
  9. HC's cousin orange chicken found out the hard way that with great taste, comes the danger of being consumed.
  10. I would get up, but I am sitting on my cape and rocking forward makes the cape choke me.
  11. For some reason, setting my screen to the darkest setting never seems enough.
  12. Honeyed chicken searched google, bing, yahoo, and about 5 other search engines (seriously, who uses Jeeves anymore) for a total of 109 hours to find his current profile photo.
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