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  1. Tom Sevenstreams

    A Compendium of Theories v.2

    Thanks, I assumed it had been discussed here, and of course I found the discussions after I posted
  2. Tom Sevenstreams

    A Compendium of Theories v.2

    Hi, new member here (har!) I've read as much of the forum as I can, and not sure if I've seen this brought up. I've seen where Tyrion is suspected of being fathered by Aerys, but is it possible that Cersei (and Jamie) were the ones fathered by Aerys? Cersei's descent into madness parallels Aerys very well (paranoia, burning the hand's tower) and she certainly has the beauty, the propensity for incest, and the hair of a targaryen. And Aerys asked Joanna if her boobs were ruined from breastfeeding, he would have known that if he had hooked up with her after the twins were born in order to father Tyrion. Tyrion is also very much Tywin's son: smart, cunning, likes whores. Might explain why he was kept around, when many dwarves were sent off or killed, if he was Tywin's only son.