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  1. I'm not sure if this has been brought up, but how old Euron was exactly when he killed Harlon? Harlon was Quellon's first son and said to died as a child. But Euron was 4 or 5 years younger than him...
  2. The way GRMM wrote Falia here is perplexing. In the first chapter, she was the one who order her half-sisters and stepmother to serve naked. Here, she's nice to Aeron and acts like a young, dreaming girl. Was she too naive to know how dire her action were?
  3. 8 out of 10. Yes, slow pace but that's what I like about it. The fact that we have no death and the scenes felt like those of season 2 or 3.
  4. We don't know how reliable Falia was. Yes, she was mistreated by her family, but to what extend? Mistreated as "not having the same rights as her noble family" (like Jon's case), force to work in Cinderella fashion, or was abused by them? Judging by her naivety, it seems like she doesn't know the situation better and takes it pitifully.
  5. The thing is even though there is no one who is purely good or bad and that everyone is grey, people like Tywin and Ramsay exist in our world. Someone who is willing to commit heinous action for selfish desire and those who done it purely out of sadism, and that what GRMM trying to reflect (even though I felt that his writings of the Brave Companion and Euron is cartoonish).
  6. Unless if Aeron didn't die in this chapter, then yes this definitely would have been a great epilogue for Feast.
  7. We usually don't get POV's details on battles and knowing Euron's battle with the Redwynes is less important, Aeron chances of dying are pretty high. I don't know about that. Euron is not the type to feel genuinely care for his family. Most likely cause Harlon is his first brother kill and Euron went off to piss and asked the gods to punish him just so to wash away the blame, to make himself less responsible and more heartless.
  8. Sansa is going to be busy at this moment.
  9. Considering his action and plan, definitely. Probably the biggest antagonist of them all and it helps that he's the only villain who uses magic. Hahahaha. I'm hope you're joking considering how many atrocities Euron made and th fact that he's batshit insane to deserve redemption. Characters like him (ex. Ramsay) are not warrant of redemption compare to someone like Jaime and Theon.
  10. To be honest imo, Aeron's chapter should have been the final in ADWD just for cliffhanger and establishment of Euron's storyline. It seems like Aeron has meet his death match in the chapter and it would kinda be a waste to just move his to Winds, and then get kill off.
  11. Pretty much yes (thankfully). Yes! Especially the latter! I actually want it true just so tosee how it fuck up Victarion.
  12. Euron?! Are you serious! Unless you're telling me Dany is too blind to see Euron's true nature.
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