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  1. Who were the people on the crosses? Did I miss something? I could have sworn it was never mentioned. I don't think it was the lords of various Northern houses as some people suggested. Ramsay would have made that clear. I'd assume they were just some random nobodies that only had to die to intimidate Jon's army upon arrival, but apparently we're supposed to know at least one of them.
  2. Entertainment movies may not have to be brainless, but they pretty much all are. Even my two favorite action movies of recent years, Skyfall and The Dark Knight, are pretty dumb when you think about it, despite what everybody says. Seriously, how can you sit through either movie going, "it was all part of the main villain's plan" without feeling the writers were treating you like an idiot? Maybe there were other sheer entertainment movies with more realistic storylines that I'm not aware of. I don't watch action movies that often. I haven't seen a Marvel movie since Spiderman 3, a Michael Bay movie since The Rock or a Zack Snyder movie since Watchmen. Maybe there's a particular smart popcorn movie I didn't know about?
  3. Actually production values are the only reason to watch Bay and Snyder movies. Nobody watches Transformers to see Shia LaBeouf (sp?) give an emotional speech. People watch it for brainless eye candy entertainment and that's exactly what they're getting. At least these movies *know* what they want to be. I don't know about you, but to me a 5/10 means "average". With Bay and Snyder movies you get what you expect, nothing more, nothing less. And then there are movies like American Hustle. It's certainly more thought-provoking and better acted than Transformers. However, it's unfocused with too much emphasis on quirky characters and the storytelling suffered from it being too inconsistent and incoherent. Thus it ended up being a disappointment for me. I expected something decent and what I got was pretentious crap with too much untrimmed fat. GoT at least knows what it wants to be. As GRRM said, "the books are the books and the show is the show". Love it or hate it, but the show can do what it wants because it's not the books. Btw, last time I checked, GRRM was still listed as Executive Producer. I'm pretty sure he's aware of all changes made and every original non-books story arc. If he felt his work was getting butchered, he'd either put a stop to it or at the very least have his name pulled from the credits.
  4. Question to everybody giving every episode 1s: Have any of you ever seen Birdemic: Shock and Terror? THAT is a 1. Yes, yes, opinions differ, yadda yadda. I guess in all your opinions production values are taken for granted and don't factor into ratings anymore. Imagine The Godfather having shaky camera or bad audio throughout. Would it still be a 10/10 movie? In the same vein nothing deserves a 1/10 when it at least has good cinematography, sound, editing, etc. The production values alone make it a 5/10 by default. The writing and acting determines whether it's higher than that, but it shouldn't drop any lower. Bottom line: You give it a 1/10, your opinion has no value to me. Go watch Birdemic or some Ed Wood movies if you want to know what "bad" means.
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