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  1. M_Tootles

    5 wackiest Crackpot "theories"

    Lots of people do. I don't. I wrote about why not. https://asongoficeandtootles.wordpress.com/2017/03/28/littlefingers-third-knight-part-one-aryas-dead-pool-dude/
  2. M_Tootles

    5 wackiest Crackpot "theories"

    It's like he's foregrounding that sort of thing for a reason. But Nooooooo. SURELY we know all the secrets there are to know already, and anyone proposing anything else is crackpot.
  3. M_Tootles

    It's like poetry, it rhymes

    Wow. Doing a re-read and I finally realized what's going on with the odd story about Nan being Bran's wetnurse. It's rhyming shit/motif-scrambling. Look at those motifs. A wet nurse, which is what we're told Jon's mother was in ASOS. Brandon Stark, which immediately reminds us of Ned's brother Brandon. A mother dying in child birth, which immediately reminds us of Lyanna and thus of the conventional RLJ idea. An older brother of Lord Stark, which is a strange concept (since the oldest brother would normally BE the lord) which obviously brings to mind Ned ruling even though Brandon was the older brother. Death of a chill, inverting Lyanna's death by fever. And in invocation of Robert's rebellion and the death of two male relatives, which reminds us of the deaths of Rickard (mentioned) and Brandon (quasi-mentioned) and the backdrop to Jon's birth. This is a scrambling of the motifs of Jon's birth, to be sure, but one which puts Brandon (and his death!) weirdly in the middle of it all. Which makes perfect sense if Brandon is Jon's father. For good measure, on the next page Bran remembers being promised "he would ride a real horse to King's Landing", which is what led to Brandon's death. And then he thinks of how Robb is growing closer to others: It's plain Brandon and Ned were not particularly close, and we know that Brandon assembled an entourage of proxy brothers, as well. I've written and will someday post reams of shit on the parallels between Robb and Brandon and the deep, poignant irony this entails.
  4. M_Tootles

    It's like poetry, it rhymes

    Ahhh. Well gee, thanks! Lots more shit on my site. Posting the product of the last 3 years of work a couple things a week. If you like the concept of "44" and the rhyming check out this one, especially the second half: https://asongoficeandtootles.wordpress.com/2018/12/20/ser-byron-the-beauty-and-the-beast-sandor-clegane/ NOTHING but rhyming between the Vale plot and The Mystery Knight (and a little Hedge Knight/Sworn Sword for good measure).
  5. cool. I left some other links on SSR's blog under your essay, including newer versions of the Howland/Shadrich stuff and Morgarth/Elder Brother/Lewyn stuff. EDIT: added them to the above reply post as well.
  6. M_Tootles

    It's like poetry, it rhymes

    When/where did @Crowfood's Daughter share it? I am not. It looks juicy as hell. Yeah, once you grok it it's not hard to see that this shit is just an insanely densely packed 3-D web of inter and intrareferentiality. Once you get that, you COMPLETELY understand why the books take longer and longer with each passing book. It's sad that 99% of the people who read them will never pick up on this shit and just read STORY SEX DRAGONZZZ.
  7. M_Tootles

    Who is Haldon Halfmaester?

    Lewyn is only 44. The Waynwoods (25 year old Roland and his 16-ish uncle Wallace) explain how that can be WITHOUT EVEN RESORTING TO "the Lord remarried a much younger woman". But the shit I'm going to publish next will address Olenna's lovechild(ren) and connect it/them with the Martells, although not in the usual Lewyn-Olenna way.
  8. I think I can shed some light on what's going on with some of the verbiage surrounding Creighton. He's foreshadowing/referencing the fact that Littlefinger's three hedge knights are a reference to The Cockney School, as well as referencing the presence of a hidden Martell (Lewyn, who is Elder Brother who is Ser Morgarth). Creighton is a homonym for cretin, which recalls "louts", which the hedge knights are. Both these epithets were hurled at the Cockney School, with which Lord Byron (obvious ref.), John Keats (who was born in Moorgate ala Morgarth) and Leigh Hunt were members. (Shadrich/Howland is "the hunter", and he's a figurative fox like Tom O'Sevens a la Tom O'Bedlam, which references a line from Shakespeare that both Byron and a poet named Robert Browning riffed on. Tom O'Sevens sings "HEIGH ho". LEIGH HUNT was a member of the Cockney School, and he discovered/pimped Robert Browning.) OK, so Creighton is "Longbough", which recalls "Longbow Hall", seat of HOUSE HUNTER. He's a Leigh Hunt reference, too, but a sketchy one. In the physical descriptions, the bursting @Seams of Creighton's jerkin— —references Marwyn, who is Lewy's (AKA Morgarth AKA Elder Brother) brother: The "spotted doeskin jerkin" recalls Arianne's friend Spotted Sylva but also Sansa's wedding shoes— —which she almost certainly abandons during her figurative wedding to Sandor (AKA Byron) en route to the Vale. I feel like I thought of some other stuff regarding the descriptions but I can't think of it right now. OH! The green and brown shield matches Sandor's personal colors, discussed in the "wedding" link, above. I really do like the notion that in-world, they're Blackfyres. Did anything more come in the thread of the idea re: Old John Mudd. It would really fit given the parallels to Shadrich, given all the "mud stuff" around him.
  9. For anyone following this thread, I've just posted my own theory regarding the people/events concerned which takes @Blue-Eyed Wolf's Sandor-glamor idea and a bunch of @sweetsunray's commentary and goes in a different direction. To be clear about where my theory was coming from, this thread was started by @bemused back in August 2016. @bemused threw out the ideas that Howland Reed is Ser Shadrich and Morgarth is Elder Brother. I had posted a VERY successful reddit post arguing for Shadrich being Howland on Jan 16 2016 and then one arguing that Morgarth is Elder Brother on March 6, 2016. My point is NOT that bemused "stole" those ideas from me or whatever, it's that I had already had those ideas on my own, and had therefore been thinking obsessively about Ser Byron for a long time when I chanced upon this thread about a year later, in March 2017. It's my belief that despite being steeped in Arthurian/Shakespearean awareness, the contributors here are missing the fact that recognition in ASOIAF is really, really complicated, and rarely happens like modern readers assume. It works (or rather doesn't work) more like it does in Shakespeare and Arthurian legends. I've written about this here. People just don't recognize people the way they "should". And that means that NO, Littlefinger and Sansa would NOT recognize Tyrek Lannister after he's gone through 2 years of aggressive Lannister puberty, especially given that his specific genetics are unbelievably precocious (his father killed multiple men in war at age 10) and tall-tending (Marbrand). Tyrek was barely on anyone's radars before, and wasn't on Sansa's at all. And YES, Byron does look EXACTLY like Tyrek "should" look, and YES there are some wonderful thematic reasons related to Miniver Cheevy and Lord Bryon to believe Tyrek is Ser Byron. I talk about all this stuff in a post arguing that Byron really, really seems to be Tyrek (but isn't) here (or read on reddit here.) Anyway, Byron isn't Tyrek because he is, as @Blue-Eyed Wolf proposed, the glamored Hound. But he's not just glamored as any random dead knight. He's glamored to look like Tyrek, because Tyrek's "look" is NOW pitch-perfect to lure in Sansa (as discussed in the last linked post). The thing is: Tyrek and Byron have glamor-swapped, a la Mance and Rattleshirt. Tyrek is the gravedigger, but he currently looks like Sandor. Sandor is Byron, who looks like Tyrek (who LF and Sansa absolutely don't recognize, for the same reasons LF is confident Sansa won't be recognized, which as I say relate to Arthurian/Shakespearean norms of disguise-recognition). Anyway, my theory is HERE on reddit or HERE on my blogspot, asongoficeandtootles. Please check it out and share your thoughts. As noted at the end, I was completely unaware that there was a polished version of the theory sketched in these forum posts until early this morning, and the bulk of my theory was written back in April 2017, before said polished version was even posted, so if my theory seems to be misrepresenting anything that was slightly changed in the polished version of @Blue-Eyed Wolf's theory, I apologize: I was looking at the forum stuff and writing before the full version existed. (Which I intend to devour tonight, make no mistake.) EDIT: below are links to the newest versions of my Howland/Shadrich and Elder Brother stuff my blogspot: HR/SS (complete): https://asongoficeandtootles.wordpress.com/2018/11/28/my-definitive-howland-reed-is-post/ Elder Brother/Morgarth/Lewyn (complete): https://asongoficeandtootles.wordpress.com/2018/12/07/the-secret-history-of-house-martell-chapter-1-the-merry-elder-brothers-brother-marwyn-his-sand-snake-daughter-and-tyene-the-stalking-stork/ or reddit: HR/SS (this post links to part 2 at the end): https://www.reddit.com/r/asoiaf/comments/a17jui/spoilers_extended_my_definitive_howland_reed_is/ EB/M/L (this post links to part 2 which links to part 3 at the end): https://www.reddit.com/r/asoiaf/comments/a412o1/spoilers_extended_the_secret_history_of_house/
  10. M_Tootles

    Victarion hand and fireworms

    I'm finally starting to post all the stuff I've got in the hopper. (On reddit, and then on my blog. I might start cross-posting stuff here, too.) It's pretty far down in the queue.
  11. M_Tootles

    Victarion hand and fireworms

    Funny you should say that. I've had a thing written up for more than 2 years that explores exactly this idea.
  12. M_Tootles

    It's like poetry, it rhymes

    It is a "song", after all. https://asongoficeandtootles.wordpress.com/2018/11/11/returning-to-four-and-forty-44/ I don't think the rhyming is about perfect cycling/repetition. I think it's about a system of metatextual clues and using the past (TWOIAF, F&B, D&E) to figure out the mysterious or seemingly "missing" motifs in the "present", which aren't always gonna bear the same relationship to the other related motifs they did/do in the other settings. (ASOIAF) I just really, really hope the kicker at the end of everything is some promise that the quasi-cycling has been broken.
  13. M_Tootles

    Who is Haldon Halfmaester?

    There's a giant thing with a maester in The Sworn Sword. Prolly ironborn.
  14. M_Tootles

    Elia Martell: Yes, another Septa Lemore speculation

    Recognition in ASOIAF is a funny thing.
  15. M_Tootles

    Lion & Maiden and Gemstones

    We are sipping the same kool aid.