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  1. Jeyne is 14 in 178, so was born in 164. Thus, conceived after Baelor had sent Aegon to Braavos in 161 or 162. Of course, the playboy prince wasn't in Braavos for all of his cousin's reign thereafter, as he fathered Daemon on Daena in early 170 - nearly a year before Baelor fasted himself to death (or was poisoned, perhaps by Aegon himself). We'll have to wait & see if F&B V2/Blood & Fire says anything about Aegon visiting Westeros in 163-ish; whether KL, Dragonstone, the riverlands, or somewhere else Lucas the Pander could (continue to) earn his moniker. Or possibly even the Lothstons travelling to Braavos, & Aegon hooking up with Falena again there - especially if Bellegere was off on a voyage, or in some other port with her local 'husband'.
  2. It could be the Hightower, but my guess would be the Tower of the Hand. Considering Blood & Cheese's infiltration of it & this being a Targaryen-centric book. And there's even some relevance to the main series, unlike the Hightower really (thus far).
  3. @Loose Bolt My guess is that House Swyft supported the Blackfyres at least once. And so, like the Conningtons & Darrys after Robert's Rebellion, the Swyfts were reduced from lords to landed knights. If perhaps not losing so much land & wealth as those two houses. Plus, with Cornfield's proximity to regionally-powerful Crakehall - assuming Redtusk indeed was from the namesake house, that is - it's not hard to imagine them fighting for the Black Dragon. Redtusk could've been married to a Swyft, counted one as his (grand)mother, been good friends with the lord/heir, or whatever. And as they almost certainly weren't among the most powerful of Lannister vassals anyway, Daeron II would've had more leeway to punish the Swyfts thusly. Compared to the likes of the Brackens to the Tullys, Yronwoods to the Martells, & (possibly) the Crakehalls &/or Reynes to the Lannisters - all of whom retained their lordly status, at least.
  4. Exactly. All we know is that the Greyjoy cousins, Quenton & Dagon, were among Asha's captains. Balon may have assigned her/agreed to her taking other longships just from Pyke, or a mix from some/all of the islands. (I think they may have primarily been from Harlaw, helping to explain how few vessels are at Ten Towers from the Reader calling his banners for Asha, but that's besides the point.) I don't have editing privileges though, so you/someone else would have to change this please if it's the agreed upon action. On this topic, I think Drumm & Stonehouse participation in the Stony Shore raids should be removed, too. Just because Balon sent Dagmer to raise Old Wyk, it doesn't necessarily mean that these houses provided a few longships for his, Aeron, & Theon's campaign. (While, perhaps again, ignoring Norne's Goodbrothers.) As Asha is also deployed to raise Great Wyk - yet the houses of that isle aren't listed for her campaign - it seems to me like Balon was sending out his most trusted & prominent Pyke retainers to all the other islands to gather their forces (rather than doing so with ravens, & potentially risking a maester sending a bird to the greenlands warning of ironborn build-up). Presumably Vic, most likely Aeron, & maybe the Greyjoy cousins (or whoever) had already roused the other isles, without specific houses having some of their longships then fighting for whomever Balon sent from Pyke to marshal them.
  5. What's the source that Saltcliffe & Sunderly longships were with Asha for the Taking of Deepwood Motte? Whilst I disagree that their support of her at the kingsmoot can (presumably) be taken as confirmation, at least the various Blacktydes, Goodbrothers, & Merlyns have that going for them here. (By that logic however, why isn't House Harlaw also listed among the combatants?) Unless I'm missing something, the only connection they have with Asha is when she asks the Reader "where are the ships from Saltcliffe, from Orkwood, from the Wyks". That seems far too flimsy to include them. Let alone, ignoring houses from Orkwood & the Wyks, in the process. Unless, the assumption is that the Goodbrothers of these isles were those who shouted for Asha at the moot. But again, that's without evidence - besides, maybe Asha's good sense to beach Black Wind "beneath Norne Goodbrother's castle", so she wouldn't potentially be trapped in Nagga's Cradle should Euron win. Although, any other strands on Old Wyk could/would have served just as well for that, so this can hardly be taken as fact that these Goodbrothers fought for Asha.
  6. Amusingly, the 'History' section on the Mercenaries page mentions Lysa (Arryn) & links to her entry, rather than Lys.
  7. Amusingly, the 'History' section on the Mercenaries page mentions Lysa (Arryn) & links to her entry, rather than Lys.
  8. Why is the Dragonknight listed as the predecessor to Duncan the Tall as Lord Commander of the Kingsguard? Sure, Aemon is the last dated LC before Dunk, but there's 50-odd years & several kings between them. Shouldn't it just be stated as unknown or something? Also, I'm not sure Rohanne Webber should be included as (one of) Dunk's lover(s) when, afawk, they've only shared a kiss (& she's soon enough wed to Gerold Lannister after Eustace Osgrey dies sometime in the 210s).
  9. @Loose Bolt This. I suspect that the initial Frey lands once belonged to Seagard, taken after rebel king Petyr Mallister was put down by the Durrandons. Also, that the Storm Kings supported the early Freys logistically (perhaps even monetarily) with spanning the Green Fork, thereby making it easier to move forces in the northern Riverlands from east to west (e.g. against ironborn or westermen invasion) & vice versa (e.g. against raiding northmen or Vale wildlings in winter). (And against any future rebel lords & even hinder their movements, too.) The Freys would be a loyal buffer against the Mallisters, Charltons, Vyprens, etc (the latter two, interestingly, supporting Harwyn Hoare against Arrec Durrandon); owing their very existence & position to Storm's End, while a share of their toll collections could/would help fund the garrisons & campaigns of the Storm Kings in the Riverlands.
  10. Along with Arrax's, it seems like Vhagar's colouring has finally been confirmed! Looks similar enough to TWoIaF piece currently her wiki photo, too. Scroll through the comments for link of artist's comment about it coming from George:
  11. @Thomaerys Velaryon Well, I don't have an editor's account so I was merely suggesting the change for Lyarra's birth range, but yes, such datings solely/mainly dependent on the age of any woman's youngest child really should follow a consistent criteria. That said, Dorna's age has always seemed weird to me. Not because of the wiki editors, but George. Either she was very young when she became a hostage of the Lannisters & pedo Kevan married her while she was still a (young) child - yet they still only had Lancel when she was, at least, in her early 20s (though that could perhaps be explained if Kevan was mostly with Tywin in KL, while she stayed in the west, & they were just unlucky in conception on his occasional visit home, like in 273) - or she was an older child in 261 (still creepy Kevan), but didn't have her first child until her 30s (stretching the long-distance 'excuse' even further) & her youngest possibly in her 40s (not unheard of, by any means, but increasingly dangerous & utterly unnecessary unless they were trying for a daughter - & even then, they could've adopted their niece Joy for that, instead). I know little about fertility, but if the latter, I wonder if Dorna &/or Kevan had such issues in their younger years that somehow(?) improved in their 30s. @Rhaenys_Targaryen Thanks. I've also noticed that the Fighting at Sow's Horn source on the House Karstark page links to Dany III of ASoS (Chapter 27), instead of Jaime III of Feast (also Chapter 27). Additionally, the source for "an unnamed village" possibly attacked by the Karstarks links to Cat II of ASoS (Chapter 14), when the Karstark desertion doesn't occur until Cat III. I'm guessing it's meant to be Brienne III of Feast (Chapter 14, again) when she's travelling with Pod from Duskendale to Maidenpool, but I'm not sure what exactly the quote is that refers to the attacked-by-northmen-village.
  12. Lyarra Stark's birth-range could be brought forward a couple of decades, right? She had Benjen in 267 at the earliest & would've been at most in her 40s when she did, but was likely far younger. The only child of Lord Edwyle, Rickard, wouldn't be matched to a cousin far older than him, let alone possibly choose her himself.
  13. We don't know. One or both of may have died as a child, or married & had children (back into the Blackwoods or rival Brackens are two interesting possibilities, among others), or married but had no children, or joined the Faith (as still Prince Aegon's earlier daughters by Megette had been sent to by their royal grandfather), or lived in exile in Essos (say wed to Blackfyre supporter/s who they followed/& took any kids there - it'd be intriguing if they ended up aligned with Bittersteel & the Blackfyres rather than their full brother & the Targaryens), or mayhaps even been part of the Raven's Teeth. I imagine that Black Aly, Billy Burley, & Red Robb Rivers - with their weirwood arrows, incredible archery skill, & contingents of bowmen - were inspirations for Brynden to use, develop, & form the same. Perhaps Mya &/or Gwenys were similar to both Alysanne & Bloodraven, becoming part of the company's leadership.
  14. Correct me if I'm wrong, but there doesn't seem to a page about the ironborn civil war (& eventual Targaryen invasion) following the Burning of Harrenhal. Nor the one after the Red Kraken's death (& subsequent Lannister invasion). It would be helpful to have these created to be able to refer to, thanks.
  15. Correct me if I'm wrong, but there doesn't seem to a page about the ironborn civil war (& eventual Targaryen invasion) following the Burning of Harrenhal. Nor the one after the Red Kraken's death (& subsequent Lannister invasion). It would be helpful to have these created to be able to refer to, thanks.
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