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  1. Here's the mentions. As for what they actually are, probably manatees or dugongs.
  2. No, Rickard sends them out after Jaime before doing his (extra) bit of treason: Robb only executes Karstark in the godswood later in the chapter after this discussion.
  3. If Walys died with Rickard in KL or around that time/shortly thereafter, Luwin could've been chosen as his replacement at Winterfell. But with the war, he was sent to Riverrun (boarding a ship to then-neutral Lannisport & then taking the river road to just over the border) where the new Lord & Lady Stark were situated. Then after Robb's birth & the peace, Luwin travalled with the babe & Cat up the kingsroad to Winterfell. Or if it was Kym who died in 282 or 283 (or had ailing health & needed help like Cressen with Pylos), Luwin could've been sent as his replacement (again, via Lannisport). But perhaps Walys died in 284-ish & Cat requested that Luwin be allowed to become her/the maester at Winterfell instead, given their existing rapport & trust she would have for him. Then Vyman is sent to Riverrun to become the new maester there.
  4. Why is the Dragonknight listed as the predecessor to Duncan the Tall as Lord Commander of the Kingsguard? Sure, Aemon is the last dated LC before Dunk, but there's 50-odd years & several kings between them. Shouldn't it just be stated as unknown or something? Also, I'm not sure Rohanne Webber should be included as (one of) Dunk's lover(s) when, afawk, they've only shared a kiss (& she's soon enough wed to Gerold Lannister after Eustace Osgrey dies sometime in the 210s).
  5. @Loose Bolt This. I suspect that the initial Frey lands once belonged to Seagard, taken after rebel king Petyr Mallister was put down by the Durrandons. Also, that the Storm Kings supported the early Freys logistically (perhaps even monetarily) with spanning the Green Fork, thereby making it easier to move forces in the northern Riverlands from east to west (e.g. against ironborn or westermen invasion) & vice versa (e.g. against raiding northmen or Vale wildlings in winter). (And against any future rebel lords & even hinder their movements, too.) The Freys would be a loyal buffer against the Mallisters, Charltons, Vyprens, etc (the latter two, interestingly, supporting Harwyn Hoare against Arrec Durrandon); owing their very existence & position to Storm's End, while a share of their toll collections could/would help fund the garrisons & campaigns of the Storm Kings in the Riverlands.
  6. Along with Arrax's, it seems like Vhagar's colouring has finally been confirmed! Looks similar enough to TWoIaF piece currently her wiki photo, too. Scroll through the comments for link of artist's comment about it coming from George:
  7. If Danny Sapani is only in it for one episode, perhaps his character will be Craghas Drahar or Racallio Ryndoon, or even some alternative of one/both as an ancestor of GoT's Salladhor Saan. If any of those, I wonder if that's how his name got attached to the Corlys Velaryon rumour: if his character is meant to have scenes with/action against the Sea Snake in the Stepstones.
  8. @Thomaerys Velaryon Well, I don't have an editor's account so I was merely suggesting the change for Lyarra's birth range, but yes, such datings solely/mainly dependent on the age of any woman's youngest child really should follow a consistent criteria. That said, Dorna's age has always seemed weird to me. Not because of the wiki editors, but George. Either she was very young when she became a hostage of the Lannisters & pedo Kevan married her while she was still a (young) child - yet they still only had Lancel when she was, at least, in her early 20s (though that could perhaps be explained if Kevan was mostly with Tywin in KL, while she stayed in the west, & they were just unlucky in conception on his occasional visit home, like in 273) - or she was an older child in 261 (still creepy Kevan), but didn't have her first child until her 30s (stretching the long-distance 'excuse' even further) & her youngest possibly in her 40s (not unheard of, by any means, but increasingly dangerous & utterly unnecessary unless they were trying for a daughter - & even then, they could've adopted their niece Joy for that, instead). I know little about fertility, but if the latter, I wonder if Dorna &/or Kevan had such issues in their younger years that somehow(?) improved in their 30s. @Rhaenys_Targaryen Thanks. I've also noticed that the Fighting at Sow's Horn source on the House Karstark page links to Dany III of ASoS (Chapter 27), instead of Jaime III of Feast (also Chapter 27). Additionally, the source for "an unnamed village" possibly attacked by the Karstarks links to Cat II of ASoS (Chapter 14), when the Karstark desertion doesn't occur until Cat III. I'm guessing it's meant to be Brienne III of Feast (Chapter 14, again) when she's travelling with Pod from Duskendale to Maidenpool, but I'm not sure what exactly the quote is that refers to the attacked-by-northmen-village.
  9. Lyarra Stark's birth-range could be brought forward a couple of decades, right? She had Benjen in 267 at the earliest & would've been at most in her 40s when she did, but was likely far younger. The only child of Lord Edwyle, Rickard, wouldn't be matched to a cousin far older than him, let alone possibly choose her himself.
  10. Title, really. I'm just wondering if any mods or whoever can please post an update if they know anything? I know @Ran used say when there was scheduled downtime or whatever, but it doesn't seem like that has been kept up the past couple years (assuming the wiki has needed such during). Someone on reddit mentioned it being offline at least 8 hours ago as of posting this, but IIRC from a quick look yesterday, it's been roughly 18 hours. Thanks.
  11. That's only canon in the show. There's zero indication in the books that the Rock has run out of gold. Tywin sacked the Riverlands, as it were, because that's just how he rolls. He had no reason to cancel the crown's debts to the Lannisters so wouldn't, especially considering his father's outrageous lending & Tywin's own failure of securing further political gain when he bailed out Aerys with the Iron Bank. Nor does Robert seem to have asked his good-father to even reduce, let alone forgive, the debt anyway. Even if the Lannisters themselves were running out of gold from their mines, as long as that crown debt remains & keeps being paid, they'd still earn money from that. And of course, there's the incomes of their own lands & of their vassals (several of whom still have profitable mines) that makes its way to the Rock through taxation. You're English is more than fine, I wouldn't have thought it may not be your first language had you not said so.
  12. I've thought about this as well. Keep in mind though, they took off from within Harrenhal & the dying Caraxes was able to pull himself ashore before expiring, so it seems the dragons clashed only a short distance over the lake. Perhaps the Gods Eye's infamous currents eventually washed them up or there was a severe drought during Aegon III's reign, exposing Vhagar's bones. After all, not only is Dark Sister recovered some years after the draconic fight, but Vhagar's skull ends up in the Red Keep.
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