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  1. Lord Corlys Velaryon

    The ASOIAF wiki thread

    Why does the Battle at the Mander page (& so the Shield Islands one) state that the ironborn won it? At absolute best, it was a draw for them.
  2. Lord Corlys Velaryon

    It's the End of the World: Climate Collapse

    All of this, so much! IIRC, we only export the "cleaner" black coal, so the dirtier brown can only be used domestically (of course, actually choosing to use to such extensive degrees), most prominently in Victoria. So, basically "profits to the max!" & "lol, fuck our country even more than others." Brilliant. Morrison's "my precious" coal stunt was as ignorant, offensive, & regressive as Hanson's burqa fuckery, imo. And of course, coal = gold is the eternal position of much & more of the LNP (& other right-wing parties/independents). Yeah, Harper was a piece of work wasn't he? Trudeau isn't perfect (but what politician is?), rather from in some regards & he's too "OMG!'d" (for lack/want of a better term) by some of the media/internet (not that such is really his fault, too much), but he's far better for Canada & the world. Of course, their parties weren't/aren't solely their leaders, but in this modern day, it may be even more so than times previous though. I may be ignorant of the matter, but it seems like the US largely transitioned rather well from all of the coal power station decommissions. By no means (i.e. not at all/not even close) would it be the apocalypse here the LNP & co fallaciously bellow, if it was done even half-competently. Yes, the US have hammered the likes of shale to help cover the interim (as renewables are utilised as much as they should've been, let alone going forward), even (far?) more than us with CSG. But come on, as you say, we're almost the best placed in the world head to where we out to have been, let alone should. Our major left party in Labor hasn't exactly headed in the right direction, wrt to power, climate, & environmental policies, though. Adani is an utter clusterfuck that will deliver sfa of the projected/promised jobs, taxes, & economic stimulus for inevitable ecological disaster (& that's even if a ship doesn't hit a reef). Some/many solar tariffs & incentives massively reduced by their, not only Liberal, hands. The disastrous home insulation program, simply because they rushed into & half-assed it (unfortunately, something of a recurring theme with the Rudd/Gillard governments). Factional fighting, including part-wise the usurpation of Rudd for what was becoming a rather decent ETS to begin with considering, for Gillard to turn-around & install such a high price on carbon we (unfortunately) weren't anywhere evolved enough as a country for. And of course, the right ran with it all with such glee & viciousness. Then Kev to pull the same shit against Julia, at about the last minute, & still lost to Tony the Terror & the Coalition for Coal (& Catastrophe). Seven hells. Mayhaps I'm a sweet summer child, but I think Australia should at least attempt to move to a power infrastructure & pricing system where as much electricity as possible is generated from small (e.g. rooftop solar panels & singular/few wind turbines) to medium (moderate sized solar & wind farms, not too large to potentially affect other land use) scale renewable sources, with large scale power stations not being fossil-fueled (instead, hydro, geothermal, tidal, etc - the latter two have amazing potential & viability here, that hasn't been realised like Snowy Hydro has, plus they can cover baseload); with such a system meaning that customers pay (far) more (but not excessively, because there would be more than sufficient supply) for what would be grid connection (basically paying for effective & essential maintenance of the network, which much & more of it sorely needed years/decades ago) than the actual electricity that power companies produce. If Australia could do it with how relatively small & low density populations over such vast areas, most/all OECD countries should be too imo. Particularly if they already have existing (& continued) nuclear power stations. I'm not really a fan of it, but might as well use it if it's already there (of course, as long as it's not a catastrophic disaster waiting to happen - like Chernobyl & Fukushima, for various reasons). Solar panels should be compulsory for all new homes & buildings, with incentives for such (not necessarily grants or higher tariffs, but say just simply tax concessions or reduced rates) & also to influence far greater application for existing dwellings & structures. Eh, that's enough wishful thinking & ranting for now, though.
  3. Lord Corlys Velaryon

    Aussie Politics: Please post your response (No stamp needed)

    @Ski the Swift Cheers, yeah I saw that on Tom Ballard's show (which is actually pretty good, in general). Have you seen this cracker?
  4. Lord Corlys Velaryon

    Aussie Politics: Please post your response (No stamp needed)

    The "politician" who provided that slice of eternal deep groaning for his fellow citizens, Bob Katter, is an absolute nutter, but seven hells I can't help cacking myself about his extreme & abrupt changes in tone from "pleasant" to angry (& back again, in video snippets from other interviews).
  5. Lord Corlys Velaryon

    Aussie Politics: Please post your response (No stamp needed)

    Bin chickens/tip turkeys were robbed! The magpies dive-bombed us into submission as our aerial overlords.
  6. Lord Corlys Velaryon

    It's the End of the World: Climate Collapse

    There's so much I could (& should) comment on in this thread (& so many others), but this will likely be the only one I will bother with (I love the forums, but mainly only just read because so much extra time is taken up for me in wording my often overly long responses, sigh). Anyway, this so fucking much! Top Gear (& now The Grand Tour) is largely a rather mindless, guilty pleasure for me, but seven fucking hells, they were on the ball with this one. And it's nearing a decade that segment was made & aired, whilst the "push" for hydrogen cell vehicles may have even fallen, if anything, since. Because the likes of Musk - with staggering amounts of personal, political, economic, & commercial influence - clearly denigrating hydrogen at least in part because it doesn't suit their business interests. Yes, as you say & TrueMetis tries to argue, it certainly has it's own problems, but I find it ineffable that it has been left by the wayside by limiting focus on (partial) "solutions" solely to electric vehicles (hybrids are at best, a (small) reduction of the problems in the meantime, whilst technology slowly improves). As Tesla & co's forerunners were dismissed & mocked for many decades, ensuring sfa R&D, because that sweet, cheap oil. Like with renewables for energy production in general, we should be investing in every potentially viable option we can - renewable energy is more than just solar & wind, the likes of geothermal are criminally under-utilised where they could be, imo - & hydrogen should definitely also be embraced for cars. And on electric vehicles, there's also not much point to them (besides the lithium batteries & whatnot) if they are largely/completely charged by electricity produced from dirty fossil fuels. Not to mention, some % of the electricity (if perhaps small) being lost due to inefficiency of the power grid, especially over long distances &/or inadequate infrastructure. Idk if it's as much as a problem in the US & Europe - with far larger & denser populations (at least, overall) requiring more "developed" power grids (or perhaps, even by the same token, it's worse) - but this is something of an issue in Australia, where I live: One of the most power-hungry countries per-capita in the world, certainly residential, more likely than not commercially, & perhaps industrially. Overwhelmingly juiced by coal-fired power stations, some of them (very) old &/or burning dirtier brown (IIRC, we only export black & so brown coal can only be used domestically), which are generally situated well away from at least major urban centres for obvious reasons (increasing the distance from power-source to usage point though). No nuclear energy production. Only five cities (if including smaller, relatively close-by populaces outside of the actual, sprawling metropolitan areas of their greaters: Gold Coast, Ipswich, Newcastle, Wollongong, Geelong, etc) comprising well over half of the country's population. Melbourne & Sydney alone consist of more than a third of Australians. These can provide some rather unique circumstances in electricity demand & supply. Many smaller cities & towns spread across a fair whack of the continent, despite so much nigh-unpopulated vastness & wilderness besides. Electricity supply has to service vast areas, which would generally be (far) more densely populated in the US or Europe. And the infrastructure is generally satisfactory at best, (very) poor & old in other parts, because there simply isn't enough people to necessitate & fund better & more prudent repairs & improvements (which I assume would be, at least generally, superior in more higher & densely populated OECD countries). Excessive & perhaps unnecessary points aside, it's far more optimal that electric vehicles be recharged from power produced by renewables, as close to the source as possible. Why personal solar panels are so great, but they're not always going to do the job at all & if they do, some people install battery systems (basically for their own benefits only), which of course, have their own problems with carbon footprints with production. I'll stop myself there from ranting at length about how our right-wing political parties are obsessed with coal, the enormous influence they wield even in opposition (along with that of mining companies), & the too often acquiescence of the major party on the left to their fuckery. Plus, further on the electricity system in general.
  7. That's very intruiging. Link for anyone (else) who hasn't seen it. I presume you mean all male Targaryens before female ones, rather than princes of the male-line before men of the female-line & all princesses (& lady daughters/descendants of such). (Wrt your question.) Well, at the very least, when the king names a female relation (most likely, his closest of that gender) as Heir Apparent over a male one who would be Heir Presumptive in the eyes of many. Even with the implications of the Dance & Regency, especially with Rhaenyra vs Aegon II, & that Viserys II was (imo) almost certainly the Prince of Dragonstone during Baelor's reign (that is, Daena still had some few advocate for her claim over her uncle). Aerys seems to have largely left the rule to Brynden & I don't see why it would be any different with the succession. Rhaegel would be even more of a puppet monarch & after his & Aelor's deaths, Aelora being Princess of Dragonstone probably means a (far) greater chance of the Hand remaining in power if she succeeds her uncle rather than Maekar. Particularly if she was still a minor. As I allude to above, I don't think that would necessarily matter to Aerys & Bloodraven (just look at Rhaegel being PoD), but it would be very interesting if Aelor & Aelora were potentially a Jaehaerys & Alysanne in the making. Also, it's no given that she would rule & sit the Iron Throne in her own right, though. For all we know, she may have had a Regent/Regency forced on her (even if she was of age), simply because of her gender. Like her father presumably would have had, for his mental incapacity, had he inherited the crown. Fair point. Age was probably a factor, given Daenora was between a baby/toddler & a rather young child when her sister passed. Given that Brynden is at least eventually Maekar's Hand & (imo) was most likely part of his Small Council during his entire reign, I lean towards their relationship improving to at least a workable degree in needing to unite against the ironborn &/or Blackfyres. Indeed, I've long wondered if Maekar may have successfully pushed for what was finally the Targaryen response to Dagon Greyjoy. Perhaps even instigated it himself, especially if he was persuaded by Dunk & Egg for duty's sake, like what his somewhat similar great-great-grandson did at the Wall thanks to a certain Onion Knight. If this was actually the case, surely the Starks, Lannisters, Tyrells, & many of their bannermen would support the claim of Maekar over that of female & underage Daenora. The preferred heir of Aerys & Bloodraven, who had deliberately done nothing for years in leaving their western vassals at the mercy of the ironborn. And of course, there would many other lords across the realm (apart from the Arryns & some other Valemen) who would always support a capable uncle with adult sons over his underage niece (let alone those who would not be fond of King Aerys & his Hand). Particularly if it was after the 3rd BfR, where Maekar became (at least) a second-time war hero & had at least one son join the same ranks. As something further, I really want to know how Alys & her family played into all of these things & more during the reigns of Aerys & Maekar. On the potential for Rhaegel's children being (highly) competent, I think it would be brilliant if Aelor took possession of Dragonstone when he came of age, even & especially if his father was still alive. I'd like it if there was something of a retcon & he was a squire for Valarr (or Aerion) at Ashford. Possibly even fighting in the eventual Targaryen response to the ironborn, if that was before his death. Details on Aelora's life & deeds, particularly whilst her twin was PoD. With Aerys shunning Aelinor (their namesake?), she could easily have been the effective Lady of the Realm during that time. What was their relationship with their mother & her side of the family like? What about the other royals? Same. Good point, though "mad, meek, & sickly" Rhaegel was heir for about six years, so his daughter's mental state wouldn't have necessarily have disqualified her. Perhaps she wasn't as severely afflicted as Helaena, possibly more akin to Aegon III (or at least in time). Or her condition wasn't widely known, if the circumstances of her brother-husband's death & the immediate aftermath of it weren't public. In fact, even as the Princess of Dragonstone, it's no guarantee Aelora would be trotted out for a masked ball (or anything else) if she were like Helaena. If anything, she flat out wouldn't be, imo. Her appearance at the event where she was accosted by the Rat, the Hawk, & the Pig suggests she wasn't (completely) broken (yet), despite her previous grief & resultant suicide after the attack on her person.
  8. Lord Corlys Velaryon

    The ASOIAF wiki thread

    I meant is it good policy/necessary to screenshot the author's permission? Say, for as you note, quoting such (with evidence).
  9. Lord Corlys Velaryon

    The ASOIAF wiki thread

    Aren't they just! Although I downloaded the app some time ago, I haven't got round to using it yet. How does that go anyway? Get permission from the artist, screenshot that, & all good to upload? Burning bridges?
  10. Lord Corlys Velaryon

    The ASOIAF wiki thread

    Sir Heartsalot is great, but this should be on the Battle Above the God's Eye page.
  11. Lord Corlys Velaryon

    Aegon's Maester before conquest?

    Unless Dragonstone already had a maester & ravenry (perhaps even established before the Doom, to improve the process of the dragonlords selling Valyrian steel swords to Westeros), then Aegon & Visenya's visit to Oldtown would definitely be when they gained such. And unless it was from information that a existing maester had on hand, also the specific knowledge than went into the crafting of the Painted Table (if perhaps from the maester himself). Targaryen visits to the mainland, particularly if they only acquired a maester a few years before the Conquest, could've been viewed by various Westerosi that they may be making a move into the Great Game & that influencing them. Say, the High Septon with his later & prudent "vision", Argilac reaching out to Aegon, Mern & Loren so eagerly allying, the Redwynes seemingly not fielding their fleet, &/or Harren being so profoundly arrogant with his castle.
  12. Lord Corlys Velaryon

    If Viserys I had proclaimed Rhaenyra as his heir,

    I know you're just saying this for context, but the previous century of the Targaryen dynasty - Rhaenys, Visenya, Alyssa, Rhaena, Alysanne, & Rhaenys - evidence o/w. (Not to mention, at least Daenys & Elaena on Dragonstone during the Century of Blood, plus Valaena who is not unlikely to have been a major influence on her daughters) Not just in terms of succession, the Dance & the death of the dragons definitely had a massive impact on the future ladies of House Targaryen (hell, straight away beginning with Baela & Rhaena), their (sometimes) role as co-ruling dragonriders (besides, unfortunately, Alyssa it seems) reduced to that of traditional Westerosi consorts (besides the incest where applicable), Whilst it only began after Aemma's death, Viserys did not intend for Rhaenyra to be a mere placeholder heir against Daemon whilst still he was still widowed & after Alicent had Aegon, in having her gain early exposure to ruling as his cupbearer in council meetings. I don't blame him at all for that. If anything, he should've been (far) harder on Daemon. Harwin Strong, the son & heir of Viserys' own Master of Laws, was probably gold cloaks captain who ratted on Daemon & whether or not (I doubt it was "the whore sitting in Daemon's lap" who did as that was most likely Mysaria, imo), Gyldayn treats Daemon's comments as fact, nor merely a rumour. What I do blame him for was remarrying whilst still retaining Rhaenyra as heir after he had sons - that was never going to work, especially with how he came to the throne. More heirs would help to keep Daemon further away from the Iron Throne, but House Targaryen was not going to fail even if his did (I wonder if he would've considered making Laenor his heir over Daemon in an AU where he doesn't remarry, Rhaenyra dies young, & he is dying or something). It's a (very) tough gig with someone like Daemon as a brother, but either Viserys should've never remarried or named Aegon the Prince of Dragonstone in his infancy/youth. Keeping Rhaenyra as his heir & having three half-Hightower sons (all dragonriders) after remarrying, along with a myriad of other stupidities throughout the rest of his reign, was the very height of short-sighted arrogance. He had his fucking head buried in the sand about the civil war that would occur after his death. By Viserys & the Blacks (well, not even that really wrt Rhaenyra & many of her court). Not by the Hightowers & the Greens. Not by many in the wider realm. The Blacks almost certainly gained more support during the Dance from things (if perhaps in sum) like their greater number of dragons, their outstanding commanders, & the support of Driftmark; than 25-year-old oaths Viserys had lords (or their fathers, etc) swear to Rhaenyra before her brothers were ever born (& not renewed afterwards). And then there would've been some number who didn't support her because of the obvious bastardy of her sons &/or Daemon being her husband & consort. Aemma's problem was very likely at least in part due to Jaehaerys, Baelon, &/or Viserys insisting that he impregnate her when she wasn't/barely a teen. Probably Baelon imo - Viserys seemingly never had a dragon before Balerion & certainly had no desire to claim one after the Black Dread's death, despite all the positives it could've done for him. So, why the hell did he bond with Balerion in the first place? Whether the dragon had previously been Aemon's or not, I believe Baelon pressured Viserys to claim Balerion (& far too prematurely rape his cousin) in an effort to further consolidate his position as his father's heir. In fact, I'll be surprised if Aemma being married to Viserys at 10 or 11 didn't contribute to the Second Quarrel. Viserys refused to allow Daemon to end his marriage to Rhea, neither of them wanted it. Perhaps he didn't to honour his (grand)father for making it, but still. If Daemon became king, he would've ended it. If Rhaenyra became Queen, it's not unlikely he would've successfully had his wife put aside (perhaps even as his niece's Regent). Viserys bears some of the blame for not being an uncle for many years. The succession wasn't as bad at the end of Maegor's reign as it was at the beginning of his father's - Jaehaerys had two sisters & two nieces (the former two with their own dragons). It was even better early in the reign of Viserys - Rhaenyra, Daemon, Laenor, & Laena (all dragonriders & young, although Rhaenys should still have been before her son, imo). And that just before Aegon, Aemond, Daeron, & Helaena were even born. If the Targaryen dynasty was not a dracocracy, then the lesser claimants of 101AC would've been in the succession afterwards too (some perhaps able to claim a dragon if they had the chance anyway). No way. Not with bloody Viserys at the helm, Rhaenyra & Aegon so outrageously entitled & enabled by Viserys/Daemon & Alicent/Otto respectively (of course, naturally tbf), the ambitions of the Hightowers (boo) & Velaryons (yay), & especially Daemon & Cole around. Jaehaera is the only (grandchild) princess on the side of the Greens & far too young for Jace. Helaena-Jace does sfa for the Greens with three dragonriding princes that have a superior claim to his mother, let alone him (obviously a bastard, despite his parents claiming o/w). Or for the Blacks for the same reason of Aegon, Aemond, & Daeron still being massive threats (as well as in the case of Jace-Jaehaera, of course). Matching Daemon's daughters with her half-brothers does nothing for Rhaenyra, only making them hostages & future brood mares for the Greens. I don't think it would've worked anyway, but there's simply far too many sons on both sides, far too few daughters, & large age gaps in some scenarios. Tell that to Visenya & Rhaenys: conquerors & dragonriders, the former a highly-skilled warrior in her own right & who created the Kingsguard). And Alyssa, Rhaena, & Alysanne: all brilliant politicians, highly respected figures, & the latter two dragonriders. And the Queen Who Never Always Was (see above, & indeed not only her deeds during the Dance, but already with experience riding Meleys in battle in the War for the Stepstones - link & link, note the plurals - perhaps also with her father in 92AC). This is really only a problem by such late timing & complete inaction. Aegon was 7 when Rhaenyra was wed to Laenor. After going through with marrying Alicent, their first son should've been named Prince of Dragonstone by the time their second son was born, at the very latest. Or you know, just married Laena (even if he waited a couple of years before trying for sons with her) in the first place, instead of thinking with his dick (possibly already having an affair with Alicent whilst Aemma was still alive). Although Gyldayn says o/w, I think Viserys may have even been influenced by Otto & Runciter to take Alicent as his wife, especially if he had already slept with her. It fits with what we know about the king & his Hand. Even if Rhaenyra only ever marries Aegon, not Laenor or Daemon, there would always be some form of power struggle. It may not lead to war, but it would not pretty at all. And Daemon & the Velaryons are left on the outer. If the Rogue Prince marries Laena & they have son/s, that's a big problem. Even if they still only have daughters, that's still some kind of threat which could only be negated if one (or more) was married to a son(s) of Rhaenyra & Aegon. In your scenario, Rhaenyra's "sons" by Laenor are still ahead in the succession to any children of the princess & her half-brother - unless forced by Viserys, this match wouldn't even lead to a wedding. And after the king's death, the dynasty is still bitterly divided. And would Rhaenyra even have trueborn kids with Aegon? Imagine the shitfight that could (& likely would) happen still in Viserys's reign if Rhaenyra was caught out cheating (which the Greens would be militant about). Most likely still with Daemon. Seven hells. Mayhaps I'm off with the definition, but the dragonriding Targaryen kings (the later ones certainly weren't, @LionoftheWest, Daeron II especially) were not 100% absolute monarchs. Aegon's concessions, Aenys & Maegor's utter multitude of dynasty-threatening problems, & Jaehaerys I's legalistics very much suggest o/w, imo. That they did, but in the eyes of many of their vassals, perhaps only by lordly inheritance, not (normal) royal succession. There's more than 160 named kings of the old Seven Kingdoms, save Dorne, & only 1 known successful Queen Regnant of the same - an unnamed Gardener. And we don't even know for certain if she was successful - not overthrown, or killed, or whatever. IIRC, there's none known for non-Dornish petty kingdoms. Seems to me like the First Men really did not like having ruling queens: that disparity, the Joffrey Lydden situation, & the more recent examples during & after Cregan's rule with the Starks (not to mention, George has outright said that there's never been a Queen or Lady of Winterfell in her own right). Either the Andals practiced the same, or did soon enough to better assimilate with their new First Men vassals. As much as I completely believe that the Old King made the wrong choice in passing over Rhaenys for Baelon & Viserys, I absolutely understand why he did with such ancient, continuous, & clear-cut precedents. And of course, coming to the throne himself over his nieces. Keeping Otto the fuck away & Rhaenyra at court (particularly if on the Small Council) would've helped to some (small) degree, but it still doesn't address anywhere near all of the Hightower influence on the matter & most importantly, her three dragonriding brothers (or all the Blacks supporting Rhaenyra when they rebel). Some form of the Dance is still inevitable in this case. What?! Martin outright says that "she was quick to anger & never forgot a slight" & a number of times in the text it's made abundantly clear how cruel Rhaenyra was at times: She blatantly had an affair with Breakbones & upheld their three bastards as trueborn Velaryons. The system & her father are fucked for making her marry Laenor (his attitude being the problem, not his sexuality), but she still made the choices she did. And it's not even like she was being physically & sexually abused by Laenor like Cersei was by Robert. I don't need to note the sheer number of problems this caused. She basically said that 10-year-old wounded Aemond should be tortured (at least, if he didn't answer solely spoken questions first) - with herself not unlikely bearing some responsibility for Luke taking out his eye, letting a fucking 5-year-old carry a dagger - to find out where he got the "Strongs" remark from. She had Daemon murder Vaemond (whilst there's argument she had the right for him to be arrested with Driftmark sworn to Dragonstone, killing him without trial or anything is not lawful) & fed his corpse to Syrax. At the very least, that's incredibly cruel to Vaemond, his family, brothers, & nephews. I'm biased as fuck with this one, but she (if only in hindsight) condemned Rhaenys to death by not allowing her sons to join her at Rook's Rest (or even calling Daemon back from Harrenhal for a bit to help instead). She had an exceedingly lavish & expensive party when she made Joff the Prince of Dragonstone, with winter very near & the war really straining the capital & wider realm financially & with food stores. Frankly, that's cruel. Biased again, but painting Addam & Nettles with the same brush as the Two Betrayers for them simply being bastards. In what may have partially come about by Daemon's outrageous suggestion to remove (i.e. kill) the Baratheons & Lannisters, replacing them with Ulf & Hugh respectively (the Sea Snake specifically said this would be cruel & foment mass rebellion, no less). Arresting her father in law for saving his LOYAL "grandson" from being executed on a false charge. Like Aerys II with Jon Arryn, demanding the Mootons fucking break guest right to eliminate Nettles. I do admit it's weird that Rhaenyra did not have Alicent executed, but that could've also been a gender thing &/or political advice. But really, she could still be & was a hostage. Helaena was utterly broken from the Blood & Cheese affair, which Rhaenyra did not condemn (this would absolutely be cruel itself, but she could've thrown Mysaria under the bus). She was very much a non-threat, a potential hostage, & her survival ensured that an actual threat couldn't claim Dreamfyre (if their dragon died, say). Or Rhaenyra simply just wasn't cruel in this case. But IIRC, she says at least twice that her half-brothers have to die during the Dance. In the result of a peaceful transition of power after her father's death & being crowned unopposed (heh, rightio), how does she deal with two belligerent, ambitious, & petulant dragonriding brothers & a third who'd more likely than not follow them (if reluctantly) into rebellion? Actually moving away from my "Rhaenyra is cruel" argument, I think she would have to have them killed anyway. Well, Aenys was very clearly Aegon I's heir. There was speculation as to his in turn for a couple of years until Aegon 1.5 was born after Rhaena. The succession was all over the shop during Maegor's reign. Jaehaerys named each eldest surviving son in turn (although I do wonder who his heir was before Aegon was born, if one was named at all) & (by his wish) after the GC of 101, Viserys. Most people want a clear inheritance, especially a royal one. Meanwhile, Viserys was refusing to name obvious (but disdained by no few) candidate Daemon & after Aemma's death, took the unprecedented step of naming his daughter as his heir. There were also the whatever months where he was widowed, with speculation & discussion as to who he would take as a new wife.
  13. Lord Corlys Velaryon

    Question about the Dance of the Dragons...

    We know that Daemon sent one raven from Harrenhal to Dragonstone on the subject of avenging Luke's murder, but not that it was necessarily only one, if perhaps that is most likely. Surely there would've been a number of ravens exchanged between the two strongholds during this time on the wider war, one or more could've included further correspondence on the revenge conspiracy. Gyldayn's not going to detail the whole process, not even in Fire & Blood, so there could've been more than one letter on the matter. We just don't know. Good point. That very likely rules out her being (directly) involved, but again & still, it's not a certainly w/o confirmation though. Again, good point. It isn't airtight at all (particularly as Mysaria could easily know that both Daemon & Rhaenyra would want as many rival royals & Hightowers killed as possible, especially after the Greens attempted to murder Rhaenyra &/or her sons on Dragonstone, if she knew about that), but is the best way to explain how comparatively ineffective the Blood & Cheese plot was. Exactly. The whole thing really came to bite them in the ass too anyway, as such a heinous action easily could. But take out Aegon & Aemond, perhaps even only Aemond & the Hightowers, & the war is near enough over. The rest is likely just technicalities & finalising. Without a dragon like Vhagar (& even then, by oneself), Daeron wouldn't be able to gather/retain enough support for the Greens, whether he would be made heir by the assassinations or still not. Particularly as Helaena (if she was even still alive) doesn't seem to have been overly keen on taking an active part in the war - not flying over KL with Aegon after their coronation, not being sent as an envoy to the Riverlands, Vale, &/or North, not joining in the Crownlands campaign (whilst not even being ready to defend the city in the absence of her brothers), or attempting to join Daeron in Oldtown after Aemond & Cole enacted their most ridiculous plan. Problem is we know that kings, Hands, & some queens (especially if not Targaryen themselves) had their own household guards. Alicent's lack of protection can be (partially) hand-waved by Blood & Cheese coming out of the secret passage close enough to her, but the Queen & her three children only being escorted & protected by one guard is utterly ludicrous, imo. It's one of many examples of GRRM's fingers on the scales against the Greens (tbf, there was some to the Blacks too), that really doesn't make sense. And where is Helaena's maids & servants & septa/s, especially with three royal kids in tow. She should've had several women with her most of the time, including at exactly this moment. The Hightowers are one of the richest & most powerful families in the realm, as well as the ones most entrenched in & controlling Viserys I's court. It was war & the Hightowers knew better than anyone what Daemon & Rhaenyra were & could be capable of. They were expecting an attack on the capital at any time. Sorry, it just doesn't fly at all.
  14. Lord Corlys Velaryon

    Third Blackfyre Rebellion: Who Dishonorably Killed Haegon?

    Actually, it'd be very interesting if it was say Raymun Fossoway, or someone like him. A Robert Reyne say perhaps, also. Although I'm not sure how or why he would go unpunished, let alone his daughter matched to the heir of Casterly Rock & that same kid made his squire. On the subject, those suggest to me that it's actually very unlikely that the Reynes fought for the Blackfyres again then - I could perhaps see it with the betrothal only in a weird ensure-their-future-support move, but absolutely not with Tywald being made Robert's squire. At best, his heir Roger would've been made Gerold's squire (i.e. ward) & more likely a direct hostage of the Crown, even an outright prisoner if Bloodraven so chose. It'll be interesting to see how The Sellsword will work into it all. IIRC, you & others have posited that Dunk may even give us a direct view into the Golden Company, with Bittersteel & Haegon themselves. That's interesting, but I very much doubt Dunk would be the one, though I suppose it is possible. @LionoftheWest Wrt your comment on the matter too, I wonder if Aerion may even bring in the Second Sons for the Red Dragon. Good point. I could definitely see it going either way - Aegor is captured first (perhaps with a separate command elsewhere - he & Fireball seem to have fought separately for much of the First, from Daemon too) & his king continues the fight (not unlikely to try & free him), or the pretender king is taken (could be where he is slain if Bittersteel refused to stand down). I'd actually be surprised if the murderer didn't work for Bloodraven one way or another, but the glamour proposal is very interesting. Of course, such could (& presumably did) explain how he would've seemingly got away from it.