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    The Perils of a Reluctant King

    My problem with Jon being King (or the Starks in general) is that Starks are honorable, they are true to their word. Or they're supposed to be. Jon bent the knee to Danerys, and in doing so spoke on behalf of all the North. When Sansa broke her word on Jon Snow's parents she committed treason. If Jon becomes King it's because he submitted to what others told him to do which makes him no better than Ned Stark in terms of naivete but worse than Ned in the fact that he knows it is not honorable.
  2. madhikun

    How would you fix?

    If wishes were fishes. We find out that when the bells rang, Danerys realizes that Tyrion had tricked her. She remembers that bells mean war and not surrender. One of the Usurper battles was called the Battle of the Bells for goodness sake. The surrendering of Cersei's army was a fake-out, and what would have happened if Danerys entered KL, the old King's green fire would have been set off around the city and the gates probably would have been closed on all her army to keep them inside while they were burned alive. That is the plan that was foiled for Cersei, she planned to give up early so Danerys would feel safe in having won, but Danerys didn't fall for it. After her final betrayal from Tyrion, she decides that no one in KL is trustworthy and burns them all since bells in war means for the citizens to get inside, which means anyone outside is a soldier. This is revealed, along with her being pregnant finally with Jon Snow's baby. This is all cool but the Lord of the Light decides that Jon Snow has fulfilled his purpose as a Targaryan by bringing the dragons back to Westeros and takes him back. Buh Bye Jon Snow. Now without Jon as a threat to Dany, Sansa cools herself and the child ends up being the bridge to the North and KL. Maybe Dany even sends the baby up to Winterfell to be a ward. Bittersweet, right? I really wish this would happen, but it won't because we have to have Lannisters 2.0 win.
  3. madhikun

    Starks or not

    So it seems pretty obvious that either Jon or Arya are going to kill Dany and the Starks will sit on the iron throne at the end. I mean, the whole story is about them, is it not? Is it bad that from this season I no longer am rooting for the Starks? They just seem like new Lannisters to me. Sansa is manipulative and Arya is as static of a character as ever. I'm not big fans of either of them anymore (I mean I never liked Arya but I loved Sansa.) Jon Snow is as vanilla a hero could be. How is he any different than Ned Stark? He died like Ned, and hasn't changed from death. He completely lets his sisters run wild even though he's supposed to be the representative of the North. At this point I hope Dany takes out as many people as she possibly can before she's offed and I hope like the theories suggest that the WW return and kill everyone else. Good luck with them now without the dragon queen. FIRE AND BLOOD BITCHES!!!!
  4. madhikun

    Starks or not

    Ahaha wow there's still a crackpot theorist here.
  5. madhikun

    Starks or not

    Please tell me when and where Arya has ever been anything other than "Starks or Bust". Multiple people have taken care of her on her journey and she screws them over for her family. Tell me how that isn't all that the Lannisters are. The only development for her has been her fighting skills. She is still naive, she is still selfish, and she has not ventured from that. Yeah this last episode she decided not to kill Cersei, which is a total 180 from her entire being. She has always been on about her list, she traveled to King's Landing from Winterfell for this one kill and both her and Sandor stated when they started they had no intention of returning. So for her to change here at this final moment is just another plot armor device.
  6. You know it's really refreshing, 5 - 7 years ago this board had only Jon Snow fanboys and I had only one or two Dany supporters with me. I'm so happy our girl has garnered so much support. But you're delusional if she hasn't been the opposing force to Jon Snow. For years fans have tried to reason who the prince who was promised is, Jon or Dany. Who will take the throne, Jon or Dany. They've never until now been opponents of each other but in terms of in the overall narrative the show has always been about the two of their journeys (plus Tyrion but GRRM decided to boot his importance in like the 4th or 5th book). I'm hoping GRRM will give us more to go on because the way they're forcing Dany to go this route is so contrived. They took everything from her and it STILL doesn't make sense.
  7. Right? They should kill Arya or Sansa or Jon. Not gonna happen because it's always been a Stark show. Ever since day 1 Dany has been painted as the villain - she's the opposing force to Jon Snow. Jon Snow is Ned Stark 2.0. We hailed this series because knights aren't supposed to be in shining plot armor, but Jon Snow has a fortress of it. So we didn't get a Cersei torture scene, but we knew her and Jaime were probably going to die together. That trope is still there.
  8. Omg I love this so much. Budget Aragorn ahaha. I'm going to ride this last episode out enjoying Dany as much as possible before the very predictable and boring ending inevitably happens. Fire and Blood? Bring it.
  9. madhikun

    Why the bells?

    This is one of many reasons why this flip did not make sense. She should have gone after Cersei first. Going after the commonfolk was pointless. It really was a plot device.
  10. madhikun

    What will Jon do?

    Someone pointed out that in season 2 Davos says that bells are never meant for surrender. Tyrion may have been playing Dany. Again wishful but not hopeful. Really sad that they not only butchered Dany, but Sansa too. Sansa always has known her manners and this Sansa has no etiquette. Cersei 2.0.
  11. madhikun

    What will Jon do?

    Which makes me really sad because I have never been an Arya fan. She has had little to no character development. All she learned was how to kill people better. She's still self-centered and only cares about her family. I am not rooting for her and Sansa's Lannisters 2.0 team. I'm hoping there's a twist for Danerys yet.
  12. See, now THIS would be a great twist. Tyrion has never done right by Dany. I don't blame her for not following his awful advice again.
  13. I read somewhere that she was frustrated by how easy it all was. She had let her advisors convince her when she had a full army and 3 dragons to go help Jon Snow with his wight capturing and white walker war BEFORE going for kings landing. She lost two dragons, Jorah, half her army, and Missandei because of it. Even after rude af Sansa told her that her troops needed more rest (try to tell me Sansa wasn't stalling to play more politics TRY ME!!) Dany still EASILY took KL. She wanted this to be the fight of her life and she just took it. &&&&& Jon Snow was any day going to come in and take her throne (because let's be honest he lets his sisters rule him way too much and already "for the people" Varys had tried to poison her) so why give mercy? Why not rule in absolute fear? Dany has come in and conquered. She tried to peacefully in Mereen and that taught her fire and blood. Is she a Ned Stark? No. But she's certainly not mad. Throughout the show they proved how she wasn't mad, Targaryens don't flip a switch. They are born mad or not. Dany developed into this. Which I think is a little deserved lol. Also I think this is himym 2.0. Did GRRM/DD know how this was going to end all along? Yes, they did. But as the story has evolved and what it has become, was it the best route? Probably not. There are going to be a lot of angry fans because the writers didn't realize how liked Dany was going to be. How especially in this political day and age, a strong, confident woman (since day 1 I might add, none of this "my rapers are the reason I'm strong" Sansa bullshit) is what the people want. && now because of predetermined storyline, her reputation is going to be decimated. Well I for one as a Dany fan say FIRE AND BLOOD BITCHES!!!
  14. I read somewhere that they said that Dany was furious that sacking the Red Keep was too easy - that all of her losses were because of her listening to her so-called advisors and at this point she really wanted KL to suffer more for what she had to suffer. Which I honestly totes get.
  15. madhikun

    Sansa stark have no reasons to like Dany

    I'm glad you think that and I do truly hope that was the reason why she did that. When I read it I purely saw it as Sansa being the brat she always was and couldn't stand being married to a short person. Tyrion from what I remember (it's been at least five years so I may be shaky) was always kind to her. She could have protested the marriage in other ways but from what I saw she purposely made fun of his height.
  16. I feel you. Never have I felt so strongly about a fictional character. I always felt that the show/books truly started with the return of the dragons. She went from nothing to everything and so many people are trying to "mad queen" her when she really has done nothing crazy. I don't get what she was supposed to do with the Tarlys, if she imprisoned them then she would always have to be worried about them and their men rebelling against her. First episode of the series when the guy ran from the wall, Ned Stark killed him. Didn't take him as a prisoner for going against the kingdom, he killed him. And both men could have easily bent the knee, but they chose to die for stubborn reasons. I hope she goes out in a good way but I can say with a 99% certainty she won't end up on the iron throne.
  17. As much as I hope this is true, GRRM has always had Jon as the center of this story. As much as I would LOVE a happy ending for Dany, I don't see it coming. I'm hoping that Dany at least is reunited with her dragons, Drogo, and her baby when she gets offed.
  18. madhikun

    Sansa stark have no reasons to like Dany

    The main thing that I don't like out of this whole Sansa storyline is that they have made her (and Arya) into the Lannisters 2.0. Why don't you like Dany? She's not a Stark. LOL okay that's logical. This season has actually managed to make me NOT root for the Starks. Sansa and Arya have always been brats (not sure if I'll ever forgive Sansa for humiliating Tyrion at their wedding and Arya has had no redeeming character development other than she can fight now) but their ties to Ned and his honor have always made them stand out from the crowd until as of late. Sansa and Arya are both just smaller versions of Cersei now. Sansa with the manipulation and Arya with the mercilessness. Really sad to see what their characters have become.
  19. All book readers still remember Jon's last thought while he was dying in the last book was Ghost. I still cannot believe he let Ghost go.
  20. madhikun

    People are hating this episode for the wrong reasons

    The thing I'm annoyed about is that the people who say Westeros is fine being a patriarchal society because it's the middle ages are also the same people who say Dany is ridiculous for wanting to kill innocent people to take the iron throne. What do they think happens in war? Only armies fight each other? This is why I find the "Mad Queen" direction so frustrating because her "being mad" is actually completely logical realistically. They can miss me with Varys, he let Ned Stark die and let the Lannisters take over so he REALLY has no say in this. On two other notes, KL got our lovely "But my people are peaceful" Missandei to shout "Dracarys" like Cersei didn't have this coming. Also, Dany's not dumb, she knows Sansa is conniving. I would get out of the North as fast as I can too with the amount of ungratefulness and nonexistent hospitality that Sansa has shown her. Sansa and Arya are the Lannisters 2.0 now.