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  1. VarysWig

    So who rules now in the 7 Kingdoms in the show?

    I am a bit confused about The Reach too! This Ep showed the QoT in Dorne trying to broker an alliance with the SS, then Varys turns up declaring fire and blood as being the way forward. But you never see her reaction after that. Hadnt she already made an alliance with Littlefinger in earlier seasons? I just assumed before now she was aligned with the Vale. Either way the reach are against the lannisters I suppose. But will be interested to see how this plays out in the aftermath.
  2. VarysWig

    Who will resist Dany in Westeros?

    I can see the north aligning with her, or at least being open to meet for negotiations. Especially in the show where she has Tyrion to counsel her who Jon has made friends with in season 1. Although he did scoff at the WW threat when they asked for men while he was hand of the King, Dany would probably be more open to believing in them after all the magic she's seen.