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  1. HallowedMarcus

    Just how many people knew about the incest?

    I believe by the time of Ned as Hand the ones who really knew were Varys, LF and Ned himself. Othes might be guessing but not certain. Stannis and Jon Arryn guessed strongly but did not know for sure. Stannis believed with certainty after Ned´s letter. Tyrion and Cat discovered for certainty later on. King Robert was right about the invasion but wrong about stopping (killing) as a pregnant lady. It was unhonorable. By then there were no Dragons yet. You might be right but there are not the same thing and not just as easy as to legitimize. Indeed Cersey was afraid that Robert might do that even without discovering about her children true father. But there are not the same thing King Henry of England asked permission from the Pope to divorce and it was denied. He had to become the Ruler of the Church itself (Anglican Church) to set her aside. Also in Westeros Story Aegon (the fourth I guess) could have just declared Darien a bastard and it would be over. But he had to show that his wife was unfaithful and then get rid of her and their son as the legitimate heir. Is not that easy. I am not saying the King could not do it but some cause I believed should be presented to make his sons bastards and marry another.
  2. HallowedMarcus

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 805?

    The writers on this Ep were morons. Unbelievable. Dany transformation was absurd. They should have made it better. Example --> After the Bells she starts to fly away and suddenly 2 lances are thrown at her from 2 Lannisters soldiers and one runs (partially) threw her Dragon. Dann lands her Dragon removes the Spear, takes off of the Ground with Drogon and starts killing all Lannisters and people alike flying towards the Red Keep and puts it to the ground. At least it would be understandable. Terrible story. Unbelievable. Cleaganbowl, Arya and Sandor finally, Tryon and Jaime were very good story points though. 5/10
  3. Not if he dies. When you die you are free from your vows. In their sworn oath to the Watch, they say that they'll serve until death. Well, Jon has been killed. If he returns he will not be bound at all. His death has possible three main reasons: First, release from his oath. Leaving the Watch without being an oathbreaker; second, allowing him to take the wildlings to Winterfell and finally terminate the Boltons once and for all and maybe a third one: his ascension to Azurai or at least one of the three heads with Dany and another, the third one.
  4. HallowedMarcus

    Summerhall is central to the series

    A good amount of time indeed.
  5. HallowedMarcus

    My Cold Hands Theory: Jon Snow

    Who really knows? Only GRRM!
  6. HallowedMarcus

    Summerhall is central to the series

    I have always wondered if 3 of those seven Eggs were the Ones giving to Dany at her wedding. Does anyone know?
  7. HallowedMarcus

    Please explain Ramsay and the Pink Letter.

    I stand corrected on the DireWolf. The last knife that stabbed Jon not even hurt him (pain wise). So yes I believe he is a goner. If he will "jump" to Ghost before he dies remains to be seen. And yes, regardless if he wargs into his Direwolf or not his body will die. And yes I do solemnly believe that GRRM made it so that, like Lord Beric, he can be resurrected.
  8. HallowedMarcus

    My Cold Hands Theory: Jon Snow

    Indeed you are probably right. And the Author of this thread is also partially right. His name was Jon Snow the 13th Lord Commander of the Night Watch. Ygritte tells Jon that Jon Snow is an evil name. Probably it is an evil name because it was that name of the 13th Lord Commander.
  9. HallowedMarcus

    Please explain Ramsay and the Pink Letter.

    You sound pretty sure about that. He made mistakes indeed. He should have surrounded himself with People who were close to him, nominated another Steward and things like that before acting the way he did, before allowing Wildlings come to the wall. And Mellisandra also warned him about the knives. She was right about a girl arriving at Castle Blck ut wrong about that girl being his sister. But a girl did arrive and an important one. Also, he should know that it was considered treason to go out and fight directly against the Boltons and therefore people in the Watch might go against him by force trying at least to arrest him. He also sensed that his Werewolf was upset against men that were inside with him when he read the Pink Letter but even so locked him behind instead of bringing it with him. And many, many more. So yes I am pretty sure about that.
  10. HallowedMarcus

    Please explain Ramsay and the Pink Letter.

    Calm down. Jon acted that way and made other mistakes because he is 15 years old and GRRM wanted him dead so he can be resurrected on WoW.
  11. Ohh, good to know. Thank you for your insight.
  12. HallowedMarcus

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    Who said so. He is thinking about the Wights that her Dragons can kill with Dragonfire. He knows Winterfell is lost without her Dagons. It seems that they will lose Winterfe even with her Dragons. Probably because o the Other Dragon that the NK has.
  13. Are you sure about the Tales of Dunk & Egg reaching that far? Till death do them apart?
  14. I do agree with the honorable Council Member on this topic. The next two books will, without a doubt, show things that happened in the past. Now, the specific tragedy of Summerhall might not be shown.