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  1. HallowedMarcus

    Robb's plan

    I do concur with thee. Even being just he saw Cersey as a Traitor to his own brother Robert, being her an incestuous adulterer. Her children were abominations born from brother and sister. He would have killed them for sure.
  2. HallowedMarcus

    Why did Walder send Stevron to war?

    Probably he would have been against t. t is not certain though.
  3. HallowedMarcus

    Do you think Cersi can stop the propecy?

    There many prophecies in Westeros. Some true, some literal, some not to be taking that way. However, I did learn a few things from them. There are prophecies set in stone and some are not. The Prophecies from Maggy the frog and from the ghost of High Heart are set in stone indeed. Cersey is doomed does not matter what she did, did not do, does or does not do. Amen for that.
  4. Congratulations. had not seen that before.
  5. HallowedMarcus

    R+L=J v.165

    He was nothing and treated as such? Like when Tywn the Warden of the West called his banners because of what Cat did to him? Like when Lord of Lannister trusted him over Cersey and named him Hand of the King in his stead? Are you talking about those two cases? i do concur with thee.
  6. HallowedMarcus

    Why people hate Dany, but love Arya?

    Well, a strange question you did ask. I like both Danny and Aya Stark. I like Ara and Jon the most, then Tyrion and Danny I dislike Cersey. The only "good" POV I dislike a little is Sansa, but she is becoming more interesting.
  7. HallowedMarcus

    Could Daenarys keep control of slaver's bay and the 7 kingdoms?

    She might if she (through Varys or not) discovers who the Harpy is (I believe it is the Green Lady). Also, Tyrion might aid her. All also might change if she returns and uses her Dragons to defeat their foes in the Mereen war. I, however, do agree with your logic and you might be right. I just don't believe that GRRM will allow her to return to Westeros as a failure. People still remember and somehow see as godly or "magical" the time the Targaryen had Dragons. The Targaryen have dragon "blood". When she arrives in Westeros she will be seen with some negative points indeed but do not forget the positive ones. The Targaryen rules for 300 years. Only the last 18 years the did not. Danny has brought the Dragons with her which input awe and fear in people and noble minds and also justify her right to rule. She is a Targaryen and can say the Dragons came back through her because the "gods" brought them back to life. A person cannot make dozens or more years old fossil eggs to become real normal eggs again; only the "gods" can do that. So the "gods" want her to rule. PS: If all that fails she can just burn everything asunder.
  8. HallowedMarcus

    Could Daenarys keep control of slaver's bay and the 7 kingdoms?

    You are being fatalistic. It is not in control now, but I believe it will be after she returns (if she does so) and their enemies are defeated (if they are). I believe she will win, then go to Volantis and win there too before returning to Westeros. Do not forget if Tyrion survives he will probably aid and advice her. Now that said, after being and trying to take Westeros i really don't believe she will be able to keep both but I believe she will be able to keep the end of Slavery where she has abolished. I might be wrong of course.
  9. HallowedMarcus

    Small Questions v. 10105

    Certainly, he would get his father's land being himself a Knight or not. Some landed Knight who had lots of lands would in some parts of Europe get the knight title. In Westeros he might be called Sir my his servants out of respect but he would not get his father title. Do not forget however that any Knight can Knight a gentleman/man. So any of his father friends could take him as Page and then in time make him a squire and Knight.
  10. HallowedMarcus

    Daenerys is Azor Ahai.

    As I said before you are probably right but I was and I am still not that certain. You wrote a lot of things with a logic deep understanding of the books and prophecies and came to logical conclusions which I do agree upon. Thanks for that. I am glad that you exposed and defended your points one by one. I have my knowledge of the prophecies increased because of that. That said there is one flaw in your way of thinking that Aegon is fAegon. The Scenarios. Scenario 2 is foolish and absurd and obviously did not happen as you have said yourself and anyone who disagrees with that must be jesting. But on Scenario 1 you got a personal point of view and made it a general unquestionable point and that wrong. You wrote You are talking about Varys here. Who knew Tyrion every move; who knew about the Catelyn arrival and about the dagger. Who knew what Daenerys Targaryen was doing in Essos being so far away from her. For me to most logical thing is that he knew about the Warden of the West coming to King's Landing before his arrival. You believe that he did not know. You might be right. But you also might be wrong and considering the net of spies he had and considering there was an open rebellion against the Iron Throne I believe that Varys would be using, even more, his spies then before. It was a survival situation. So I do believe that Varys indeed knew about it. Of course, I might be wrong. However, considering who Varys is, his knowledge of Westeros and his big net of spies I believe the logic is to consider more probable that the eunuch knew about Tywin Lannister coming to Kings' Landing with his army and if so maybe the same day he left Casterly Rock.
  11. HallowedMarcus

    Would Lady Stoneheart kill Roslin?

    Stoneheart would kill her and if she had already given birth to Edmunds son or daughter she would kill the baby for sure for Lady Stoneheart does not want a half Frey to become Ruler in Riverlands.
  12. HallowedMarcus

    Why do book readers hate R+L=J?

    Even if Jon is THE PRINCE, Azor Ahai does not automatically means that the end will be one true hero ending where Jon marries Danny, has children and live happily ever after with sugar on the top.
  13. HallowedMarcus

    Why do book readers hate R+L=J?

    Strange why no one said the real reason a lot of people hate R + L = J. The reason is very simple. A lot of clues points to that direction. A lot of mysteries are in there. Jon has already fought the undead. If this theory is true then with almost certainty Jon is the Prince who was Promised, the Savior, the Heir of Westeros. Obviously, people who dislike or hate Jon Snow or who love Daenerys Targaryen want Daenerys to the Savior. If the theory is true then Daenerys won't be the Saviour, the PwwP. Daenerys lovers and Jon haters do not want that to happen...so they claim it to be too obvious, to mainstream to be true. They don't want it to be true because almost certainly if it is Jon the Prince who was Promised. And they cannot take it. Too much to them. I like Jon and hope it is true and he is the Saviour, however, if Danny is the one I will gladly accept it as well.
  14. HallowedMarcus

    Daenerys is Azor Ahai.

    I understood the reason why you do not believe Aegon to be a real Targaryen. However, Qualthe does not say it is a fake dragon, but a mummer’s one. As you said yourself, the mummer is Varys and she should be wary of him. Aegon is Varys dragon not necessary because he is a fake, but because he is under his control and guidance. Qualthe does not say beware of the mummer’s dragon which would be the natural thing to say if he was a fake or was to betray her, but he says beware about the mummer, the perfumed seneschal, which is undoubtedly Varys. Aegon might be a real dragon but Varys will betray her. Probably he wants them married and after all is settled and Westeros conquered to kill her and allow Aegon to rule alone and therefore being directly under his influence. Qualthe clearly points Varys as the one she should be wary of. Daemerys should not trust Aegon because is under Varys' control. I, therefore, believe Aegon is one of the heads and not a fake.
  15. HallowedMarcus

    Daenerys is Azor Ahai.

    Good point and perhaps let me add something audacious. Perhaps all 3 Daenerys Targaryen, Aegon Targaryen, and Jon Snow are all Azur Ahai. After all, a Dragon must have 3 heads, remember Daenerys vision?