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  1. I di thank thee gentleman. Can't wait for WoW to come out.
  2. All clues lead us to believe that the Harpy is Galazza Galare, The Green Grace of Meeren. When she is asked if the Sons of the Harpy tried to poison Dany she afims that they did not do it. How could she know that? Harpy also is female and she is female. Also, she is the one that shows Dany how to go to the Pyramids and become a KIngs´Wife. Dany follows her advice and no one even tries anything against her.
  3. The writers on this Ep were morons. Unbelievable. Dany transformation was absurd. They should have made it better. Example --> After the Bells she starts to fly away and suddenly 2 lances are thrown at her from 2 Lannisters soldiers and one runs (partially) threw her Dragon. Dann lands her Dragon removes the Spear, takes off of the Ground with Drogon and starts killing all Lannisters and people alike flying towards the Red Keep and puts it to the ground. At least it would be understandable. Terrible story. Unbelievable. Cleaganbowl, Arya and Sandor finally, Tryon and Jaime were very good story points though. 5/10
  4. Interesting topic. Probably Ned would not have become Hand, because the one before him would be still alive. Now if even so Petyr Baelish concocted and had him killed. Ned would have gone to KL as Hand but would have supported Joffrey as King.
  5. Where is the Bran Stark is Bran the Builder Theory?
  6. Why the heck you believe there would be a damn prophecy about a damn doll? A prophecy that spek about Lday Stark and her son and many other and a doll?!
  7. It says venom dropping that was used to kill Jofrey. It does not say slaying because she was an unwilling tool. The second part of the prophecy says slaying which means she is actually doing it, she is not a tool, she kills. And Robin would be that Giant if you (Sinbold) are right, not his mother. Sansa did not slay Jofrey willingly, but she will do her "next" kill willingly, it says "slaying". Because of that I believe the prophecy has not yet happened.
  8. They left the Eyrie. No one goes/stays there in the Winter as far as I know. Winterfell is more castle of snow then any other castle if you take out the Eyrie. It is possible it is not WF, yes I have to admit it is. The mountain pass not the bloody gate. If the mountains and the bloody gate are totally showed in then thge Vale is separated from all Westeros until the end of Winter. Not true! Even is she does not kills LF in WF, she will kill him (if he is the Giant). Yes she might kill him while still a maid, meaning something will happen and she will kill him before bedding; maybe she kill LF when he is abouit to make Robin get a little acident? Perhaps. Two things in the prophecy are certain the maid will kill the Giant and Valonquar Cersei. If the prophecy will come true like the others did only GRRM knows.
  9. Petyr Baelish is very probably this Giant of the prophecy. His father took the head of the Titan of Braavvos as their sigil, because his father was a sellsword in Braavos. It might be he is not the one (not very probable); however the Valonquar is the one killing Cersey and Sansa is not her younger brother. Strange or not Sansa is not Valonquar and therefore will not finish Cersei off!
  10. Strange that you associate both so much. Arya Stark had to live in the sewers, literally because of Cersei. She would be more likely to get revenge on her then Sansa Stark. But as far as I know the Valonquar (younger brother) is the one who will finish Queen Cersei off. It is also in a prophecy. It will not be Sansa Stark.
  11. No she did not. I wrote about that before. Littlefinger said that Robin was a very sickly boy who probably would die and that after her marriage she would go north. Don't forget Mr. LF killed Joffrey, a much more powerful, older and evil person then Robin. Considering that the Ghost of High Heart said about her killing a Giant (LF's sigil) in Winter/Snow I just put 2 and 2 together. Don't be jealous of my superior intellect.
  12. Yes she said so about Lady Stark, about the Trident river, about her being in the river and bout her ressurection as Lady Stoneheart. And I quote: "I dreamt of a roaring river and a woman that was a fish. Dead she drifted, with red tears on her cheeks, but when her eyes did open, oh, I woke from terror. All this I dreamt, and more."
  13. First it will Happen because the She Ghost of High Heart said so. and she was right even in Lady Stark's death and ressurection. So it will happen. Second she LF can suffer an acidente a lá LF. Third, even if Robin lives, she can marry Harry and when she shows herself as a Stark they will try to reconquer the North anyway. For Harry the Heir it will be then more importante to have the North, considering Robin still will have the Vale. If Harry has the Vale he will want both and if he hasn't, the he'll want it even more.
  14. True indeed. Sansa will kill LF in Winterfell. All GoHH prophecies are becoming past facts, so there is no reson for this one not to be true also. Wrong. LF himself says she was supposed to conquer Harry the Heir's heart so they get married. On the day they do marry she is supposed to reveal to all that she is in reality Sansa Stark and to have all landed and hedge Knights present to swear to her that they will reconquer North. Obviously Harry will also be interedted so his issue will have a foot in the Vale and other on the North.
  15. Cool. I was right in my guess. I did not know GEEM confirmation. I wrote that because some people on this thread wrote UnBrienne.
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