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  1. I do agree with the honorable Council Member on this topic. The next two books will, without a doubt, show things that happened in the past. Now, the specific tragedy of Summerhall might not be shown.
  2. Interesting topic. Probably Ned would not have become Hand, because the one before him would be still alive. Now if even so Petyr Baelish concocted and had him killed. Ned would have gone to KL as Hand but would have supported Joffrey as King.
  3. A lot of people here in this thread are talking about Aegon; do you mean Aegon who arrived at Westeros. The young Griff?
  4. Pycelle was a Maester and therefore bound to destroy the Targaryens, like the Maesters before him aided to poison and kill the Dragons as the Archmaester tells Sam. That is why he lied to Aerys that is was secure to open the gates to Tywin and in favor to send an assassin to kill Danny. They (Maesters)hate Magic, Dragons and all Targarens. Tywin had Jaime in the Kingsguard And he killed Aerys.
  5. HallowedMarcus

    Daenerys is Azor Ahai.

    If Azor Ahai is not 3 persons than with 95% of chance Danny is the One and with 100% Danny or Jon is the One. If Azor Ahai are in fact 3, than Danny and Jon are part if it.
  6. Congratulations. I have never, ever thought about it. You might be right.
  7. HallowedMarcus

    the "Law" in Westeros

    In GRRM's book The World of Ice and Fire it says that Aegon V (the Egg) enacted many reforms and enacted and granted rights and protections to the smallfolk that curtailed many rights their Lords had over them. He loved the smallfolk because he lived as them and with them for many years with Ducan the Tall. In other means, he took away many rights their lords had over them. Maybe even allowing them to officially appeal to the King against them in KL before the King. Many Lords complained that the King had taken away their god giving rights. Aegon V complained that if he had Dragons his "lords "would not object with his interference into their "god giving rights". That means there were limits to the King's authority. Many Lords disregarded parts of the smallfolk's right in defiance against his reforms. Lord Tywin Lannister, later on, removed those rights giving back the Lord's authority over them. As you see there was/is limits to the King's authority over his Lords in Westeros.
  8. HallowedMarcus

    Fate of Olyvar Frey

    I do understand what you mean to say and what is written in the books, however, succession does not work from brother down to other younger brother. It goes down from the oldest Brother to his son who would be Walder Frey grandson and then his son who would be his great-grandson and so on.
  9. HallowedMarcus

    Why did Roose Bolton fear Wyman Manderly?

    In the books, it is shown that he only drinks or eats what Manderly is also drinking and eating. He is aware of the situation and I believe he has some fear, not because of Manderly but because he or his son could be the next victim. People were being secretly slain.
  10. HallowedMarcus

    Fate of Olyvar Frey

    Where, in the books, is it implied that Black Walder is aiding the BoB?
  11. HallowedMarcus

    Why did Varys murder Pycelle?

    For four reasons. First, she is the most important Lannister in KL. Two; she is the Queen mother. She couldn’t be Regent any longer because she was held by the Faith. After the walk of shame, Kevan kept power because she was humiliated before the public. There are cousins, nephews but no Tywin’s brothers to be Regent. Three, the Faith itself has now a strong grasp on her. They even have sisters of the Faith sleeping at the same bed with her to make sure she is under no sin and their control. Varys said Kevan made Tommen be like a defender of the Faith in facto, not just in name and title. So probably they (Faith) have increased level of influence in the KL and would prefer Cersey to be Regent to control her. She will probably play along as long as she has to. Obviously, she did not convert into a fanatic Faith follower, as her nephew did. Four; the Tyrells themselves would like to have Cersey as the Regent because it would please Tommen, increasing their influence on him and they would have a weakened, humiliated Cersey in power who is being checked by the Faith and therefore the Head of the Tyrells, as Hand, will have much more power then Regent Cersey would. That did not happen with Kevan. This will be felt by Cersey who will probably believe her brother and the Tyrels are together to take over.
  12. HallowedMarcus

    Why did Varys murder Pycelle?

    Cersey will most probably be the next Regent with Tyrell as Hand having more power and influence than her, at least, at the beginning.
  13. HallowedMarcus

    Robb's plan

    I do concur with thee. Even being just he saw Cersey as a Traitor to his own brother Robert, being her an incestuous adulterer. Her children were abominations born from brother and sister. He would have killed them for sure.
  14. HallowedMarcus

    Why did Walder send Stevron to war?

    Probably he would have been against t. t is not certain though.
  15. HallowedMarcus

    Do you think Cersi can stop the propecy?

    There many prophecies in Westeros. Some true, some literal, some not to be taking that way. However, I did learn a few things from them. There are prophecies set in stone and some are not. The Prophecies from Maggy the frog and from the ghost of High Heart are set in stone indeed. Cersey is doomed does not matter what she did, did not do, does or does not do. Amen for that.