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  1. Mon ami

    Daenerys Targaryen's Power Plays

    That passage of the Daenerys-Drogo wedding was the first clue that this is one special girl. That was a lovely moment when she rode her filly for the first time.
  2. Mon ami

    Is Varys a Blackfyre?

    Hey listen, you're not going to get a direct quote to support this. Not from George. Not until he wants us to know. But yeah, I think Vary is a blackfyre supporter. He may not be related to them by blood but he supports them. Still, a dragon is a dragon and he will support a red as well as a black. It may be more accurate to say Varys is a dragon friend.
  3. Mon ami

    Your Top 3 "to murder" list

    For me, I would kill Jon, Sansa, and Theon. That world would be so much better without these three lame-brained meat balloons. By Jon, I mean Jon Snow, the bastard at the wall. I saw somebody below asking for clarification, so I want to make this clear.
  4. Mon ami

    Daenerys Targaryen's Power Plays

    Dany doesn't need to do anything except give the slaves of Volantis the signal of approval and they will take the city from their masters. The lady of the waterfront, who comes across as one of the leaders of the oppressed, already support Dany. Tell the mother we're waiting.
  5. Mon ami

    Daenerys Targaryen's Power Plays

    That was awesome. Dany made the decision to send Belwas and it was the smart thing to do. Dany is the smartest of the young people in the story.
  6. Mon ami

    Daenerys Targaryen's Power Plays

    A pity indeed, because Doreah was helpful to our favorite girl. She was the most useful of the hand maids.
  7. Mon ami

    Daenerys Targaryen's Power Plays

    This is another awesome move by our brave and resourceful heroine. This may foreshadow the future where Daenerys takes control of the Dothraki and unite them into one mighty khalasar.
  8. Mon ami

    The young wolf of house stark.

    I have seen any clues yet that would lead me to believe Robb took Jeyne by force. Robb will have had personal guards. Jeyne didn't seem threatening in their opinion. It maybe they were careless to allow this but people have been careless before.
  9. Mon ami

    Dancing With Dragons

    Marwyn's mission is not to ride a dragon. He wants to advice Dany and keep her safe. So that's two Maesters, Aemon and Marwyn, who both believe Daenerys is very special.
  10. Mon ami

    Is the dusky woman a dragonseed?

    That might hold true for most of the Valyrians but you have to remember that Dany is very special. She's not your average Valyrian nobility. I don't think it takes special blood to hatch dragons naturally, if truth be told. The wild dragons hatched naturally. The dragons on Dragonstone hatched naturally without assistance from the Targs. Dany achieved the impossible and hatched dragons from the equivalent of egg fossils. I will even say it's not a hatching but a resurrection.
  11. Mon ami

    Is the dusky woman a dragonseed?

    The Targaryens kings of old were promiscuous. I am absolutely sure there are many people alive today who have a little bit of Targaryen blood. The dusky woman could have a little dragon dna in her blood. The dragons' reaction to the horn is unpredictable no matter the ancestry of the dusky woman. There are a lot of unknowns. What gives me hope that the horn will not work ( I don't want the horn to work, obviously because I am on Team Daenerys) is Moqorro's attitude. A red priest of R'hllor is not going to accept the Drowned God. Moqorro will do what he can to make sure the dragons do not bond with Victarion and the dusky woman.
  12. Mon ami

    Sansa and Baelish in the Iron Throne

    Anything is possible but this is unlikely. Petyr's crimes will come to light and he will have too many enemies. I don't really believe that LF is serious about taking Sansa all the way to the top with him. She's just a pawn and a means to an end. Sansa is what Lysa was to LF, a tool he can use to get ahead and then discard when no longer needed.
  13. Mon ami

    Was Robert doomed to fail from the start?

    Robert doesn't have the patience and the temperament to rule anything larger than soldiers on the battlefield for a very brief and very narrow mission. He would have done better as a hedge knight. We complain about Tywin's poor family man skills for failing to see what was going on within his own household but Robert takes the award for failing to see what was right before his eyes. His wife and the man who was supposed to give up his own life to protect his was having an affair for 17 years! Sure, Cersei has a reason to fool around to pay him back for his infidelity. But Jaime has no excuse to repeatedly betray the man who pardoned him and he swore to protect. And Robert never reasoned it out. I know the twins were careful and many others who should have caught on were fooled but Robert is the husband. His domestic skills are poor to say the least and his rule was not much better.
  14. I have been and always will be a Daenerys admirer. So looking back at her character development from thirteen-year-old bride to Khal Drogo to Queen of Meereen, (and by rights the Andals, the Rhoynar, and the First Men), Most Beautiful Woman in the World, and Mother of Dragons; I cannot help but be awed by her many power plays. I know the big moments are what most of her other fans think about but she made a few subtle but important plays early in her rise to power that are also almost as impressive. Winning the love of Khal Drogo and establishing herself as the Khaleesi is very impressive concerning she was very young and forced to adapt to a hard, nomadic culture. I want to know your favorite Daenerys power play. Do you have any more examples of her subtle but effective power moves?
  15. Mon ami

    Did Robb act better than Tywin conducting the war?

    I think so. Tywin sent his blood-thirsty henchman to the Riverlands because the daughter of the lord arrested his son. Why not use dialogue first and work it out with the Starks before attacking innocent people who had nothing to do with Catelyn Stark. Barring that just go ahead and attack the Starks directly instead of punishing the wrong people.