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  1. We have no clue what kind of man Aegon is.
  2. Joffrey is more impuulsive. He's going to be tougher than Robert.
  3. Shannon L

    Robert's Kingsguard

    The make up of the guards was a reflection of the moral decay during Robert's reign. Robert is more sane than Aerys but the kingdom was much poorer. A bad king whose content to stay in the background and let others manage his kingdom is better than a meddler who doesn't know what he's doing. Fighting ability is important but less than complete loyalty. A bodyguard must be loyal at all times to the person they guard. Oakheart and Jaime were not. Jaime was sleeping with the queen behind Robert's back. The character of the people getting the job were poor. Barristan should have never taken that pardon from Robert. But his story is one of redemption and it's never too late to make things right. Joffrey opened his eyes and at the tender age of 61 realized his mistake in serving Robert. Hightower, Whent, Darry, and Dayne died in the service of Aerys. It is poetic if Barristan dies in the service of his queen, Daenerys Stormborn. He will have died doing the right thing.
  4. Tywin is an old man. His days are numbered. Joffrey can't be contained when he reaches adulthood.
  5. Ah no. It's not foreshadowed. Tommen is not going wolf hunting. Nymeria is not going to K/L. The two will never meet.
  6. Joffrey Lannister will be worse than Robert. He takes over an empty treasury and a throne loaded with debt. His parents haven't a clue when it comes to finances. I guess you could say Jaime and Cersei are financially illiterate. He might have a chance with more able parents but the kid doesn't have a prayer. The realm would bleed until the end of his reign.
  7. You mean paying actors and stunt people aren't costly? It is possible. Get enough artists and cgi people and it's possible. Would you want to? How is it better than live action.
  8. Shannon L

    Can Aegon I conquer Europe in the 15th century?

    Aegon and Visenya are smart enough to stay out of range. Aegon did that in Harrenhall. He flew high enough to stay beyond the range of the ironborn scorpions and rained fire down on the castle.
  9. Shannon L

    Best/Worst POV Storylines in Each Book

    AGOT: Best - Daenerys ACOK: Best - Tyrion ASOS: Best - Daenerys AFFC: Best - Samwell ADWD: Best - Daenerys AGOT: Worst - Sansa ACOK: Worst - Jon ASOS: Worst - Jon AFFC: Worst - Sansa ADWD: Worst - Davos
  10. Shannon L

    What Cause the Long Night?

    What's usual? Something that happens every 10K years will appear inconsistent because people live short lives. The culling might be part of the bigger plan within mother nature.
  11. Shannon L

    Can Aegon I conquer Europe in the 15th century?

    They would need more men. If Aegon had his three dragons along with legions of the Unsullied, Sellswords, and hired armies, Dothraki cavalry, you bet he could have done it. I would start near Rome and burn the Vatican to the ground. Strip the pope naked and parade his exposed corruption to the people and turn them all into atheists.
  12. This is why the Targ haters out there should be careful what they wish for because their sweetheart, Jon Snowball, has as much chances as Aerion Brightflame of going mad. More, actually, because fire and ice do not mix.
  13. They had dragons early on. A dragon would detect the emotional turmoil within the person and refuse to bond. Maybe they did have some with emotional instability back then but they got burned when they attempted to bond with the dragon. It is said that intelligent animals like dogs and horses can detect instability in people. A lot of dog and horse experts say this. You cannot lie to a horse is an example because they will know you. A dragon is at least the equal of dogs and dragons in intelligence. Yeah so the dragons were culling the nuts from the family tree.
  14. The incidence of madness in the family is higher than what is believed to be regular but the chance is still low. Fire And Blood is proof that the incidence was exaggerated. It's not prevalent.
  15. I'm surprised at how people give Arya the breaks or excuses but do not extend the same consideration to Viserys. Viserys has lost more than the Starks. He lost a kingdom. And Viserys has never murdered anybody, to the best of my knowledge. There is nothing wrong with Viserys to want to take back what was his. Not in that world. He is no different from Stannis and the Starks who all want what they believe is theirs. He is better than Renly who wanted a kingdom that never was his. Viserys was an asshole. No excuses there. It's a sign of weakness. I would not put it on the level of madness though. The boy was stable enough to survive in the free cities with no coin. He could not have been that far off in the head. Ser Willem might be argued could have disciplined him better but that's not how kings are treated in feudalism.