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    What if Jaime/cersei caught in winterfell

    I was speaking of Cersei and Jaime's treason. To be So bold as to go to a burnt up tower to do the deed at his best friend's place, with tons of people around would enrage Robert. That is a blatant act of treason. The kids weren't there... I am also going under the assumption that Ned and Robert find out simultaneously after returning from the hunt. There might not be any mention of the children not being Robert's at this time. Cersei would never endanger her flock and neither would Jaime once the jig is up. imo I agree that Ned would try to do what he could. Ned has always been a champion of children.
  2. Rhaesenya

    What if Jaime/cersei caught in winterfell

    I agree with this. I could see Ned trying to make it easier on the children, but essentially there is nothing he can do. Such a blatant act of treason demands justice. Yeah, if Robert didn't want to think/admit that the children weren't his I doubt many would be scrambling to tell him. If he found out that most of his council and courtiers knew or at least suspected, they would be dealt with accordingly. I think over time Robert would come to realize the truth of it though.