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  1. A-3. Somebody else. There was a theory floating around that Hallis Mollen was killed in the Riverlands and that's why Ned's bones disappeared. Harwin is with Lady Stoneheart. I don't see how he would've had time to get to Winterfell so quickly. B-1. Ramsay, but he's being fed some false information. I think Mance Rayder is screwed, though. C-2. Rickon and Shaggydog never make it back to the mainland. Davos going to Skagos inadvertently gets them killed somehow, along with Osha if she's even still alive. Davos will live. D-1. Melisandre will bring him back. Maybe Shireen being sacrificed satisfies the Lord of Light? E-2. That was her fulfilling her illegal (as far as the Faceless Men are concerned) kill list. F-2? Hard to say. I would guess no. I think Jeyne Poole will be dead or in hiding by the time Arya makes it back North. G-3. Jaime and Brienne survive on the condition they help retake Riverrun. I don't know how Jaime would betray his family, but one way or the other, there will be bloodshed in Riverrun. Brienne just got a highly disfiguring wound, it would be overkill to have her meet her end so quickly after that, but GRRM is unpredictable. H-2. He's a fake and won't make it as far as people think he will. He will not overthrow Cersei; he will die before he makes it to King's Landing. I-1. R+L = J. J. JonCon will perhaps cause a small epidemic that causes a castle or two to be quarantined, dooming those trapped inside. Val was overreacting when she was telling people Shireen was dangerous. K-1. Stannis will win and survive that battle. L-2. Galazza Galare. There are some very convincing threads that highly support her basically rubbing the fact in Dany's face. M. No idea. The thought has never crossed my mind. N-2. Victarion will not do anything successful with the dragons.
  2. I'm so disappointed Theon didn't get to fight the Night King one-on-one. None of the White Walkers actually did anything the entire episode. It was pretty good overall, but I'm disappointed in the writing.
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