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  1. I don't care what George has stated publicly, there is no way a very opinionated man like himself is happy with what Dan and Dave did to his world. He simply did not vet them well enough before giving them the rights to his most successful work. Game of Thrones merchandise is essentially forgotten about. People are not rewatching the show on HBO or HBO Max in droves like what would've happened even if the ending was just "okay". The only places I still see praise for the show is on very specific Subreddits with people who are not true A Song of Ice and Fire fans and have low standards for entertainment. I believe George was depressed about the show before the final season aired, but there's no way he would publicly criticize the people he gave creative rights to. The man is full of regrets and it helped affect his writing pace for years. Somebody somewhere on these forums claimed that BryndenBFish has insider information that George barely wrote Winds for a couple years after that 2015 New Year's Eve Not a Blog post and at this point I'm willing to believe that.
  2. Based off his latest blog post, I think we have confirmation Melisandre will be POV at the Wall while Jon is dead and possibly after he comes back. Nothing to get too hyped about, but he was very descriptive about his writing process in this post.
  3. I'm starting to get a little concerned with his recent blogging being very non-ASOIAF related. Even if he was joking with that New Zealand comment last year (which he obviously was to some extent), he should know better by now than to give his fans that big of a tease. It's not July yet, though, so there are still a couple of weeks to go.
  4. Don't give up hope yet. I've read that he only goes into the mountains (his cabin) if he's close to finishing a book. He's been in there for a couple months, to be fair, but I have a good feeling from his latest blog posts that he's actually getting close to the end of the writing (and hopefully rewriting) stage of Winds.
  5. I guess George is still having good days and bad days when it comes to Winds, but he claims he's making progress, whatever that means for a gigantic novel.
  6. "If there is a silver lining in these clouds, this will give me more time to finish WINDS OF WINTER. I continue to write every day, up here in my mountain fastness." - GRRM It looks like he may finally be almost done with writing Winds.
  7. Thanks for pointing that out. That all but guarantees he's been in his cabin finishing up the book.
  8. I honestly hope he's isolating himself and his wife Parris in their home until this settles down. As morbid as it is, I hope he takes this opportunity to just write, write, write.
  9. I'm worried that, with his recent blog posts, he isn't in his cabin and thus is not finishing up the book. Has George ever blogged from his cabin, assuming it even has Internet?
  10. A-3. Somebody else. There was a theory floating around that Hallis Mollen was killed in the Riverlands and that's why Ned's bones disappeared. Harwin is with Lady Stoneheart. I don't see how he would've had time to get to Winterfell so quickly. B-1. Ramsay, but he's being fed some false information. I think Mance Rayder is screwed, though. C-2. Rickon and Shaggydog never make it back to the mainland. Davos going to Skagos inadvertently gets them killed somehow, along with Osha if she's even still alive. Davos will live. D-1. Melisandre will bring him back. Maybe Shireen being sacrificed satisfies the Lord of Light? E-2. That was her fulfilling her illegal (as far as the Faceless Men are concerned) kill list. F-2? Hard to say. I would guess no. I think Jeyne Poole will be dead or in hiding by the time Arya makes it back North. G-3. Jaime and Brienne survive on the condition they help retake Riverrun. I don't know how Jaime would betray his family, but one way or the other, there will be bloodshed in Riverrun. Brienne just got a highly disfiguring wound, it would be overkill to have her meet her end so quickly after that, but GRRM is unpredictable. H-2. He's a fake and won't make it as far as people think he will. He will not overthrow Cersei; he will die before he makes it to King's Landing. I-1. R+L = J. J. JonCon will perhaps cause a small epidemic that causes a castle or two to be quarantined, dooming those trapped inside. Val was overreacting when she was telling people Shireen was dangerous. K-1. Stannis will win and survive that battle. L-2. Galazza Galare. There are some very convincing threads that highly support her basically rubbing the fact in Dany's face. M. No idea. The thought has never crossed my mind. N-2. Victarion will not do anything successful with the dragons.
  11. I think you're right. I saw a comment speculating that Doran and Arianne will be killed because of Doran's flawed tactic of playing the waiting game. After they're gone, I don't think Nym is going to care anymore and will probably kill both the weakened Boros Blount and Tommen.
  12. Well, that's a bummer. I bought a copy of it and was going to use it for my final re-read before Winds is published. After looking up some reviews, it appears the binding is the main issue. Well, now I know what to expect as I read it, at least.
  13. I really hope, once Winds is done and people have had time to read it, that he makes a long and detailed blog post about this. You're right, something definitely happened that George was not planning on. It must've been (might still be, who knows) quite the obstacle if this man had to tack on another 4 years in addition to the previous 4 years before 2015 that he had to work on Winds (although I think he took a 6 month writing break to do ADWD promotions, I could be wrong though). One of the only things I could think of is he got to a certain POV character that he didn't think he'd have any issues with and things didn't go as planned. It could be the character he killed off that he said he "needed", which suggests to me that the character can't simply be replaced. If that's the case, then yeah, he screwed himself and should've made outlines for his novels like the people who work closely with him have been begging him to do for decades.
  14. It will have been NINE YEARS since ADWD was released when July 2020 comes around. Even though George travels too much and has other projects, nine years is a long time. He has to be almost done by this point. If he doesn't finish it next year, then that's when I'll lose hope of him ever releasing Winds.
  15. I'm so disappointed Theon didn't get to fight the Night King one-on-one. None of the White Walkers actually did anything the entire episode. It was pretty good overall, but I'm disappointed in the writing.
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