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  1. The houses claiming descent from First Men and/or Andal founders are not pure blooded. House Dayne of Dorne, while it claims descent from the First Men probably has more in common with House Yronwood of Dorne, than with distant houses claiming descent from the First Men, such as House Stark and Blackwood. Once the Andals came they intermarried with the First Men. Now over a thousand years after the Andal invasion, there is probably not a single pure Andal or First Men Descendant in Southern Westeros.
  2. Samwell. Tyrion is more likely to turn on people for personal reasons.
  3. Agreed, but since it was mentioned that Rolland has styled himself lord Caron, i feel that Chechov's gun increases the likelihood of his survival and eventual accession to lordship. Though Rolland have another known potential claimant. Mylenda Caron, and her daughter Perra Frey could claim the lordship. Another possibility is that they could be used by Legitmize another claimant without a blood connection, say a man of the Golden Company.
  4. The consensus among the community is that something is going to happen in Riverrun. What i am more uncertain about, is how the events will play out. How many armed men are around Riverrun now? Can the BWB take on that army? Is it likely that the BWB and it's supporters will be able to take on the Lannister/Frey Army in a similar fashion to to ambush of Stark forces outside the Twins? Perhaps, but i think such a ambush will be dependent on Riverlords double crossing the Lannisters. The change of loyalty could be spurred by fAegons success. Perhaps BWB will infliltrate the castle by bypassing the camps outside? Once the soldiers outside understand what is happening, it will be too late, as the BWB shut them out. Will the army outside leave prior to the "red wedding 2.0"? Doubtfull since it is Daven's wedding and he is the Shield of the West. Perhaps something will happen after the wedding? Thus Daven might be spared, while Genna and Emmon who stay behind will remain doomed. Anyhow something is going to happen which will change Jaime's arc (atleast for some time), or contribute to changing Jaime's arc in concert with another even (perhaps in King's Landing). Genna mentioned for/asked Jaime, "who will protect House Lannister after Tywin". After whatever happens in Riverrun, Jaime will attempt step up.
  5. It would have been nice if Joffrey was toned down a bit.
  6. I think Rolland will get the lordship. Phillip Foote's blessing is built on a foundation that is rapidly deteriorating along the position of House Baratheon/Lannister of King's Landing.
  7. Among the fandom there does appear to be a faction supporting the First Men over the Andals. The Rhoynar too sometimes appear as a faction. My understaning is that there are no Rhoynar in Westeros, no Andals and no First Men. Instead there are different cultural regions and subregions. Some regions might have more influence from the First Men than another. For example the influence of the First Men is stronger in the North and the Iron Isles, than in the Vale. Prior to the Anglo-Saxon invasion both Ireland and Britain spoke Celtic languages. Afterwards England and Lowland Scotland spoke Germanic, while Ireland and the rest of Britain kept speaking Celtic. The Anglo-Saxon migration was not "clean", and there was some overlap between Celtic and Germanic influence. I imagine that during the time of the Faith militant, it was not easy being of the Old Gods. Additonally, many of the peoples following the Faith of the Seven, probably have some traditons inherited from the time the Old Gods reigned south of the Neck. Once Maegor and Jaehaerys abolished the Faith militant this pressure would have dissapeared to a large extent. It is also mentioned that following the Dance, many Northerners settled in the Riverlands, bolstering the numbers of the Old Gods there.
  8. My impression is that most marriages prior to Robert's rebellion where within their respective region. Therefore Sansa is more likely to marry heir to northern house. Though Sansa having a mother from the South, would increase her chance to marry outside the North,
  9. How does this matter during the time of Eddard and Waymar? Over a millenium has passed since the Andal invasion. The House Royce probably has more in common with Houses Corbray and Arryn than with house Stark. House Royce probably has more familial ties with the "Andal" houses, more cultural ties with the "Andal" houses, etc, than it does with house Stark.
  10. The most likely but still slim posibillity is that Daenerys marries two dragon riders. More likely she would be involved with them without marrying, or being married to one but not the other. I don't see it f Absolutly not If the faith of the seven is going to be one of his major supporters then no. Danerys is a woman, but she does have dragons. Still i doubt it.
  11. How do you as a literary critic work? What is the process like?
  12. I never got why people seem to be so into poetic justice, which i feel diminishes the realism.
  13. Had bloodraven showed up a year after he was presumed dead, would he not then be expected to remain part of the Night's Watch?
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