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  1. How do you picture the consequences for the city and it's inhabitants? How i picture the scenario: Fires would spread across the city causing panic. Some buildings will collapse due to the ignition of the wildfire imediatly. Other buildings would collapse due to damage caused by the heat aswell as other collapsing buildings. The fires would not completly destroy the city, there would be half ruined buildings but also a few standing ones. Sepending on where the wildfire was placed and how much, would decide which areas was affected most. Generally the ones closest to city gates and bodies of water(Blackwater, ocean) would have the highest likelihood of survival. The city gates would be opened by guards if they were closed, if not mobs would open them. Gates that were opened for Lannister forces would see a strem of Westermen and others attemting to escape. Some Lannisters may not have had time to enter the city and would organise a camp, from which they would controll who and how many men that was not missing or dead. There may also be sent some rescue teams to rescue Westermen. Perhaps the Lannister forces would attempt to controll the evacuation of King's Landing, since Tywin had been there for years he may decide to do so. Close to bodies of water there would be some who would try to swim across to safety. Others would be happy to walk in the shallows. There would also be some boats that would be used to ferry people across to safety. Nearby villages would be recieve a stream of people while also many would be leaving the villages to help the inhabitants aswell as just watch the city burn. Some places in the city would collapse as sewers and secret tunnels collapse due to heat. This would destablize and raze some buildings. Children, old people, the infirm would be the least likely to survive, while fit men would be the most likely to survive. At the end of the carnage around half the population would have died. Many people would also have lost their friends and family even if they were alive. Survivor would travel to different areas most in the nearby region. Rich and skilled people would be more mobile in their relocation than poor and unskilled people. The Westerlands would have lost many lords and heirs which would lead to political instability. Edit: Faithfull believers of the Seven would see the burning of King's Landing as proof that a more faithfull kingdom was neccesary. Some would seek to re-establish the Faith Millitant.
  2. Why do you feel the need to discuss your theory? Do you want to make sure it is correct and/or not misrepresenting anything?
  3. norwaywolf123

    Is it possible to leave the Warrior Sons?

    The Night's Watch and the realm it serves do not accept that deserters. Once you take the Night's Watch vows it is for life. The fate of Gared who is executed by Eddard Stark is testaments to this. Allthough i think that as the books progress the Night's Watch oath will not be as stringent. As far as i know there as not been any cases of people wanting or attempting to leave the Kingsguard
  4. In medieval Europe there was cases of boys leaving monasteries after taking the monk oath. This could be due to them being young, unprepared for monk life(mentally, emotionally) or that some lord needed an heir that was related to him. Is it possible that members of the Warrior Sons could leave for any of the reasons above or other reasons?
  5. norwaywolf123

    Will Jon be Dany's heir

    Depending on how fAegon handles Cersei and the Lannisters called Baratheon(House Baratheon of Kings' Landing) aswell as the Westerlands may push the Westerlands into supporting Daenerys.
  6. norwaywolf123

    Daenerys Webber and Stannis Osgrey [TSS Spoilers]

    If Daenerys marries Stannis with Rohanne and Eustace as foreshadowing. Will Daenerys remarry after her marriage to Stannis?
  7. Perhaps Tyrion would. Maybe even Sansa would want to consumate the marriage to get Tyrion to believe the child was his?
  8. norwaywolf123

    Bowen Marsh's Plan

    That Bowen Marsh is part of a plot to get rid of Jon Snow, Wildlings ans Queensmen is something resembling the red wedding. He also claims that the reaction of the black brothers is motivated in large parts due to Jon's sucide mission to Hardhome.
  9. norwaywolf123

    What to ask GRRM?

    I think so.
  10. norwaywolf123

    Poll: Did Summer See a Dragon?

    No. Perhaps Summer had eaten a mushroom that he should not have eaten. Perhaps it is an unknown species?
  11. norwaywolf123

    Bowen Marsh's Plan

    Preston Jacobs made a great video on the topic recently.
  12. Could Sansa and whoever she allies with use a child that is "Tyrions" to claim Casterly Rock?
  13. norwaywolf123

    The Illyrio/Aegon thing

    No chance that the castration was a botched one? What is your favorite now? Maybe Illyrio and Varys could be descendant from the female line of House Blackfyre? Illyrio have inherited his looks from his non-Blackfyre ancestors similar to how Jon Snow takes after his mother and Ormund Baratheon took after his father. Serra could just be a lysene slave that Illyrio fathered fAegon on.
  14. norwaywolf123

    What if Tywin joined Robert's Rebellion (properly)

    Tommen would not have been born at the time of Robert's Rebellion. Therefore since Tommen(Joffrey and Myrcella) had never been born and Tywin did not want Tyrion to inherit, then Kevan would have to inherit unless Tywin married again.
  15. norwaywolf123

    What if Tywin joined Robert's Rebellion (properly)

    Perhaps if Tywin had thought that he would not get Jaime back then he would marry again, seeing as Tywin does not want for Tyrion to inherit.