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  1. norwaywolf123

    ''Details'' you wish to see picked up before Asoiaf ends

    More on the Golden Company and House Blackfyre.
  2. norwaywolf123

    Fair Compensation for House Frey

    The Reach and Dorne threw their whole weight behind House Targaryen, while the royalist Stormlands and RIverlands houses were part of regions where most Houses did not. Robert and his allies shored up their base at their regional opponents expense. Also there does not seem to be any border changes between "kingdoms", only inside "kingdoms". Did Stannis chose Robert because he was his liege, or did it have more to do with Robert being his brother?
  3. norwaywolf123

    Did Tywin waste his legendary wealth?

    There are probably many "Lannisters" in Lannisport, from the various Lannister branches based there, that are heavily invested in trade, but the Lannisters of Casterly Rock are likely focused various taxes. I don't really know if Tywin wasted the Lannister wealth, but Cersei certainly gives off that vibe. Cersei does not serve House Lannister, House Lannister is just a tool to further her. Her Admiral deserted with the newly built royal fleet, which made the substantial investment a waste.
  4. norwaywolf123

    Population of planetos after the events of ASOIAF

    Yes, but let's focus on what parts of Planetos we do know.
  5. norwaywolf123

    Would Lyanna start a war for Robert if Rhaegar kidnapped him?

    Of course she would.
  6. norwaywolf123

    Your biggest what if?

    Rhaegar might be less mercifull than Robert was. He did afterall have more legitimacy, perhaps that would lead to less resistance toward him taking revenge.
  7. norwaywolf123

    How do you think Tommen and Myrcella will die?

    It is possible. On the otherhand, if nobody knows that x did not really die, if they cannon confirm that, it will still feel like x died.
  8. norwaywolf123

    Aegon VI

    Does those agents know about Varys plan, or are they just predisposed to joining fAegon?
  9. norwaywolf123

    Population of planetos after the events of ASOIAF

    Supposing Westeros is as devestated as you say, what may that lead too? Perhaps there will be a large migration of Valyrian speakers into Westeros? Maybe Westeros or parts of it will become part of the Free Cities cultural sphere? Allthough i doubt it, Westeros will probably end where it started.
  10. norwaywolf123

    Population of planetos after the events of ASOIAF

    The North might not have lost much population yet, but they are likely to take the highest hit from the others. My take too. Will greyscale stay in the South or will it spread northwards?
  11. norwaywolf123

    Best place to discuss my future history of Westeros project?

    You should consider how the events of ASOIAF will impact the population of Westeros. Aswell as potential political possibilities, and how those will impace culture and politics going foreward.
  12. norwaywolf123

    Population of planetos after the events of ASOIAF

    The Iron Isles are relativly isolated, and they seem not to be the first priority of the other kingdoms. A plague is likely to spread. Do we know if greyscale transmission is affected by climate? Does temperature, humidity have any effect? Anything else? I guess that humidity may increase greyscale transmission, due to it being transferred by human contact. Temperature does impact humidity to some extent, and therefore is likely a factor. Women and children too? Seems like that is the status operandi for most Dothraki khalasars.
  13. What will the population structure of Planetos be like after ASOIAF is finished? We should now what the population is now, before that question is answered. Westeros Which of Westeros regions have lost most people currently? Currently in the Seven Kingdoms, i would say that the Riverlands has lost the most people due to warfare, famine and random acts of violence. It is the center of most of ASOIAF's conflict in Westeros up to this point. The region that has lost the highest proportion of people is likely beyond the wall! Following the Riverland, the Westerlands is probably the hardest hit region. It has been depleted of many men for House Lannisters conflicts, aswell as been raided and occupied. In third place i would put the North, which has lost many men fighting House Starks wars in the south. The North has also been the victim of Iron born raiding and ravaging of the western coast. The northern most part of the North has also been raided by wildlings. Which of Westeros regions will lose the most people over the course of ASOIAF? My guess in chronological order from highest loss to lowest loss, proportionally is. 1. North 2. Riverlands 3. Crownlands 4. Westerlands/ Reach 5. Iron Isles 6. Dorne Essos Which of Essos regions has the highest proportion currently? My confident guess is 1. Slavers Bay 2. Lhazareen Which of Essos regions will lose the highest proportion over the course of ASOIAF? My guess is 1. Slavers Bay 2. Dothraki Grassland
  14. norwaywolf123

    Chances of Martin hiring a team of writers?

    It can be too much of the good stuff.
  15. norwaywolf123

    Daenerys made it so that Jon can only rule by fear

    Will Jon kill Dany on his own, or will there be a battle prior to Jon killing Dany? If there is a battle who will fight in Jon's army? The Northmen who participated in the sack, which made Jon turn against Dany?