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  1. norwaywolf123

    The two big endgame prices

    I don't want it either, but GRRM needs Jon to continue the Targaryen incestous line. Nothing is supposed to change it sometimes seems. ASOIAF will end up as it begun, meaning Aegon's conquest.
  2. norwaywolf123

    What is worse?

    The young Freylings aged 0-10 would also be made into sweet tasting stew. Some of the meat could also be used for kebab meat.
  3. norwaywolf123

    Does Asoiaf Have a True Protagonist? *SPOILERS*

    Often it seems like the only characters that exist in ASOIAF is House Stark and House Targaryen. All the others characters are just furniture.
  4. norwaywolf123

    What is worse?

    House Frey is one of the most hated houses in ASOIAF both by readers. Much of this can be traced to the red wedding. During which many of the most popular characters and their supporters were killed. Is this hate for House Frey or distaste solely due to the actions of House Frey? Or is it more due to partisanship? Let's say that Joffrey had a elder sister(that he does not have in ASOIAF) and during a peace treaty between the Iron Throne and Robb Stark's kingdom, she was to wed to Robb. During the wedding, the supporters of House Lannister show up and are later massacrered similar to red wedding. Would people then denounce House Stark as they do House Frey?
  5. norwaywolf123

    Fake Aegon, Real Aegon, and Quentyn Martell

    Varys statement of "Aegon being here" could be a lie of omission. Where Varys clearly says Aegon suggesting to Kevan that it is Aegon son of Rhaegar. That is the only Aegon, Kevan is familiar with(atleast who has a blood claim on the Iron Throne).
  6. Those Targaryens had dragons, Aerys did not.
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lyrjDpkX6nA&t=0s&index=14&list=PLfTrJjNuBvbbafAN0ugdEutBNM0pMNSAj It is hard to dig in permafrost as in the lands beyond the wall. Thawing could throw up bodies and biomass. This could lead to the release of ancient plagues. It is not certain that GRRM though of this(content of the video) but it is interesting.
  8. norwaywolf123

    Will Jon be Dany's heir

    Blackfyre fAegon would be before Daenerys in the succesion line assuming he can prove his partrilineal line going back to Daemon Blackfyre.
  9. norwaywolf123

    What villains would you have wanted to see a POV from?

    Gendry is Robert Baratheon's bastard son and already has been introduced as Arya's friend. I would prefer someone who tells a story we are unfamiliar with. That story could be about the resurgent faith of the seven, the struggle for food in wartorn areas, smallfolk relationship to the idea of House Targaryen, etc.
  10. norwaywolf123

    What villains would you have wanted to see a POV from?

    I would like that.
  11. norwaywolf123

    Do arranged marriages make houses closer?

    He lived at Casterly Rock and had entered the war on House Lannisters side before the Freys even involved themselfes in the war. Sometimes kin happen to join different sides in a conflict due to different circumstances(friends, family, ideology, etc).
  12. norwaywolf123

    What villains would you have wanted to see a POV from?

    I would want a pov that is not too related to the other povs.
  13. norwaywolf123

    Predicting the Future of Characters

    If Robb had won the war his crowning would have been legitimate.
  14. norwaywolf123

    Predicting the Future of Characters

    The Freys did plan, organize and perform the red wedding. It is understandable that people who lost their friends and families during the red wedding massacre, will not take it kindly. Assuming that sometime the Northerners and Freys somehow end up on the same side in a conflict, it not unreasonable to assume that many northerners will not be happy with the arrangment. Some northerners (,rivermen and others touched by the red wedding) will likely begrudgingly accept that they will not take revenge on the Freys. Still those may bully, mock and in general be uncooperative with Freys. Many northerners will while offically accepting the Freys as allies once again, unoffically sabotage and attack Freys. Other northerners will refuse to cooperate with any Freys. It will also be almost impossible to know which Frey is 'guily' and who is 'innocent'. The Freys were stigmatised before the red wedding due to Walder's personality and the houses history(not a old noble house). The red wedding fallout will lead to even more stigma against the Freys. The marriage value of Freys may sink. Freys may get less prestigious roles in whatever alliance or organization they are in, than they would have before the red wedding. I emphasize with both the Freys and the Northerners. Just because the Freys commited the red wedding massacre does not make me not emphasize with them. If a Northern host massacres the entire House Frey(including the babies like Jaime and Tywin), i will still emphasize with them. Does not mean that i support their actions.
  15. norwaywolf123

    Predicting the Future of Characters