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    All who were vying for the Throne died

    To be honest it was something I was thinking about after I read the spoilers and had not considered at all through series 1-7. There are theories based on the books that the children of the forest are up to something and that Bran may be the end game of that. I like that idea and maybe I am wanting to see it in the show, the writing is open (being generous for season 8) to allow me believe that to be true.
  2. Praecautus

    All who were vying for the Throne died

    In the game of thrones, you win or you die. I think Bran was after it and manipulating things, but it’s not well shown in the show with the exemption of a few double entendres, in particular during the last episode.
  3. Praecautus

    If there was season 9...

    “And that Lord Eddard is what will happen if you persist in stubbornly being honourable. Here is Ice; the Queen Cersei is in the red keep, Lord Littlefinger is at the ‘establishment’ and for goodness sake get King Robert off the wine. Good luck” “And my Lord, don’t accept any wedding invitations”
  4. Praecautus

    The Book of The Kingsguard - Help Me Decide

    I know this is controversial but I am not sure he went back for love. I think he left love with Brienne and went back because of his kingsguard vow, Jaime has always been tied by vows and spends his time navigating contradictory vows. He was still a queens guard and went back to uphold his vow, and that is what Brienne writes in the book at the end. I think it makes his ending more tragic, he came close to redemption but the system brought him back down.
  5. Praecautus

    Books vs Show: How much difference?

    I think same ending and the journey will be similar in a large brush strokes kind of way. Certain parts will come over better
  6. Praecautus

    The purpose of R+L=J?

    To throw the reader off course
  7. Praecautus

    The Ending Was very conventional

    The convention of the ending is down to point of view. In some ways it’s possible to argue that it was an unconventional fantasy ending. Multiple Prophecies which were red herrings Bran is potentially the end point of a grand conspiracy Hidden heir to the throne doesn’t get the throne (x2) abrupt ending of the nights king (assuming he appears in the books) No one obvious hero The wheel is broken, that wheel was the iron throne and what it represented. I am sure there are more
  8. Hi long time lurker and first time poster. Just watched the finale last night and knowing the end won’t change my opinion of the books. It’s the journey that matters, we’ve all read books multiple times - we all know about Winston and rats, Frodo and the ring, Piggy, etc but we still go back and enjoy it al the more. If anything my respect for what has come before book-wise has increased. I went into the finale having read the spoilers and spent the week or so before randomly browsing the books and sites. that ending is there, and there is a lot of fun to be had finding the clues across all the books.