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  1. I gave it very generous 3. It was not as bad as the last two episodes, but I hoped the finale would give the plots meaning. I cant' find anything about Winterfell plot to make any sense. Last week I remembered that D&D had to change the pilot completely. I wish they will do the same with the last two seasons.
  2. When they return to the Wall and Daenarys is standing in an observation tower on top of Wall. We can a vast forest.
  3. Raven Banner

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 706?

    I agree. I liked season 1-5. 6 had some flaws that irritated me. But this season has been a disaster in plot, logic and acting. episode 3 is imo the best in this season. Next episode has to be very good to keep me hyped about season 8. Perhaps D&D will manage for all the storylines to make sense, I just can't see how. Sometimes I think of the TV-show as A Walking Dead spin off.