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  1. I know people will disagree with me, but i don`t think adaption needs to be that faithful to the books. As far as i am concerned the books and the adaption is set in two different universes.
  2. My God i apologize, i seem to have made the grave error, and given an episode a different rating than you would. I will flog myself as punishment.
  3. GAME OF THRONES RATING Season 1 Average rating = 9,42-------------------------------------------------------------------Season 2 Average rating = 9.04-------------------------------------------------------------------Season 3 Average rating = 9,14-------------------------------------------------------------------Season 4 Average rating = 9,47-------------------------------------------------------------------Season 5 Average rating = 8,87-------------------------------------------------------------------Season 6 Average rating = 8,96-------------------------------------------------------------------Season 7 Average rating = 8,8-------------------------------------------------------------------Season 8 Average rating = 6,03--------------------------------------------------------------------Average rating of Game of Thrones =8,795----------------------------------------------------------------------Ranking of seasons --------------------------------------------------------------------Ranking of Episodes --------------------------------------------------------------------What my ratings means 10 : Perfect9-9.9 : Fantastic8-8.9 : Brilliant7-7.9 : Very Good6-6.9 : Good5.5.9 : Mediocre4-4.9 : Bad3-3.9 : Very Bad2-2.9 : Terrible1-1.9 : Awful------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  4. According to Bruce Willis the star of the movie its not a Christmas movie. So its not a christmas movie.
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