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  1. Feologild

    Has it all gone quiet since the TV show finished?

    Its to be expected the site is more quiet, i mean the tv show is over and G.R.R Martin is never going to finish the books. But of course i have never been that active i only visit the site once in a while. I have been her for almost 4 years and only written a 140 posts.
  2. Feologild

    How did you pick your screen name?

    Feologild is the name of a medieval Archbishop of Canterbury who died in 832. I think its a cool name so i took it as my username
  3. Feologild

    How would you have ended it?

    I don`t really mind how it ended.
  4. Feologild

    Season 8 no longer rotten in Rotten Tomatoes

    I just watched season 8 and honestly i did not think it was that bad, i found it to be rushed but its not even close in being as bad as some people claim.
  5. Feologild

    Why didn’t Cersei do much in Season 8?

    Because the writers of the show did not give her much to do.
  6. Feologild

    If the books are ever completed would you love a movie ?

    A movie would be pointless.
  7. Feologild

    Game of Thrones character poll

    35 Male Jon Snow Joffery At least on the show, i have not read the book. And i will not start to read them until the last two books are published.
  8. The coming together of ice and fire is Jon as his mother was ice and his father was fire.
  9. Feologild

    How often have you cracked your phone?

  10. My guess is that the last scene we will see of Game of Throne is Jon as Aegon Targaryen sitting down on the iron throne as ruler of Westeros. And than the camera will fall back and leave the throne room and the door will close. And than the credits will come And that is how i predict it will end. I could be wrong, i probably am but that is my guess.
  11. Feologild

    Jon's bride if Daenerys dies

    Well that would just be a terrible way to end it.
  12. Feologild

    Jon's bride if Daenerys dies

    I think Daenerys will die in either episode 5 or episode 6. So i don`t think Jon will marry her, Also i can`t see them going on as a couple when they are told that they are aunt and nephew. Which i think should happen in the first episode. So even if Daenerys does not die in the show i don`t think a marriage between Jon and Daenerys will happen. My guess is that he will not get married at all.
  13. Feologild

    Book & Show

    I view the show as its set in a alternative universe to the books.
  14. I just want to see her die.