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  1. i haven't read *all* 17 pages, so this may be on here already.... i get a very 'Secret Garden' (by Frances Hodgson Burnett) feel about Sansa and Robert. Sansa is somewhat like Mary Lennox, in that she was a spoiled girl from a high family who has lost her parents. She was sent away to Misselthwaite Manor where for a while she is left mostly to the whims of Mrs. Medlock (Septa Mordane being a combo of Medlock and Ayah). I think Sansa's time at the Red Keep is similar to the time Mary is left under Ayah's care in India. Robert is like Colin Craven, a lonely isolated boy who is petulant and sickly. They are thrown together and wind up becoming friends. At first, Mary isn't a huge fan of Colin because he's such a pain. But after a time she grows to pity and eventaully really care for Colin. Mary (well, and Dickon, but I don't see anyone mirroring that role) nurses Colin back to health against everyone's direction, as the entire house thought him to be crippled beyond help. As Mary helped Colin while Mr. Craven was away, so too will Sansa help Robert while Littlefinger is away working his plans and whatnot. coincidence that Sansa calls Robert 'Sweetrobin' and it was a robin that showed Mary where the door to the garden is? There. Now I've posted it here, too.
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