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  1. That doesn't seem remotely acurate. After all daemon led the fight in the riverlands and lured cole and aemond to harrenhall so that he could fly to KL unoposed. In adition, it was daemon that had the contacts in KL that allowed the blacks to conquer it. Rhaenyra at most was responsable to send her sons to the lords of the realm in order to negotiate their support, but it is undeniable that daemon was responsable for the war effort at the start. I have no idea where you even came up with rhaenyra doing much until she conquered KL...
  2. Isn't it more of a choice between daemon and otto? Because they were the ones that were really in charge in the beguining of the war. And between the 2 daemon is definetly the most inspiring and more balanced (capable of good strategies and cruelty). And the blacks allies and rhaenyra's heirs are just better than the greens. The black's big problem is precisely rhaenyra that seems very incompetent.
  3. Then unless the ww are hiding bodies inside ice for thousands of years in order to preserve them it is irrelevant if they are at peace for 8000 years. Anything they have done beyhond a few hundred years just isn't relevant in regards to wights. On the other hand it will be very interesting to know more about the ww, how long they live and how they are born...
  4. This isn't exactly what I was talking about. We know that wights rot because jeor sent a hand of the wight jon killed to KL as proof and when it got there it was decomposed. At least I am pretty sure this happened in the books. What I meant to ask is if in order for a body to be wightified it needs muscles atached to bones. Because we know that in order for bodies to move they need muscle. And even in the cold after some years the flesh of dead things decomposes if they are moving around. That would mean that wights would have a expiration date. You can't have dead things exposed to the elements and expect them to last indefinetly!
  5. In regards to this, I would like to ask a question. Do the books describe the wights state of decomposition? Because while the show had skeletons without muscle moving around I don't know if that works in the books. And if the wights need to have some muscle and flesh atached to their bones then there is a limit to the number of years a dead body can work as a wight. On the other hand there are descriptions about the others using ice creatures and those things could be alive indefinetly. Another problem is that we don't know how ww are born or how long they survive. So even if there were 8000 years of peace then only the preparations done in the last years may have any use for the conflict.
  6. Nothing can be more stupid that danny knowing that the targs lost their dragons because they chained them and she decides to do the same and never tries to look for an alternative solution. She could have ofered rewards for valyrian book about dragon traning, asked for people that know about valyrian history and grrm even has the gall to say that the books danny had with her since the beguining are actually useful but she "kind of forgot" about them? I realy think it is hard not to think of danny as short sighted despite her best intentions...
  7. It is obviously much better than s8. And despite the wtf moments of bran's soul that I don't get it is full of unexpected turns, a bittersweet ending and actually feels fulfiling...
  8. I don't know if killing children brings you more problems than killing somebody else's familly members/loved ones. It isn't like anybody else besides the dornish are ready to go against the lannisters because of aegon and rhaenys... It didn't help? They rulled unopsed for 15 years... While rhaenys could be raised to marry robert's kids aegon either had to die or go to the NW. Being a ward is no solution. There would always be lords that would support him into fighting for the throne.
  9. When his country goes to war against another country and he lets his country soldiers die when he could have prevented it?
  10. You are confusing removing free will with defending the US and its allies. If the US is in a war against an enemy why shouldn't the supers help the US armed forces? Because one thing the show makes clear is that these aren't global heroes but american citzens that want to help their country. However, one thing very diferent is supers deciding a president is evil and acting against him. The code is there to prevent supers from being judge, jury and executioner. They must uphold human laws instead of trying to force their opinions on society. So yeah, not participating in ww2 was very weird.
  11. That is most of my problems with the show. It starts with a good idea but fails miserably to actually explore the themes it should. And another big problem is that after 90 years of fighting crime and supervillains most of the problems they face in the show would have appeared several times over the years. We aren't talking about heroes that just started saving the world. These guys have been doing it for longer than superman comics are around. Whatever mundane thing that could happen surelly has already hapened. And as you mentioned, the no killing code doesn't really make sense if supers are acepted and representatives of the justice department. We aren't talking about vigilantes. They can be held acountable for their actions just like any cop should. And they should also be forced to undertake some kind of course before being acepted in their supers league and be oficial crime fighters. Similarly to what happens with cops.
  12. I think this is wishfull thinking. As long as a kid with a claim against you exists he will eventually bring problems to you. Even if it the next generation someday people will use the kid's claim in order to raise against you. In a medieval world you either kill the kids, make them join orders like the NW or silent sisters or marry them into your house. Anything else just doesn't work.
  13. The first generation try to be decent people. However what I said is that most of their kids are portrayed as drug addict assholes. And the first and last episode are the only situations where the question is if they need to kill the villain in order to defeat him instead of wanting revenge as happens during the rest of the series. And what the originals agree is that it is better that they are alive instead of the villain while the question is if the dude could have done anything else to defeat the villain instead of killing him. That is something that utopian says and afterwards nobody cares about... They faced these problems and the majortiy of supers decided to keep to the code. And they want to break the code now because? The villains are more bad than in the last 90 years? They are more powerful? Are we suposed to believe that in 90 years a villain never took a hostage and utopian had to choose between killing the villain or losing the hostage? No they aren't. The show wants to raise doubt about the code because supers want to be able to kill out of revenge and anger instead of need. Even lady liberty is angry she didn't kill one villain after he killed one super. This is a very stupid and childish way to raise the question if supers should kill or no. There is no discussion about the problems of supers having political power. That even if they can kill they can't just kill every villain. That they must try every option before killing. That killing in anger is wrong. What could the dude in the first ep do besides killing the villain. And so much more...
  14. The morality dilema is pretty interesting but it is handled by people as bad as writing as D&D. They almost never show supers doubting if they should kill villains because they need. It usually is because someone from the young generation (who are portraied as drug addict dicks) wants to kill a villain out of revenge. I mean, if you want people to debate weather supers should kill people or not the very least you have to do is having the supers being half decent people... And having a cop saying that they should just kill all criminals also made 0 sense. It Isn t the way cops do things... Then I have no idea how anyone would be okay with supers having political power because of their powers. Are we supposed to believe anyone would want to live in a dictatorship because the leader has super powers? Another thing that annoyed me is that all their kids look to be around 20 despite the first supers being 90. How can it be nobody has middle aged kids? And how are there so many kids with super powers? Finally, utopian was really badly written. He alternates between being an asshole to someone like superman for no reason. And all the problems they are facing seem to be because utopian is out of touch with reality and the younger generation despite him being an active member of the super hero community. I have no idea why the problems they are facing would only appear after 90 years of being super heroes....
  15. This was incredibly dumb and short sighted. She is having problems being acepted in mereen because she is a foreigner that doesn't know their traditions and her solution is to marry a mereenese. However her final goal is westeros where she is seen as a foreigner that doesn't know the westerosi traditions! She will face the same problems in westeros in adition to being married to a random dude from mereen. I am starting to think that most of danny's problems are that she was shor sighted and didn't worry about the future when making decisions. Like for example how long she decided to keep her daliance with daario. Did she really think she can have a lover until her wedding and then keep the dude around and her husband and his men will accept it? That it won't spread bad rumors about her everywhere?
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