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  1. But even if you like the last 2 books if someone asked you to do summaries about them you would need few pages. At this point in time quality wise they are inferior to the first 3 because the plot basically doesn t move forward. It is like grrm hit the brakes on the story and decided to do a lot of slice of life... However, if the books end up being crucial to understand stuff that happens in the last books their quality will increase. It will all depend on how grrm writes the next books. I think everybody expected some kind of anouncement in 2020 given grrm declaration of reading the book in a convention in august. Besides the pandemic that freed a lot of grrm time. I have no idea in how many projects grrm is involved, but I think everybody should be aware that with hollywod restarting he will be busy because of the pandemic delays. Either he finishes the book in a short while or it will take him at least another couple of years.
  2. This is one of the biggest failures of the show. Something like the LOTR movies created a fandom and people watched those movies yearly for 10 to 15 years. LOTR became a simbol for fatansy projects and made people want to read the books despite knowing the story from the movies. GOT did the exact oposite. It killed it fandom. Very few people want to re-watch the show. At most it became a symbol about what not to do. And if it brought more fans for the books it is people that hope the book story is diferent than the show. However, on the whole I would risk that more people lost interest in the books overall.
  3. And I think this is exactly the current problem with hollywood. Wether the stories and filming are good one of the first things to be discussed by everybody is the genre, color and all those things related to the people involved in the project. People even defend that critics of the movies/series are based on personal opinions about feminism, racism and whatever... We are getting to a pretty toxic level where noone is satisfied. It is sad that ww was one of those projects where this problem didn t happen. Both sides liked the first movie. However, like it has happened in so many other projects now one side prefers to say that the critics are related to personal biases instead of acepting or dealing wtih the critics. Imagine if people defended the first season of iron fist because it had a white male main character...
  4. What are you trying to say? That all the criticism of the film is because the main character is a women?
  5. when does house of the dragon air? I imagine the months prior to that, during the show airing and after it airs will be very time consuming for him. I am not even taking into account whatever other crap he is involved with. If he doesn t complete winds before hollywod takes his time again I think it will be years before he finishes the book.
  6. I don t agree with this. I think people hated the ending (last season) because the journey to get there made people want certain things to happen that didn t happen. If in the books the journey is different then people will accept some things from the ending of the show easier. HOWEVER, just from the journey so far (book story) there are a lot of things that happened in the show that I can't ever see myself liking. I think affc and adwd weren t really poor books. They were filler books that were suposed to set things up for what happens next and to expose how character lead with certain problems. Once more books come out they are supposed to become better. For example, we now have a good idea of what danny, jon, cersei and euron are able to do as rulers. We will probably have the same information about faegon pretty soon. However, if he intends to end the series in 2 books and the ending is simillar to the show then I will probably hate the book. Here I completly agree. If he didn t finish winds this year then I have no idea if he will ever finish it. Besides the lockdown hollywod was basically put on hold. He had very little to do besides writting winds...
  7. I think the objective was to show that he died and the sword fell because of that.
  8. I have no idea what they were thinking when they wrote this season. Everybody hated the iceland arc so they decided to do another useless iceland v2.0 plot with america this time. I would like to know how many times king harold has been defeated, imprisioned, left for dead and the dude always comes back. I just can t stand the character anymore! Then I might be wrong but didn t the traillers promote a bjorn vs the russians and ivar? Some redemption for the viking for chosing a king they didn t really want? If they were going to do what they did this season why don t fucking do more 1 ep last season? Honestly without bjorn they were left without any leader I cared about... In regards to the show returning to england. I understand the idea. I would even say it makes sense. But why did they make this russian confict instead of making this last fight with england bigger? Ah! And how weird is the relation between ivar and the brother that wsa with him? The dude hated ivar! He went insane because of how ivar treated him! and now he was crying over his death and converting? why?
  9. I don t think theon can rule the IB and anyone that him wouldn t chose him as their leader. Don t forget we are talking about someone that looks like an old man, traumatized, without some fingers and probably an eunuch. I can't see IB wanting to follow someone like him. I think it is much more likely that the IB will renouce their independance and form an alliance with the north via asha. There are plenty of IB in the north, they still have some castle and the northmen do need men for their army against the others. Besides, IB would be useful to comand the fleet the manderlys have been building.
  10. I laughed really hard at this! Don t you think it makes more sense for dorkstar to try to steal dawn given that he is a dayne and thinks he is the best thing ever? And AH could still be a pov for this and we could have a mini story about someone more worthy trying to get the sword back from dorkstar.
  11. If we assume that sam won t spend years studying at oldtown then it is very likely that he will become the euron pov. Don t forget that there is something hidden in oldtown that the faceless want so euron might also be after that. I wouldn t be surprised if sam ends up being involved with euron because of this. Either because sam will spend a lot of time runing from euron in order to protect said item or because he will be caught early on it makes sense that their stories will be linked.
  12. If I am not mistaken marwyn is also traveling with aemon's corpse right? In adition there might be an influx of wildling slaves that might reach mereen and be another source of information about the others. If grrm wants he has planted seeds to change danny's path drastically. On the other hand grrm dropped the ball on the long night. The north is still completly unprepared to deal with the others and bran still isn t even ready to investigate the past and find things about the others, AA or lightbringer. In regards to the second dance, I think it can happen at the same time as the preparations for the long night. After all if the north rebels in preparation for the long night whoever wants to be king would see the north as an enemy... The only way to actually have the story end in 7 books is to have jon and danny ally (probably marriage) as soon as she gets to westeros. This way we can have a Dance and preparations for the long night happening at the same time. On the other hand aegon would be the one to deal with the lannisters before the second dance beguins and I have no idea what euron will end up doing...
  13. What I said is. After season 7 did you think it was possible for bran to become king? If I am not mistaken he even says he can t be the lord of anything because he is the 3er... If you are grrm and want the ending of GoT to be similar to your books wouldn t you pressure HBO and D&D to make sure certain things happen like bran ending as king? So how many of the endings we saw are a result of D&D inability to create a story that fits grrm demands for s8?
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