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  1. divica

    Smudge: Martin's latest POV

    I hope that rumur about him writing the script is fake. Otherwise grrm simply doesn t care about asoiaf fans. He lies to us all the time and now is putting as many projects as he can find between him and working on winds... It is better to just say he has no plans to work on winds as of now instead of these constant lies that the book might be published every year...
  2. divica

    The Ultimate Winds of Winter Resource

    F&B 1 isn even anounced yet and he already said it wil be published before winds...
  3. divica

    Upcoming TV Series of 2018 - Your most anticipated shows

    Will troy stream all the episodes at once?
  4. divica

    The Ultimate Winds of Winter Resource

    As grrm said that F&B1 will be released in the end of 2018 or beguining of 2019 and now that it will be released before TWoW I don t see how winds can be released in 2018. Even if F&B is released slightly earlier it doesn t make sense to expect TWoW this year. Both grrm and his publisher know that a lot of fans won t like that grrm releases a new book instead of writing winds and that F&B would sell much better if it was released shortly after winds... I don t think it makes sense to hurt the sales of F&B so that it is published a few months before winds... I might be completly wrong, but I think there will be several months between F&B1 and winds.
  5. divica

    Full frontal Star Wars - D&D Strike Back

    I think that the whole conversation is fundamentaly wrong. If you said that the directors were chosen because they are white ot that there are better qualified black men for the job I would completly agree. The problem is that it isn t what you are saying. You are saying that among equally skilled people the histocally descriminated should be chosen because previously all directors were white. THAT is simply wrong for me. You should chose the directors based on their qualifications and not their skin or gender. If white men are always the right choice then they should be hired and people shouldn t raise problems. It is like the oscars. People crticize tha there weren t black people nominated but very few people said that a black person should be nominated because he/she performed better than one of the nominees.
  6. divica

    Full frontal Star Wars - D&D Strike Back

    I simply don t agree. The perspective depends on the environment a person was raised. There are certainly black people that think as the stereotype white man and vice versa. If you are looking for diversity you can t look simply to the color of a person. The important thing is the culture in which they were raised. Otherwise you are judging people by their looks intead of who they are and THAT is always wrong!
  7. divica

    Full frontal Star Wars - D&D Strike Back

    When the color of people's skin is a factor in interesting people who should be hired to do a job then there is something wrong... I am not acusing you of anything, but it is one thing that you should pay atention.
  8. divica

    Full frontal Star Wars - D&D Strike Back

    Ep 3 was pretty good. Besides the acting the big problem I remember people having with the prequels is that the root of the conflict was boring. However the action is light years better than the sequels. We actually had tons of jedi fights and several sith vs jedi fights. I will never understand how someone does a star wars episode without a clash between lightsabers and people think it is a good star wars film.... it can be a lot of things, but a star wars episode it is not!
  9. divica

    The Ultimate Winds of Winter Resource

    The thing is martin's last prediction is that F&B would be published near the end of 2018 or beguining of 2019. This makes it nearly impossible for grrm to publish winds within the next 12 months. In adition martin's publicity comittments for F&B and got's last season plus his involvement in the prequels and his other tv shows will ocupy much of his time in 2019...
  10. divica

    The Ultimate Winds of Winter Resource

    What shocks me is that he knows he won t publish winds for another year (12 months). Unless he publishes F&B much earlier than expected... We went from grrm thinking he might be able to finish winds to grrm knowing he wont be able to do it in a year...
  11. divica

    The Ultimate Winds of Winter Resource

    I am shocked. That means we probably won t have winds before 2020 or 2021 because in 2019 he will be advertising F&B, saying goodbye to got and preparing the sequels. I doubt he will have much time to write... Rip asoiaf =(
  12. However in the real world TLJ did 2/3 of TFA box office and user reviews everywhere are much much lower than critics reviews. The people that liked the movie are the ones that make up all kind of theories and arguments to try to.convince people the movie was a huge success when it wasn t.
  13. divica

    Aegon is Faegon

    My personal theory is that varys is a blackfyre and was castrated because of that. So when young castrated varys and young ilirio met each other they noticed they looked like each other (valyrian features). So varys and ilirio decided to change their parents (ilirio becomes the son of varys parents) and decide to lie to the golden company and convince them ilirio is a blackfyre. So aegon can be illirio's son and don t be a blacfyre
  14. divica

    Aegon is Faegon

    I think you are being influenced by danny fanatics that think danny shits gold and trumples over all wrongs in the world. In the actual story in the books danny basically lost. She had to marry someone she didn t like, open the figting pits and see slavery just outside meereen. The only thing that should have happened to her and didn t is the unsillied and supporters she shamed into helping the sick havent gotten sick yet.
  15. divica

    Military Strengths and More!

    The big question is if stannis is down to 500 knights or 500 fighting men (because of stannis saying he has 500 swords as good as massey in theon's chapter). To me he has 500 knights so his total soutern army would be a little less than 1000 soldiers. Maybe 800 or 900... But.if you find text supporting the 500 fighting men I am ok with it... However, with the upcoming battle stannis is at least 6 days from winterfell and we know his army spent 1 more night in simillar conditions to the night they lost 80 men (previous night to theon's chapter). So stannis will still lose a lot of men. I don t think he can only have 500 total.