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  1. Historically I can agree. But it was a great episode. It is the kind of episode I wanted to see in GOT when a big battle happens...
  2. Don t forget that Sansa also practiced bigamy given that there never was an anulement of her marriage with tyrion...
  3. divica

    TWOW in July 2020 seems ever more likely

    If he doesnt hit his deadline I think it is because the influence of GOT. People's reaction to the last season must have made him change his plans and now he is lost. Because 1 year ago he seemed pretty positive about the books. I think he had to be almost done with winds.
  4. That crap iscompletly inadaptable. Ciri not only is abused by a older girl as she falls in love with her. Then her father wants to have sex with her and the whole war ends because she cries… The evil sorcerer wants to impregnate ciri and has a machine for that... D&D are probably the last people I would chose to adapt the witcher...
  5. I think people will only study s8. No matter what problems we have with the series the last season achieved something that nobody thought possible. Despite all the problems with the previous seasons GOT was the biggest show ever and was loved by millions. Season 8 was able to ruin not only the ending but the entire series! More than half of the people that watched it now hate the series and the rest tolerates the ending. It nearly killed the GOT franchise. D&D got fired from star wars and after several years we sitll don t know what their new project is. I don t know if s8 of GOT wasn t really the worst final season in tv history...
  6. I think her s5 arc could have worked if it was better thought. Like having littlefinger give her to the boltons on porpose so that he can tell cersi that the boltons have her and get cersi's approval to invade the north and obtain more power for himself... They should have had sweetronin killed and put Harry in control of the vale alongside littlefinger. Then when Sansa is rescued her story could be about her and Harry marrying and getting control of the vale and joining it to the north and getting rid of LF... Sansa's problem is that she lost her story in s5 and from there she kind of became a parasite that feeds of other characters stories with her actions making very little sense. But that is also one of the biggest differences between D&D and grrm. The books shine when pov characters get together while after s4/5 the series sucks when pov characters get together. They can t write a complex story...
  7. divica

    TWOW in July 2020 seems ever more likely

    If you want to stretch things and take into account some technological evolution I would say he has until the end of April. So at most 2 months and something...
  8. divica

    Was Robb drugged?

    This is a huge oversimplification that just misguides people. I don t know anything about the spicer females, but are you implying that they use love potions for 4 generations? They would need a witch in the familly to do a magic potion… She wouldn t be alive for 4 generations... If they had the power to make love potions couldn t they have married better than a minor house in 3 generations? Those witchy spicers couldn t marry a lannister that is pretty close to them? It sounds like a waste of love potions... Robb's marriage is not misterious. It can be easilly explained… So can the others? Personally have no idea and would need some kind of evindece besides you saying so... Another important thing is that jeyne actually loved robb and from what I remember she was still sufering with his death. would she love someone that doesn t love her back or is starting to lose interest in her? I am asking this because there are some theories that the potion was starting to lose effect...
  9. It is amazing how vikings can do a much better battle than what we saw in the last seasons of GOT with much less Money. Despite all the problems with the story this last ep of vikings did what GOT should have been able to do. There is a huge battle, tragedy, abuse, tactics, the enemies talk to each other, wow moments, revelations, surprises… honestly, in terms of large scale battle only the battle of blackwater can compete with this episode of vikings...
  10. I think it makes sense that both arya and sansa don t like danny. From their perspective she is a foreign ruler with thousands of barbarians that rape and enslave people, a slave army and 3 dragrons that is demanding the northern allegiance... It would be weird if they liked her (and dont confuse young and inocent arya with the older arya). However they shouldn t be so bitchy, stupid and open about their dislike... I wouldn t have liked it, but I think if they just commited to make sansa, bran and arya the end villains then it could have been a good story. They have reasons to not like targs or people that because of dragons have the ability to be absolute rulers of westeros. They could have agreed to plot against danny and in the end bran (now 3er) could have betrayed them and also ploted against jon so that he could be the king. And in the end jon basicaly hates his familly for what they did to danny and either exiles or kills himself (I would prefer if he decides to run away to someplace to raise his and danny's kid in secret and be done with westeros). While this isn t the type of story I liked at least it would be a story that makes sense...
  11. Season 8 was a disaster for some reason... Hell, I think it will end up going down in history as tv's biggest disaster. We are at a point when grrm is giving interviews saying his books will have a different ending (how much pressure must people have put on him for him to publicaly say that?). Several prequels were canceled. The prequel that is still going on will air 3 years after got ended! Three fucking years! It certainly isn t hoping to use GOT's momentum... People think hbo is a joke with no control over its projects. D&D were fired from star wars and after all this time we have no idea what their next project is... There was a petition with 2 million signatures to rewrite the season... And I am even starting to think grrm is rewriting portions of twow because his window to announce the book before the new zeeland's thing is almost over...
  12. The problem isn t just that season 8 is very bad. Is how it screws up the history of previous seasons. Mel's whole behavior with Stannis after seeing Arya would kill the NK makes no sense. Bran's story makes no sense... What was the point of him becoming the 3er? Why ressurect jon? The NK only crossed the wall because he got a dragon and neither dragons or targs were useful to kill him... What was the point of the ptwp appearing in several seasons? What was the point of the faceless men? Arya changing faces was completly useless.. And this is just what I remember at the moment. Season 8 destroys a lot of the previous seasons... The season can make the entire series trash. That is a great feat
  13. divica

    The Witcher: Evil is Evil

    In the final ep I bet they used the same extras several times. Some people must have died more than once in that ep... OH GOD. Please no. Just no no no no no no no. SERIOUSLY NO! Diverging from how awful the latter books are. Is sapkowski forbiden from writting witcher books in a timeline after the events of "the lady of the lake" becaue of his agreement for the games? And even to write this new book did he need to talk with the game company?
  14. divica

    The Witcher: Evil is Evil

    I Don t get how they can be classics... As I showed you in the previous post they are full of incoherences...by any honest standard the latter books of the series are just bad... Maybe the short stories are the classics...
  15. divica

    The Witcher: Evil is Evil

    I have no idea why they even filmed the big battle in the first ep. It is so bad it only damages the series... We could simply have the queen and a few knights running from the enemy army and arriving at the castle and tell they lost the battle...