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  1. I Don t know if that statement is really important... It really depends on what expectations he is thinking about... It is obvious he can t make all readers 100% happy... However he also shouldn t do stupid shit that almost nobody likes just because he likes it.... The difference between garbage and art is very thin and is basically how people feel about something. If 90% of his readers hate the ending of the story then it becomes garbage...
  2. divica

    Do you like Feast and Dance?

    I think they are different books from the first 3. As a first read they aren't that great but they are really good retreads. I think their worth will be decided on how important they are to the events in the last books. Because if the end is similar to the TV series then these 2 books become really bad.
  3. Honnestly, I Don t think it is a huge problem for the industry to make changes when it adapts books. What is good and works in a book doesn t necessarily work in tv/cinema. For example, in a book we pay much more attention to details, descriptions, names and the plots can be very complex. In tv/cinema we tend to pay more attention to the visuals and forget/ignore details we only hear about... And I won t even start on time division... To me the important thing is to have a coherent story. And despite all its flaws LOTR is coherent. Even the hobbit is coherent despite being garbage. Both this movies are watchable and can be a cult. GOT isn t coherent. That is its biggest flaw... I can t watch something that I know doesn t make sense... I can t theorize or spend time thinking about it... And to add salt to injury the conclusion to most of the stories in GOT was awful. This season gave the fans absolutely nothing...
  4. He can rationalize and accept a lot of things but he shouldn t lose his integrity. Any reporter that wanted to embarrass him only has to use his comments about lost and then compare it to GOT... Hells, I have no idea why no one in the media made a big deal about this
  5. Taking into account his opinion of Lost him praising GOT is just sad... It reeks of selling himself to hollywood
  6. It is in pre cancelation phase? But Disney will release each of their movies with 2 or 3 years of interval?
  7. One of the things that is also really strange is how relieved everybody interviewed seems to be that they finished GOT. I don t think that is normal... And besides bad writing I think they have really bad taste. Most of their ideas are really really bad! Dorne, cock jokes, sansa's last seasons, arya and bran's new personalities, euron, how they handled r+l=j, danny, jon's resurection… The more we talk about it the more really bad ideas we see... Netflix still has a lot of content. Until other streaming services start siphoning some of its contentes netflix will remain strong. At most this deal will ruin some mega project and give a headstart to amazon and Disney+...
  8. That is one of the things I Don t understand. If D&D were so great wouldn t HBO do everything in their power to keep them? Doesn t anybody care for the quality of their work? How people criticized got more as D&D wrote original material? How hated they are at the moment?
  9. The truth is that HBO is the one that is loosing a lot of money with merchandising, has a new series in GOT universe that now nobody knows how it will be received, has to deal with the bad publicity and anger this season created and D&D have 2 new mega projects...
  10. Isn t this from a very old interview? I could swear he said something similar a long time ago
  11. divica

    The problem with Bran being king narrative wise

    Has he done really all of that? The problem is that he doesn t have targ blood... The claim to the IT mostly comes from that... Another big problem is who would support bran? Very few kingdoms have reasons to do it...
  12. divica

    Bumping for TWOW V5

    I think if the book is very different from the show it will have great sales. The problem is if it is similar... Then I think the interest in asoiaf will diminish a lot... Like A LOT! I think he should worry if people feel burned because they think the book is going the same way as the show... I Don t think people will want to read a story that they know they hate the end. Even if he delivers the ending in a much better way the fact is that the show already made people hate that ending... People are already prejudiced against it...
  13. divica

    The problem with Bran being king narrative wise

    I think it was an accidental consequence that bran became evil in the show. D&D didn t realize that bran must be evil because most of his actions led to horrible scenarios that only benefited him. So the series kind of portrays bran as a villain even if D&D didn t realize that while filming. Another thing nobody is talking about. If bran cares about being king why didn t the previous 3er do something to save his family and keep them in power? Making the 3er care about mundane things will create a lot of problems in the story... We can t forget that bloodraven did everything he could to help the targs before joining the NW...
  14. holly cow! HBO refused to air the inside the episode for the last episode. It seems there are proof...
  15. divica

    The problem with Bran being king narrative wise

    I think so many things have to happen to make narrative sense to have bran king that it is impossible to do it. First and foremost he needs a leadership arc and I just don t see it happening… It would need to happen in winds and nobody with a sane mind would follow a cripple boy into the biggest war humanity has seen since the last long night. He simply doesn t have the skills to lead the north (no militar training, no political training, no training in negotiations…) and is still a minor. Acording to grrm without this leadership arc it doesn t make sense for him to end up as king... Then there are all those cons against him being king like he doesn t have a claim, there are better options, he is still a kid, cant have kids, religion and whatever people can think of. There are a lot of cons... To end, I don t think him doing a fantastical feat to save mankind will make him an aceptable choice to be king. While it might eliminate some of the cons against him becoming king there are still a lot of facts against him like his religion, age, incapacity to have kids, inexperience and lack of claim that he simply can t change only because he is powerful...