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  1. I don't know if I agree with your arguments about Ned. Technically he lost his head because he was the only one behaving with honor no matter the consequences. Don t forget why Cersei is able to arrest him in the first place. His allies betrayed him not because he was being good but because Ned's course of action wasn t beneficial to them. I also have no idea how Jorah went from a psycho stalker to a father figure in the show...
  2. GRRM probably has some contract that forces HBO to make a spin off series as payment for him not trashing GOT even after it ended. It is kind of the only explanation for grrm still being so nice to HBO after GOT putting him in an awful situation regarding the books.
  3. I think here resides the problem I find in the theories of most people. I am sorry but if the freefolk end the story returning north hating the rest of westeros and divided it would be a shit ending. The conflict between the wildlings and westerosi is one of the oldest conficts in the story and they are the ones that will be most hurt by the others. At the end of the story the wildlings will need to evolve into something that can be accepted by westerosi standards in order for this conflict to end and new age to begin. And I am not saying they will become kneelers, but they surely can t remain rapists, murderers and kidnapers. They can t go on to live in a miserable place with awfull weather and horrible living conditions. Then it is pretty clear that the north at the end of the story will be completly diferente from the north at the beguining of the story. Several noble houses are pratically extinct, all northmen will be war veterans full of traumas, the clans and other more underdeveloped people will be more important than they were, the old gods will rise in importance, Some IB will probably remain there... Honeslty, I see jon becoming king of this new north full of hard men that believe in the old gods and that were United by him to fight the others and now need to remain United to survive winter. Otherwise he should either die or become something like coldhands ranging north of the Wall protecting the realms of men for ever. Him becoming king behond the Wall is just plain stupid. Jon would hate to live with a group of rapists, kidnapers, murderers, uneducated canibals. I am sorry, but people thinking jon wants to rule these people as they are is stupid… And I am not even mentioning that they should want to return to their frozen lands when they have fought so hard to gain lands in westeros...
  4. Another important thing you should take into account is the time line. It is very likely that the battle of mereen should have been handled before danny's last chapter but was transported to winds. And therefore barristan is the only person keeping mereen in order. Without him tyrion's sellsword's company probaly wouldn t even stay there because the city would fall into chaos. Until someone capable of ruling mereen in his stead appears he just can t die.
  5. I would be more impressed if he was voluntaring for being kept in new zeeland until he finishes the book… If you think grrm is always scraping things from winds then how much might he have rewritten after GOT8? We might never see the book!
  6. No book in the short term future. I wouldn t disregard him finishing until december if he stays in quarentine
  7. Doesn t mean he might not deliver winds much earlier. Honestly, if he doesn't finish it before is other projects are restarted after this covid break then we can forget about the book. He will be too occupied bringing his other projects up to date to write the book...
  8. I agree that would be the worst possible scenario. And not forget the hundreds of manuscript pages from adwd and affc that he pushed into twow. They meant that he will release 2 books now (winds being a 2 volume book). So that he onle has to release 1 more book to finish the story after this
  9. But with covid his side projects are on hold and he is focused on winds. The whole post seems to say that he is writing at a fast pace and he doesn t want to stop for now. That is pretty positive. Almost as positive as when he said he wanted to have winds when he visited the world con...
  10. What I take from here is that as long as the covid threat is around he can write 1 chapter within a few days. So if this keeps up until next year I can see him finishing the book within a few months. So something good can come up from this covid mess...
  11. I think you are completly off the mark. The big event you are forgetting completly is Disney's approach to The last jedi. They tried to do the same thing to GOT and it completly backfired. The unexpected twists that Don t make sense, the super female heroine (Arya), the visuals over story... And they were fired from SW because both got and TLJ failed for the same reasons. So Disney had no interest in hiring people that represent what they needed to change in SW. I have very few doubts that if GOT was shot 1 year earlier or later then the result would have been very diferent
  12. I really dislike that way of thinking. If the NW continues then it must evolve. Why have an order that only cares about one threat to mankind that only appears sporadically? There are so many wrongdoings that the NW could be fighting... Slavery, mad religions, cruel lords... To me the NW must become some knight order like the Templars or teutonic knights that acted outside of any country's king power. It is something that is clearly lacking in westeros...
  13. Where is the relation between fainting and problems breathing? People faint because of several reasons. And we are in jon's head so we know he doesn t have problems breathing, talking and doesn t have acute pain that a severe hound causes in his neck. And jon is so shocked that he disarmed 1 dude and tried to take his weapon out... He is pretty aware of things... Just because you want it to be a deadly wound doesn t make it so. All evidence points the other way... As you said nobody's cause of death is daggers… And given that mel knew he was going to be in danger of dying there are very good probabilities of some magic rescue… The longer he remains alive the higher are his chances of being healed. Seriously, you just decided that jon is dead and ignore everything else that doesn t suit that narrative... You do know jon is surrounded by people right? That the wildling he named trainer for the new recruits is pretty close because he was trying to calm wun wun? There are dozens of people that might intervene after they realize jon is being attacked. We are talking about the lord comander being attacked! Even queensmen might want to save the LC. Hell, the fucking giant might try to help jon because if you read the story you would know they spend a lot of time talking... Talking to you sometimes feels like you don t know the story. You decide something and ignore everything else. Even if people point out what you are forgeting you just continue ignoring it. This is literature, so if a character receives a fatal wound he describes it as a scratch? No pain or other efects? It is a scratch, faint and death… Does this sound good to you? Poison isn t na explanation because it doesn t fit your wishes. We have a neck wound described as a scratch that doesn t cause pain, breathing problems or talking problems but that for some reason you know was very severe against all logic. Then we have jon that doesn t feel dizzy, have double vision, weakness, trouble standing or other common simptoms I relate to bloodloss. His hands became stiff and clumsy We can justify the stiffness with the cold, but if jon's only other simptoms are clumsiness then it just is much more likely related to poison than bloodlosss. We have no reason to believe the first stab wound caused a severe bloodloss but on the other hand a scratch of a poisoned blade can perfectly explain his simptoms... Between going against what is described in the book and looking for an explanation that jon doesn t contradict what is more likely? It is obvious that the dagger stabed jon. But given the clothes he must be wearing it should also be ovious that a big part of the length of the daggers couldn t harm him. Even in the show we see the kind of clothes people are wearing in that climate. they are very thick… It is once again a pain that it doesn t fit with the scenario you created but the stabings just can t be as severe as they would be in normal situations... And we aren t talking about a well tought assassination. This was a desperate attack done by stewards that aren t fighters. seriously? is there a point in comenting this?
  14. But he does talk and doesn t mention having problems doing it. And there is no problem breathing. IT doesn t fit with a severe neck wound. It sounds exactly like the oposite... People don t die from daggers. They die from blodloss, organ failure, etc... Whatever problem jon might face will be minimized by his body being in a very low temperature. Unless we have a fatal atack like a knife to the heart or decapitation it is very unlikely that he will have a fast death. And I am pretty sure the book said 4 daggers hit him. Otherwise there could be a line " and he didn t even feel the following daggers" instead of the 4th... Poison is the most likely explanation. No neck wound would cause fainting from bloodloss within seconds without causing other simptoms first. Like dificulty in breathing, in talking and probably pain. Jon doesn t experience any of these... And the stab wound between the shoulder blades might be lethal or the least problematic because it could have hit bone and not hurt anything. We don t even know how problematic the second stab wound was because we don t know what jon was wearing. Imagine he had 10cm thickness in clothes (wich given the weather isn t that strange) then a dagger could never get very deep. Are you really saying that ghost dying won t be a real and meanigfull sacrífice to jon? Realy!?
  15. I don t think there will be a huge diference in the ruling sistem. It doesn t make sense... But I hope people will change a lot. North of the neck will be filled with people sick of war, less civilized, mourning, refugees and that follow the old gods (at lest not the 7) so I can see them forming their kingdom (basically the north, wildlings and maybe ironborn). I can even see them adopting something similar to a kingsmoot to chose their ruler. I wouldn t it strange if jon ends up in charge of a place like this at least for a while. On the other hand the south will be traumatized with the lannisters, fake and true targs, maybe greyscale, the apearance of monsters they thought were legends, dragons… I could see them seting for faegon that looks like what they want in a king. They don t care anymore if he really a targ or no as long as he is sane, follow their gods, looks pretty and rules well.
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