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  1. The clansmen don 't have big stores and it is a bit unclear if the wildlings and clansmen are really enemies. And what do small villages matter for thousands of wildlings? No matter what arguments you use there is no reason not to attack CB that is a few days away from them. And they can even win reinforcements when other wildlings see them... Actualy theon 1 ends with the clansmen wanting to talk to stannis. They can want to go home. And probably that is their wish. And with farya freed and their present conditions there is no reason to attack winterfell. Exactly. I am just saying they have to be near the wall when the weeper breaches through. Otherwise a big area of the north is lost and we havo no idea how long it would take to regain control or if the boltons or manderlys would be able to do it.
  2. Quentin tried to prove he had enough targ blood to tame a dragon. As he failed he was a false dragon. And a false dragon is no dragon at all... In regards to varys he can well be a blackfyre descendant. That makes him a dragon. On the whole I think that those association just work very well with the way the vision is described. The pyre was a special ocasion. Grrm has said she isn t fireproof. And there is no real reason to waste time making danny become the khal of khals. She hasn t even set mereen straight and you want her to jump into another group of people that will hate her when she tries to change them. It send a much stronger mensage for danny to gather all the dothraki who are unsatisfied with their current lifestyle into her khalasar and march to mereen than what you are saying. There just isn t a good enough reason for what you say to happen besides you having seen it on TV. You can easily read 10 reasons in my previous posts why danny would never be a khal of khals no matter what happens. I don t remember how her last chapter ends, but I have high doubts she decides to go to vaes dothraek in it. And going back can simply mean she must deal with her dothriaki problems. If I remeber there was a khal she wanted dead. Have you thought that maybe going back means bringing fire and blood to this old enemy of hers before moving forward? Obviously it cheapens the moment. Tyrion decides to kill his father and become a kinslayer. But later finds out that there is no problem because he wasn t his father and therefore he isn't cursed. This would be really bad storytelling. Tyrion knows why his father treated him badly. He was a dwarf, drunkard and whoremonger. He is repeatdly told that and he does little to change his ways. And that is the problem. Tyrion doesn t deserve to profit from killing the man he thinks is his father. He could have run away! But no! He had to have his revenge! He even killed shae... This wasn t something heroic! IT doesn t deserve some cheap method to avoid the consequences of the act. Westeros would forgive tyrion for killing one high lord, the man that raised him, the man he tought was his father? yeah... And lets not begin to discuss how anyone could give any sort of proof that tyrion is aerys son. Don t forget nettles story... Tywin treats him badly? Then how do you think samwell is treated? Do you think he might also be a secret targ? As a matter of fact tyrion and samwell are in very simillar situations. You could say that grrm uses randyll pretty early in the books to show how nobles treat sons that embarass them simply because of their phisical apearence and lack of talent fighting. And later on can be used as a paralelism to what tywin would try to do to tyrion. Either he goes to the wall or dies. Actualy, after knowing sam's story it should be pretty easy to predict that something similar would happen to tyrion. I meant direct descendents from tywin. And I think you are underestimating tyrion. I have little doubts he has plans to control the westerlands. He wanted casterly rock his entire life... Yeah because faegon is doing that... What is the point of conquering KL if she hasn t any aliance in westeros? And aegon will probably have dragons on his side because we know that there will be a second dance of dragons. I very much doubt either of them will want to use their dragons unless they have no other choice. After all everybody knows how bad the first dance was for the targs. It makes a lot of sense that if they have dragons both dany and aegon will try to win the throne by a lot of diferent means before they go to war. First, tyrion was pretty well treated compared to sam. And if we compare him to bastards (all dwarfs are bastards in their fathers eyes) then he was extremely well treated. You aren t being honest... And tywin's last words were clearly an insult. That no son of his would d that. That he declines tyrion one last time.
  3. FOOD. The most precious resource in times of winter. And it is a good place to serve as a base. There aren't that many places in the gift where thousands of wildlings can live confortably besides the castles of the NW. Whatever they decide to do they need to raid the food stores of the NW and get sweet revenge on those black crows. No. I mean that they will win the battle against the freys and then go home. Ned's little girl is saved, there isn t food or means to win a siege of winterfell, stannis and his southorns are crazy enough to adore a fire god and make sacrifes to it and without a northern lord that would become the leader of the north leading the battle there isn t a reason for them to fight in these circunstances. As they go home they will learn things about the NW and the wildlings and be able to interfer. Besides, given the weather and the lack of experience dealing with wildlings I don't even know if the boltons or manderleys would be able to fight the weepers host if he had enough giants. After all, we have to assume that the wildlings learned something after their defeat against stannis.
  4. But he doesn t have good targets to press on. At the very least he has to attack CB because it is the place with better resources around and the center of the NW. It wouldn t make sense for the weeper to ignore it. It is possible. But as I said, if he is gathering a big host then the clansmen will desert Stannis very soon and return north. They are the only force around that can go north fast and face the wildlings. Manderley's and bolton's forces are too preoccupied with each other to cease the conflict...
  5. Both jon and tyrion are in the vision. "Dragons old (aemon) and young(jon), true (danny) and false (quentin), bright (faegon) and dark (varys or bloodraven). And you. A small man with a big shadow, snarling in the midst of it all.’’ This is the best interpretation of the vision. Not only makes sense but aemon/jon, danny/quentin and faegon/varys are linked in a way that it makes sense they are named together in the vision. Not all profecies are true. And her being the khal of khals has very little use. First, it would take her months to get that position and bring the dothriaki to mereen. She would be declared dead or forgoten in mereen. Second, she is the oposite of what the dothraki want in a leader. Third, danny gained the loyalty of few dotriaki that already liked her to beguin with, Other khals, bloodriders or violent men that like their way of life would never follow her. Forth, there is a huge number of dothraki in essos. It doesn t make sense for danny to get so many suporters in order to invade westeros. Besides the show that handled this situation in a very stupid way there is no logic for all dothriaki to follow dany. I totally suport that she will gain her khalaasar, but something around 20k and not much more. Oh and a khalasar wouldn t search for her in order to offer themselves to her. Individual dothriaki might, but not a khalasar... And the best for the story would be without a doubt for danny to win over the khalasar that is capturing her and return to mereen with it. It would solve this situation with few pov chapters. Otherwise I fear danny will spend most of the book with the dothraki and that is a huge waste of everything. But how friendly is moqorro? Is he even going to still be there? I can t think that a danny suporter would help vic to steal a dragon. And given that danny isn t even there I dont know what moqorro will do in the near future. And once again, you have to take into account that danny can't have a force much more powerfull than 50k when she invades westeros. She can't sudenly gain allies everywhere lol. First, tyrion killed the man that raised him and provided for him while tyrion thought he was his father. If later he finds out that tywin isn t really his father it would cheapen the weight of his decision to kill him. In addition, I think it is worse to kill someone that raised him as his son despite knowing he isn t than to actually kill his father. Do you think the gods should forgive tyrion because he killed the man he thought was his father instead of his actual father? That is just a weak excuse to escape from a just punishment. In regards to what you call irrational hatred. Tywin did give tyrion his position as hand of the king and later as master of coin. And you have to remember how tywin cares about the image of the lannister familly. Can you imagine what people would say about the lannisters if tyrion gets casterly rock? Have any of the other great families ever have a dwarf as lord? Not true. With the dunk and egg stories grrm probably has planed a detailed story about the aerys and rhaela before they married. It makes sense to include details about that in the books. You misunderstood. I meant that after the lannisters lose KL people will care about tyrion's opinions about how to conquer westeros. While the lannisters are in power people just can't trust tyrion to plan the downfall of his familly... Wether they like him or not, if the tyrion is the last lannister and suported by the crown what can the lords of the westerlands do? And not forget that tyrion is very crafty. At the very least he will gain the loyalty of some lords. And once again I disagree. With tyrion casterly rock is probably the best place for danny to start her conquest. If you think about it it is either casterly rock or the north/eastwatch. All other places are very well defended and recently conquered. Not forget that dorne, stormlands and the crownslands will be united. The vale hasn t participated in a war and sounds like and awfull place to invade. If you target the reach or riverlands you can as well sail a little further and attack casterly rock and use tyrion to establish a base of power in the westerlands. Tywin can be a whoremonger but he is very discreet about it. Tywin sees tyrion as a constant embarassment. And despite being a dwarf tyrion didn t need to humiliate tywin by being a drunkard and wellknown whoremonger. Hell, tywin gives him the position of hand of the king and only tell him to not bring his whore to KL. And to insult him what does tyrion do? Keep his affair with shae! If you try to see things from tywin's perspective tyrion is far from being a perfect son.
  6. If people aren't hipocritical then then economical diferences isn t a reason to exclube clubs from domestic leagues because these diference already exist with the CL. The problems start because of the number of teams that would participate in the competion, what teams would be there, the fact that some clubs have permanent places there and it would hurt the domestic leagues because being 2 or 16 is indiferent. The rest is once again just hipocrisy. But with CL's new format the only reason for these clubs to do this is for greed and desperation.
  7. She can be a khal. She can't be the khal of khals like drogo. All she stands for is just too against the dothraki culture to be able to get that many suporters. And I think all dothriaki will be in deep shit when winter arrives. They have no idea how to live amidst all that cold. But it is just ugly storytelling. Hell, do you really think tyrion would follow danny if he was a targ and dragon rider? He woudl either marry her or use his dragon for his own conquests and build his kingdom.
  8. You should not see too much tv shows. If there is a culture that will opose danny every step of the way are the dothraki. I am not saying she won t get her following, but she won t be the new khal drogo for several reasons. And unfortunately I agree that her adventure with the dothraki will take quite quite a while if she really goes to Vaes Dothraki. To me it is one the the least interesting arcs for the new book. Been there, done that and don t really want to do it again... However, timewise she can't take too much time to return because there is a huge fleet coming to mereen. She has to return before that fleet that even victarion is afraid of. I think some of them will follow her because a dragon has a huge potential for war. Others will dismiss her because she is a woman, can't fight, is the widow of a khal, is against slavery and rape, wants to go to westeros. She is nearly everything that the dothraki dont want in a leader lol. Tyrion not being tywin's son would weaken his story. It would be much better for jaime and cersei to be aerys kids than tyrion. How beautiful is it that the son tywin hated to be his only son? And jaime and cersei fit the targ profile much better. One is insane and the other is great, incest and they are beautiful. Then if tyrion wasn t his son tywin had thousands of ways to give him a great life without recognizing him as his son. And most of the hate tywin has for tyrion is because he remeber him of his own father if I am not mistaken. Another important fact is that in moqorro's vision involving dragons tyrion wasn t involved. He is just a little man with a very big shadow. Not a dragon himself. dragonrider lol. Tyrion won t have much power within dany's circle while the lannisters are in power. Nobody would trust tyrion to plot agains his own family. However, when faegon wins KL it will be finaly time for tyrion to rise. In the mean time he will build his base of power in danny's camp. He might advise and manipulate things behind the scenes but not much more until danny returns and the volanteene (?) attack. Not true. Tyrion can gather information pretty easily about the plots going on around mereen. And when they go to westeros tyrion can offer the westerlands. Not only does he have knowlegde about the area and possible secret entrances to castles but he can offer his support to danny if she makes him warden of the west. Tyrion has a lot of value simply by being a lannister. That was because tywin wanted to disown tyrion for being a drunk, whoremonger that would give him the humiliation of killing him while he defecates.
  9. Or they could play with their reserves and use the best players for ESL and cups. Winning a trophy is always more important.
  10. You didn t understand. If you are arsenal and are playing in ESL what is the difference between being 2 or 16 in PL?
  11. For ESL teams what is the diference between being 2 or 16?
  12. In a way yes. But all this criticism is just hipocrisy. CL has ruined the competetivity between teams in their national leagues years ago. A lot of clubs from EPL are bought and they invest amounts of money from outside sources into their football teams thus making them unfair competitors. The SL is just aplying the same idead that these hipocrites are complaning about. The diference is that now most clubs are on the poor side and therefore lots of people are angry.
  13. It is funny than now everybody sees what is wrong with modern football. Like it is wrong for teams to play in SL and gain shitloads more money than their other national teams, but when bilionaires buy clubs and each year invest amounts of money that the adversaries can't compete with there is no problem. Or when a team that participates in CL receives almost 10 times the amount of money of teams that don t participate there aren t problems...
  14. With or without stannis if jon reveals that jeyne isn t arya the boltons could lose the suport of the other northern houses and that would make them weak. And if jeyne is near jon he can prove that she is a fake which stannis couldn t do in regards to the incest. In regards to the theon situation, I think the whole scenario is stupid. Theon/jeyne don t tell the truth to stannis knowing that some lords could leave the boltons if stannis told them the truth. Then stannis sends a stark to the wall when he knows that the clansmen are only with him because they wanted to save her. Hell, can you imagine how demoralizing it would be for the northerns in bolton's side to hear farya talk about how awfull the boltons are before a battle? I don t know if bolton blundered, but stannis definetly did by sending farya to the wall. Honestly, I don t even know why the boltons would think that jeyne and reek would go together to the wall. There is clearly something missing that convinced them that both are going there. And these inconsistencies are the reasons why I wanted to simply analise what were the consequences of jon receiving the PL without analising the its veracity or who might have written it. It is clear that there are things going behind the scenes that we don t know... Jon would always need to tell some part of the contents of the letter because ramsay is threatning to go to war with the NW. He can't keep that hidden because he has to prepara the NW for the attack. And jon didn t confirm if the contents about mance were true or not. He simply didn t comment them. And that was the best thing to do in case the news about mance being alive spread and it is proved he is an even bigger liar. Honestly, I think jon would need to read such an important letter to some of the key figures in the NW and the boltons know that. Then the story would always spread. However, the nail in jon's coffin isn t so much that mance is alive but that stannis lost and ramsay is coming to destroy the NW if jon doesn t give him a bunch of people. The moment jon decides to fight ramsay in what seemed an unwinning situation the NW would turn against him. And it is pretty easy to predict this when the NW killed their last LC a few months ago in a mutiny. You think this because you lack imagination. The wildlings are the best army to atack winterfell. They could scale the winterfell's wall during the night like it is childsplay and atack the boltons when they are sleeping. The problem is to hope that the boltons don t charge out of winterfell, but if they time their arrival it shouldn t be impossible. The part I totaly agree is that jon would need northmen in his army to give the idea of unity between wildlings and northmen in his army instead of a band of savages. And he could acomplish that by gathering the northmen that were with stannis and survived. Hard? yes. Impossible? Not. It is a matter of numbers. The boltons could always send a party from the dreadfort to receive their hostages from the wall. Or in the worst case as long as farya and jon are separated and jon is discredited then it is also good for them. Even if who answered that letter wasn t jon and decided to give them the hostages they would still be pretty happy.
  15. Yeah, I agree that they didn t really want those hostages nor solve the conflict peacefully. That should be kind of obvious. Completly disagree. You are assuming that the boltons wrote the letter and therefore thinking what were their objectives. I am justing thinking what are the consequeces of jon receiving that letter no matter who wrote it. It doesn t matter if ramsay didn t send the letter or if its contents are true or false. Jon is acting as if ramsay wrote the letter and most of what is written there is true. And the consequences of jon acting like this are very positve for the boltons. And by writing the letter in the tone they used they made sure that jon wouldn't send any hostages. And the consequences of him assuming a conflict with the boltons, that stannis was defeated and that mance is alive would always be very bad for him and good for the boltons. I don t think that the main objective was for jon to march south with the wildlings. First because people think that there are around 1k wildlings in CB and not all of them are fighters. Then, if they wanted jon to attack the letter could describe some awfull things done to farya or threat burn the godswood or something that jon would want to stop. The letter's main objective is to show that jon and stannis are liars, to show that all hope is lost, that mance needs help and to isolate jon from the NW. I mean, if jon refused to obey to the letter's demands what were the NW brothers suposed to do? Fight to the death for a lord comander that lied to them and saved mance's life? Let the NW become the enemies of the north by oposing the warden? A simple letter backed the NW to fight for their life or to betray their LC. I think that when you take into account that we talking about criminals their choice was obvious. One thing you aren t taking into account. The boltons need to descredit or kill jon before farya gets to the wall. If jon starts writing letters that their arya is a fake they would be even worse. And the PL has a high chance of doing both things. To me is quite clear that the boltons want the NW or wildlings to try to kill jon. And if they failed jon would still be descredited when he said farya was fake and if he took a small force of wildlings to winterfell it would be even better. Good point about clydas and marsh not wanting to touch the pieces of skin to put them inside the envelop.
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