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  1. It is the reverse. with the exception of roglic (if he indeed doesn't have the legs) nobody wants to risk it all in a itt that nobody knows who is stronger. Dunbar and caruso need to gain time against each other. Thomas doesn't want to go to the last stage with only 18 secs. Almeida probably will only attack if he is sure he won't lose much time if things go wrong. Roglic will probably try to be creative on thursday if he is in bad shape and wants to win the giro (the stage on friday is for those who are in really good shape).
  2. worst mountain stage I have seen in years. the cyclists can't start a war to have a 75 km stage and then do nothing.
  3. he is more dispointed now. Remco is out because of covid
  4. after remco the happiest of the other contenders is almeida. TGH has a tough battle ahead of him against thomas for the leader position. If the team choses thomas he will lose lots of time during the giro...
  5. It had a good start, but the story seems to be going downhill. FAST. From this ep and the trailler for the next one all things point to a huge and weird mess. I am amazed that the show is greenlit for a second season.
  6. lots of people disagree. creepy that anyone would want davos hitting on missandei, how the hell is he suposed to know this? and isn't the gelding process for the unsullied discribed in the books? LOL. I don't even know what to say. I think this shows how disconected they were from grrm until season 8. If they were suposed to use the horn they just had to have the NK take it and have tormund on top of the wall say something like this: "the fucker. He had it all along. RRUUUUUNNN" And then have some ask him what was that horn and have him explain...
  7. The movie format should be obvious to anyone that it is a bad idea. Got episodes lasted an hour. You can't add 30 mins to a normal ep and call it a movie. At most they could do something to the last kingdom where a 2 to 3 hours movie would replace the last ep. Given that the Ds were adapting 1 book per season it is normal for them to plan 7 seasons. That doesn't really mean anything. Even saying that actors were scooped is kind of stupid. Given the filming time and number of eps of each season I doubt that filming GoT took a lot of time for the actors. They could clearly film GoT and another project. And I would risk that several actors had important roles is movies while shooting GoT. And I think that when HBO stops giving independence to the creators it will lose some of its spark. You can't create controversial things if there is a guy from the network breathing down your neck making sure your series follow some kind of guidelines. The problem with the Ds is that they are charlatans. They were able to gain power, trust and influence with the earlier seasons so they had a lot of credibility to do whatever they wanted towards the latter seasons despite not having the talent to write or direct a show as big as Got. I bet there must be a lot of stories how HBO aproved the script for season 8. Any person related to the industry had to know there were a lot of red flags there.
  8. in the letter ramsay says he has mance in a cage for all the north to see. He has to have told the people in winterfell something about the man they are seeing in a cage covered in the skins of several women. And if he intends to march to CB he has to have told them why. I am not saying that ramsay told the people there exactly what he wrote, but he must have told them that the dude in a cage was mance, that he kidnaped (?) farya with theon's help under jon's orders (?) and therefore he is going to attack CB to get his bride back? And given that everybody knows mance was burned by stannis (in the PL we are told this is common knowledge) and that theon has betrayed the starks several times and even killed bran and rickon ramsay's whole story sounds crazy. right?
  9. I would actually like a pov in winterfell to know what the people there think about ramsay's statements in the PL. Do people believe abel is mance rider or that ramsay is lying? Because for the people in winterfell his story must sound insane. Even theon helping farya escape after everything he has done must sound insane. Him wanting to march to CB must sound insane.
  10. It is bittersweet because he would do it out of necessity and to do something good with the body but at the same time he is doing something awfull and ends up not being able to let go of a new body capable of walking, be a knight and everything he ever wanted. And bran has proved he is a little asshole with warging into hodor when he thinks he has to do it. Can you really say he wouldn t take over the body of someone evil if he was tempted enough? And I think this is in line with asoiaf. That people are capable of good and bad. There are no saints. You are wishing for the 3 characters to have parallel hero journeys... And sansa staying in the vale is the best thing that can happen to her. She can grow into a player of the game. Learn to gain power, to gain allies, to understand LF and learn how to beat him. And it is funny that you are complaining, but sansa learning from LF so that she can backstab him at some point and use the vale to help the north is exactly the type of journey you want for her. In regards to the show, I think it is rather easy to understand. The Ds didn't want to spend money/time developing the vale so they turned into an afterthought and forced sansa into the storyline of the north (and it makes sense that when she learns of jon trying to unite the north she will try to help). As a reader of the books you know that in order for the knights of the vale to participate in the story we need a pov in the vale and that is sansa. She has familly in the vale. She has her father's friends in the vale. The old gods mean something in the vale but they also care about southern costums like tourneys and knights. The vale is the region that best represents sansa. A mixture of north and south. Sansa wouldn't fare well in this north where the most civilized northmen are making frey pies, wildlings are marrying karstarks, cannibal skagosi might be joining the fray, cragnonmen and some iron born might also be more proeminent. And I am not even talking about how everyone is just more wild and angry given all they have sufered. Of the 2 stark girls arya is the one that would fit better in the north now
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