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  1. So there is more Lannister influence outside of Cersei? I interpreted Robert as being serious about the threat, but YMMV I guess.
  2. Depressed and traumatized =/= "mad" Otherwise pretty much everyone in Westeros is mad. At worst you can say she has a bad coping mechanism.
  3. So why did he name Jaime Warden Of The East and threathen Ned to name him Hand Of The King.
  4. He was correct and Cersei wasn't a good ruler. But Cersei wasn't the only Lannister in King's Landing for 15 years. Yes she was manipulating Robert to give more influence to the Lannisters, but it's Robert, manipulating him ain't hard.
  5. Dragon eggs are incredibly rare. Jorah tells Dany in AGOT that if she sells them she could live as wealthy woman for the rest of her life. And remember the Faceless Men WANT to have a dragon egg, they are out of a way to destroy them. Which is why that faceless man is posing as Pate in Oldtown to get access to the tomes about dragons.
  6. Yes, but he only sees Cersei as someone who could advance the power of House Lannister through marriage. With Tyrion, he makes a temporary Hand Of The King and Master Of Coin, he would never give Cersei a position of political power like that based on her skills alone like he did Tyrion.
  7. So we learn that Balon fell off one of the bridges at Pyke, fell into the sea and washed up two days later: Later Euron tells Vic this: So basically, Euron paid the Faceless Men a dragon egg to assassinate Balon. Remember that the Faceless Men are incridebly costly, especially when the target is so high profile. They are also interested in dragons because of their history, so of course they would see a dragon egg as a fitting payment.
  8. He was a mysognist who only imagined Cersei to be the Queen Consort and his grandson to be the King, and later on when she was a widow he wanted her to marry someone else to gain more power. And he was still waiting to find a way to get Jaime out of the Kingsguard oath, as we see when he returns to KL in ASOS. So, Tywin was delusional, and still saw Jaime as his heir. Not Tyrion or Cersei. Even though Jaime didn't want any of it himself.
  9. Believing someone to not be completely honest and forthcoming about a certain topic isn't the same as never believing their word ever. Once TWOW is done he's propably gonna explain more clearly where he did ran into problems. Right now I believe he has been running into similar problems he ran into while writing Feast and Dance. So yeah, he probably got stuck a lot and has been rewriting old chapters,
  10. I think in the early days the show was kind of promoted as "The Wire set in Middle Earth" and of course way early on there was talk about how this show was not afraid to kill characters of, hence the whole "you win or you die" and "all men must die" taglines. The Red Wedding propably was the straw that kicked off the show into pop culture canon, and the global phenomenon that followed.
  11. For some reason this show gets associated with dragons very fast. They actually don't appear that much, particularly in the first half of the show and they only serve the plot of one storyline until season 7. Is "dragons" just a code for high fantasy?
  12. I think D&D kind of forgot that fantasy/sci-fi wasn't a genre for "nerds" anymore, it was globally enjoyed by millions of people. Can you name more popular franchises like LOTR, Star Wars and Harry Potter?
  13. Do you think House Darry will be on Dany's side? Considering she was raised by Ser Willem Darry?
  14. There are some people who think Benioff is a pathological liar and a narc, and that they conned their way into making this show. I wouldn't be surprised. I do think they didn't care at all about the magical plotline, they liked the edgy stuff, not the mysticism.
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