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    What do you Collect?

    My collection's quite small compared to some here. Funko Legacy: Robb, Brienne, Jaime, Khal Drogo, Arya, both Daeneryses, Battle of Blackwater ztyrion and the Walgreens exclusive Tyrion (the first collectible I got). Funko Pop: 6 inch Viserion Dark Horse: Cersei As for the books themselves, I have one each of the ASoIaF book in paperback, in varying conditions because I got them all from used bookstores. But I also have A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms, and I'm hoping to get A World of Ice and Fire.
  2. Jocelyn


    Hi forums. I'm rather new to Martin's universe - I started watching the show just before season 4. After that I picked up the books and currently am doing a second read through, alongside A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms. I know several people that watch the show, but most of them can't remember the majority of the characters' names. It gets pretty hard to talk about show vs. book theories when the person you're talking with can't even remember who Cersei is, hehe. It's nice to be around people who actually like ASoIaF, much less care about it.