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  1. Little Bird of the North

    Discussing Sansa - The Last One: Queen In The North!!!

    My girl got the ending she deserves
  2. Little Bird of the North

    Discussing Sansa - The Last One: Queen In The North!!!

    Love the fact that we're STILL blaming Sansa for everything after 8 seasons and 5 books.
  3. Little Bird of the North

    This is all Jon’s fault

    I'm not a fan of the idea that someone should be forcefully tied to another individual just because the latter individual might possibly have some kind of relapse/breakdown. Yes, mentally ill people deserve attention and treatment, but no other person's agency should be taken away just to dedicate their entire life to that person. This kind of blaming is toxic and unhealthy. Jon is an idiot in the show, but not because of this.
  4. Little Bird of the North

    GoT and Feminism: What Happens Now?

    I'm not a woman, so my feminist critique won't hold as much value as someone who has the lived experience of a woman, but my main critique isn't, personally, the fact that Daenerys turned mad (the writing surrounding it was awful though), but rather the constant repeated notions by characters who we are supposed to think are intelligent that Jon would make such a better ruler than her because he's more empathetic, kind, competent etc. Like...acknowledging just the show, Jon is a pretty big idiot, and we only need a few examples to make this clear to us; Battle of the Bastards, for instance. I feel really uncomfortable with the continuous regurgitations that Jon, the ideal archetype fantasy male hero, is somehow more capable than Daenerys when the characters realistically would have no conceivable notion that she'd end up burning innocents. She did end up committing genocide of course, but the show didn't build this up enough to make me believe that characters doubting her beforehand is warranted, and the show's portrayal of Jon doesn't lead me to believe he'd be any kind of competent ruler either. I don't think it was intentionally sexist, and is probably instead just a lazy way to further vilify Dany in the writing without earning it, but it still leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. Not to mention the other hit and misses of the season, such as Sansa's "I wouldn't be the strong, independent woman I am today if I wasn't raped and abused..."
  5. Little Bird of the North

    Protagonist suddenly goes crazy in last chapter of epic

    I've resigned myself to the fact that mad Daenerys is happening in the books; I just hope GRRM gives me a solid thematic foundation on which this development is built upon. I want the message to be clear and I want the shift to feel more natural and less rushed. I just don't understand some of the specific developments he's made with her character if this is truly how he plans for her to end. I'm just...really confused, and a bit frightened as to how this story arc is going to be handled in the medium which has actually, so far, flourished on good writing, consistent character arcs and logical turns of events.
  6. Little Bird of the North

    Goodbye Ghost

    Unfortunately, I'm not surprised at how they handled Ghost. Even when the show was of high quality, the writers have always undermined the Stark's connections/bonds with their wolves and just how much power they gain from these connections. Such an important method of symbolism and meaning in the books and the show's never respected its importance to the narrative, nor its importance to the characterisation of the Stark kids.
  7. Little Bird of the North

    Why are they plotting a coup?

    As much as I haven't been a fan of show Dany for a long, long while, and also feel that the way in which she talks about the white walker threat is very self-absorbed, I'm inclined to agree with most of this. This season in general has felt like such a sharp turn around for Dany's character and it comes across as really jarring; none of these sudden changes are earned or make sense, they've clearly just been written in at the last minute for plot convenience. It's really lazy. I know the show isn't the books, but considering George said the major points of the ending would be similar, I'm really hoping he does the Daenerys mad queen turn in a more gradual and sensible manner. At the moment though, I just can't see myself being a fan of the plot point at all no matter how it's handled. I quite like book Daenerys and I feel like having her go mad by the end is just a betrayal to a lot of the things her character has stood for and accomplished throughout the story. Mind you, this goes for some of her characterisation in the show as well, but it would hurt me less to watch it than read it, just because I don't care about the show's portrayal of her character nearly as much.
  8. Little Bird of the North

    So, Arya and Sansa are evil, right?

    Jesus, no, in no way are they evil. They're just two women who've been through extreme trauma and have suffered severe loss of family and thus are paranoid; they want to do everything they possibly can to ensure the preservation of their family and their continued survival even if that means not trusting some queen who, realistically, they have no reason to trust.
  9. Little Bird of the North


    And what of the other problems I put forth? "Rulership is inherited" - says who? When the Targaryens came and conquered 300 years ago and made themselves royalty and then decreed that all of their successors shall thus be royalty, how is that any different from what the Baratheons did? They rebelled and conquered and declared themselves royalty. Considering this, how is the argument of "rulership is inherited" a point in favour of Dany? By all the rights that the Targaryens granted themselves, anybody who then conquers Westeros has that right until they are usurped as well. Targaryens declared themselves royalty and rulers, so why isn't anybody else free to?
  10. Little Bird of the North

    Rant & Rave Without Repercussion [book and show spoilers]

    This idea that the writers seem to have about Sansa only becoming strong as a result of the abuse and rape is...extremely concerning. Not sure how that managed to work its way into the scripts and how no one questioned it.
  11. Little Bird of the North


    I would like to put a disclaimer on this post by proclaiming that I am a fan of book Daenerys even if I don't necessarily agree with all of her thoughts regarding her birthright to the Iron Throne - she's a very morally complex person and I find her very fascinating. However, this is not the books, and thus I am confused by some of the vitriolic reactions to this plotting against Dany. The main argument for her seems to be "she's an amazing person who has tried her best to save innocents and wants to make the world a better place. She would be a great ruler and the fact she prioritised the threat in the North over the threat in the South proves this." For one, to echo the sentiments of a previous poster, the threat in the North was a threat to the entire realm. Even if Dany had gone to take care of Cersei first, if the White Walkers had made it past the North, she would have had to deal with them sooner or later, and without the assistance of the North behind her in this scenario, she would have been in an extremely precarious position. Taking down the enemy in the North was not "Jon's war" as she made it out to be in 8x02, it was everyone in Westeros' war and yet she didn't seem to realise that. Her obsession over claiming the Iron Throne and being a ruler clearly clouded her judgement and her speech in that conversation with Sansa. She saw the Great War against the dead as someone else's war? She wants to be queen of Westeros and yet the army of the dead was someone else's enemy? This seems very questionable to me and indicative of certain delusions that fans of show Daenerys like to cling onto. Yes, Daenerys likes to prance on about how she wants to save innocents and free slaves and break the wheel and all that, but what has she done to prove this after arriving in Westeros? Disregarding the "just queen" shtick for a moment, she seems to base a lot of her claim on the fact (in her eyes) that it is her "birthright" as the last Targaryen. She wants to reclaim the Targaryen dynasty and can't possibly comprehend why some Westerosi might not be a fan of this idea, even though she knows what her father did and how badly he damaged the realm. She wants to "break the wheel" yet refuses independence to a Kingdom that, by all means, showed no threat to her. The North has been ravaged and defiled and this was made clear to her, yet her obsession with ruling over the entirety of the nation prevents her from granting this simple request. Giving the North away does no harm to her, yet her pride prevents her from doing so. It's quite frankly asinine. With regard to Sansa, she says, "she doesn't have to like me, but I am her queen and she has to respect me", essentially. This also works in contrast to the narrative that she's a decent person. You are not owed respect just because you are a "queen" - it is your actions which demand respect as a ruler, and thus far Sansa hasn't seen any actions from you which would demand such a thing. Again, fighting in the North isn't fighting someone else's war - by all rights, it's fighting her war, which she doesn't seem to ever acknowledge, and that is a frightening. Yes, she's done good things. Her crusade against slavery was noble and just even if the execution could have been handled more efficiently (but I'm not the type to hold that against a fictional character - people are human and make mistakes, and a character being perfect is boring. It's only realistic Dany would have struggled with this and I think she did the best she could in this scenario.) However, in additions to the arguments I have put forth here, her constant vitriol of "I am the rightful queen of the seven Kingdoms by my Targaryen blood" is incredibly questionable. You want to be a good ruler, that's fine. You want to make life better for people, that's fine. But by what rights does a good person decide they have a right to a throne purely because of their blood? If you really cared about making life better for people, why didn't you stay as Queen of Slaver's Bay, where the people there still needed you? She left them in the hands of Daario, ffs. He can't govern Slaver's Bay, realistically it would go to hell with him in her place (though admittedly, the show is not one for accurate portrayals of realism.) You could have stayed and continued to fight for a better life for all of these people and instead you take a war to Westeros. Just be honest - you want justice, but what you want most is a Throne, and a good life for the people is an afterthought. If she actually had the throne, I won't deny she would have the potential to be a good ruler - but her way of thinking about it and her method of achieving it is very much concerning and her fans really don't seem to take into account any of the valid points against her.
  12. Little Bird of the North

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 610?

    Amazing, I was honestly surprised, this season has been pretty disappointing for me but I absolutely LOVED it! So much happened and only a few plot holes. So upset about Margaery though, loved what the show did with her and I was so shocked to see her go Finally Dany comes to Westeros, was afraid she would pull another "lol actually ill go even further east". Arya's revenge, I loved. Sansa and Jon's exchange was a little weird but Jon being crowned was awesome. Little finger better not screw his and Sansa's relationship :/ Cersei being crowned was an amazing scene, though I'm not sure if she is the next in the line of succession? I'm not sure if that's how it works, though I assume she just claimed it like Robert did. I sighed when I was Dorne again but it wasn't too bad. Olenna telling the sand snakes to shut the hell up was so satisfying and the "fire and blood" made me smile...even if it was from a teleporting Varys lol (seriously was questioning that). Excited to see this four house alliance though, Dany has made friends with so many people in the space of 2 episodes, it's quite ridiculous XD I also remember that the Martells and Tyrells are supposed to hate each other, but that is not important to the show and even if it was mentioned, It really was Olenna's best option imo. I hope Jaime kills Cersei, you could tell he was looking at her with absolute disgust, at least in my opinion. I am 99% sure it will go down that way in the books so it would make sense, though they really should have included Tyrion's "Cersei is a whore" thing to Jaime in Season 4, still disappointed about that even though 4 was my favourite season. R+L=J finally confirmed, maybe all the bullshit tinfoil theories will stop now. No doubt the purists will deny it just because the show did it though, lol. Oldtown looked GORGEOUS. Seriously, and the library looked beautiful. So impressed with that. Loved the music too, it was different and it worked, in my opinion. Am I missing anything? I forget, so much happened lol. But anyway, rated it 10/10 for enjoyment factor, 8/10 for objectivity. So pleased with this episode. Lady Stoneheart would have made it 9/10 but with Arya around now there's really no use for her...disappointing Also really sick of the "ugh this show is so feminist now" complaints. I mean, I'm anti SJW, but I can sort of see where the feminists are coming from with bullshit statements like these. Oh, so there's queens now, so fucking what? I can only imagine what Sansa being crowned would have done to the creeps in their basements lol. You guys seriously need to stop giving feminists reasons to hate us men, I honestly thought that sexism was almost eradicated but you losers are really pushing it.
  13. Little Bird of the North

    So who would you bend the knee to?

    Could never pledge to Joffrey. Balon is icky and ew and so are the Iron Islanders in general. Depending on where I lived it would be Robb or Stannis. I know these two are in bad shape at the start of ASOS but they're really the only kings in Westeros with good intentions and are respectable people in their ow rights. Daenerys is just not as smart and is not as good a person as she thinks she is, and not as as experienced as the other kings, as much as I do like her and believe she wants good in the world. Mance...no right to anything and life as a wildling does not appeal to me. BwB is far too dangerous. Sorry, but I like living So Robb or Stannis, I'd root for. But if I lived in other places I guess I'd have to pretend I was loyal to the rulers there. Heart would be Robb/Stannis though.