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  1. ACAB is only appalling if you’re still under the impression the issue with policing is only a few bad apples instead of the entire system in which they train and work under, one that tells them to never go against the blue wall of silence. Very few cops actually are willing to go against corruption and gleefully enforce the status quo, which in the USA is de facto white supremacy, especially under this administration.
  2. Bet if the police put out an “official” statement on protests you would believe them without asking for video evidence now yea?
  3. and you’re just a cop sticking up for other cops left and right showing you’re bias non stop in the process. There’s also video and live streams of it happening over and over again for the last few weeks when cops were ordered to stop. you are seriously a naive individual thanks to that badge you wear over in the UK that helps blind you to the reality of what’s happening. It’s well documented cops in the us ignore the courts and orders signed by mayors.
  4. Cops breaking laws yet except others to follow their bullshit orders.
  5. Reactionaries snap back no matter what. Stop worrying about them more than worrying about the harms way that slow “change” keeps the marginalized in. How many generations of marginalized demographics have been told to wait that change is slowly coming only to never see it?
  6. Good job libs keep working with fascists.
  7. Yea but see racism actually ended 400 years ago when slavery ended.
  8. and there’s people here that want to applaud democrats for working with a party that props up a Nazi president. this coupled with the upside down red triangle, the 14 88 winked at in the add with said triangle being ran 88 times and the first sentence in it being 14 words, the DHS / DOD letter from Feb 2018 having 14 words in the start of it and referencing 88 in it as well is just impossible to ignore.
  9. I think it’s a crock of shit pushed by the most privileged in society. by the time shit actually gets in place if moving at a snails pace of incremental change, it will still be behind where we should be. something like $15 an hour as a “living wage” now is still not good enough and isn’t keeping up with the cost of living. shit involving civil rights issues, well, we see how easy it is for the scum of the earth to grab power then destroy it in months. Slow small change is ridiculous at this point. It just becomes a never ending game of catch up.
  10. Incremental change, a privileged white persons proverb.
  11. Police are a hostile occupying force that likes to enforce the status quo and stomps out any dissent to that status quo, and in the US it’s flat out defending white supremacy or killing in the name of it. We have seen cops shove old people to the ground causing one person to have a brain injury up in Buffalo, we saw a democratic mayor defend the cops and say the 70 year old victim of police brutality was a radical extremist and five that talking point to Trump who then repeated it, and now that guy can’t go home because he’s getting death threats. The only both sides talk that should be happening is how both republicans and democrats are responsible for violent militarized policing. 3 people in NYC molotoved a cop car and got attempted murder charges. While cops can aim high at your head with 40mm ammo, tear gas canisters or run you over with cars and not get charged at all since they fall back on unlawful assembly and what ever other bullshit they fall back in to justify their sadistic violence many carry out with smiles in their faces.
  12. You have no idea why they were arrested yet feel the need to stick up for cops in another country even though you know damn well cops here in the US are attacking the press left and right. And it’s been going on a lot in PDX and is flying under the radar since big news organizations aren’t interested in the protests anymore. The cops in PDX hate anyone left of a proud boy or Atomwaffen member. They’ve been caught coordinating with far right groups btw and hate their abuse of protesters being filmed. They also stole another press members phone they were recording on. I’d also say tear gassing a member of the press is absolutely confrontational.
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