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  1. How do you get a moving avatar? Do you need a number of posts or something?
  2. Lost but won by Hans Zimmer sounds similar to the Rains of Castamere.
  3. Knute


    http://imgur.com/H1UQfjo Picture I took of my dog 4 years ago, was a pretty impressive picture for an old iPod camera.
  4. Knute


    Upload it to imgur and paste the link either in [/IMG] format or just the direct link.
  5. Knute


    I really want an Irish Wolfhound, they just seem like such lovely dogs. It's a shame they die around 8 years old though.
  6. Knute


    I've got two black labradors which I adore. My youngest lab is 3 and when she's excited her ears flop all around the place and she waddles around (not because she's fat!). In the future I would like a different dog breed - not that I don't love labradors - just to experience something different. I'd probably buy as many dogs as humanly possible whilst still helping them have an enjoyable life (if that was financially possible for a average-above average pay wage.)
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