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  1. Weirwood Ghost

    Poll: Did Summer See a Dragon?

    It could be figurative, but wtf would a direwolf be having hallucinations? Being part of Bran's pov chapter means it's Bran seeing through Summer. But Summer doesn't edit it to eloquent man speech. It's direwolf view.
  2. Weirwood Ghost

    Poll: Did Summer See a Dragon?

    Anyone that may have read The Ice Dragon will regard Summer's view of a serpent as literal. asoiaf appears to be based off this basic story...so wtf can't a wargy direwolf view what it sees as a dragon? It's completely possible
  3. Weirwood Ghost

    "This land is old" -- spitballing the North

    I'm hoping it means with all the north's ancient history, that all those first men rise from their barrowy graves to some dramatic & useful conclusion. One can daydream...
  4. Weirwood Ghost

    Whose nameday falls first - Jon's or Robb's?

    Is there a direction going on here? I know knowing their name-day adds weight to Ned's lie depending how he portrayed it to Cat, but is there any point to this?
  5. Weirwood Ghost

    forshadowing in first Bran chapter in aGoT

    The foreshadow is a given. I'm more curious as to who/what warged the Direwolf mother to travel south of The Wall, and who/what prevented it by warging the stag? Female/Male alpha forces here. Female pregnant with life force possibilities. Male force of the death life death...cycle of life.
  6. Weirwood Ghost

    An Extrapolation on Preston Jacob's Theory of Telepathic Awakening

    Preston Jacobs probably got the idea of telepathic character possibilities in the asoiaf story, from reading something like Martins Tuf Voyaging, where Tuf's cats in have psionic ability to read minds. If anyone is causing winds mist rain thunder etc...it's likely Bran, possibly Night's King, or the weirwood/nature force.
  7. Weirwood Ghost

    Where are Tyrion’s bastards?

    Prostitutes have their ways and means to cleanse themselves (a chouce there). We never hear whether Tysha conceived a child with Tyrion as he wouldn't be aware based on his pov. Say she did conceive, a couple of weeks of wedded consumation then the unfolding events involving Tywins lesson. It is possible she had a child. As a many good things that person exists right under the characters nose. I would not be surprised if it turnedout to be Podrick. I know I know he gives his back story to Brienne...but he was a young boy whose memories could be scewed by inconsistent recall by his carers about what happened to his mother. That aside, we don't know about Tyrion fertility clinic till we hear more from you know who...
  8. Weirwood Ghost

    Interstellar Weirwood Conspiracy

    Thanks for sharing BoB.
  9. Weirwood Ghost

    The Dayne Heir(ess)- Daenerys

    I've thought this as well...that the culmination of all the years, all the moons cracking, rebellions, relationships, births, deaths, magic aligning so that he can fulfill his purpose. Which has something to do with joining with his Queen. She took within his seed and therefore his soul. Queen is represented by the moon, King is the sun and stars, light - dark, life - death, yin - yang, the marriage of opposites within the psyche and without.
  10. Weirwood Ghost

    Winter & the Dothraki

    Common sense prevails here: when the Night King and his dead army are defeated the winter will cease being a generation long (because of the premise that the WW's bring the cold, the cold brings the WW's). With 6 episodes left, that seems to equate to a short winter season.
  11. If Jon finds out his heritage bomb, he's not going to be the PtWP, he's going to be Azor Ahai King Jon who abdicates to Dany swearing allegiance to her as ruler. He'll go fight the good fight against the WW's, die, and Daenerys finds out she's with child...with the prince that was promised.
  12. Weirwood Ghost

    Robert rebellion was based on a lie, by whom?

    You don't need to know the truth to make something a lie. The maesters can be known to lie/conceal/cover up - including the maester that annulled a marriage then married Lyanna and Rhaegar. Based on Marwyn the Archmaester's comments they grey maesters don't want magic in the world, conspiring to defeat all dragons - whether real or Targaryen. To perpetuate a lie about a crown prince observe how well politicians and propaganda go about it. Who benefits from it? The Iron Bank, there's money to be made in warfare. The Cheesemonger Magister Illyrio grows fat on the coffers given to him to provide produce/services to Westeros. Varys is in league with him.
  13. Weirwood Ghost

    [Spoilers] Rant and Rave Without Repercussion

    How this episode and this season has completely: Underutilized Bran's abilities. Deleted Ghost. Overdone Sansa/Arya drama. Only reason for above would be so there's no major reveal of what's to come in the books. Stay patient book readers =)
  14. Weirwood Ghost

    lust or love regarding R+L

    Put the prophecy aside for a bit. What bothers me is no one seem to shine a light on Lyanna's part of this equation. To blame Rhaegar for any part of what happened and exclude Lyanna's part offers nothing of the full story (not that we know what that is yet!). In what manner did she play a part in their affair, married or not? A "wild", talented noble lady still has emotions and desires. Of all the many real life ladies at court I've read about, they all have a major part to play in the dynamics of laws, politics, emotions, desires. My answer: Love and lust. Young and full to brim of hormones and ideals.
  15. Weirwood Ghost

    Crackpot: Oberyn, Oberon, and a Changeling Child

    One of the things about the prophecy/prophecies...it's not definitive. It could mean after the dust has settled, after all have fought and died, she/he fulfills said prophecy. The world starts turning again, the wheel of life starts turns again, and the whole shebang is set in motion, repeating the circle of life... Another Dream of Spring