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  1. Weirwood Ghost

    The house with the red door and the lemon tree

    I view it in this context of "from the LINE of" as well. Which opens up possibilities rather than being limited to Rhaegar, Viserys and Dany (if indeed any of these 3 offspring ARE actually direct sparks from the loins of Aerys II and Rhaella)
  2. Weirwood Ghost

    Poll: Did Summer See a Dragon?

    It could be figurative, but wtf would a direwolf be having hallucinations? Being part of Bran's pov chapter means it's Bran seeing through Summer. But Summer doesn't edit it to eloquent man speech. It's direwolf view.
  3. Weirwood Ghost

    Poll: Did Summer See a Dragon?

    Anyone that may have read The Ice Dragon will regard Summer's view of a serpent as literal. asoiaf appears to be based off this basic story...so wtf can't a wargy direwolf view what it sees as a dragon? It's completely possible
  4. Weirwood Ghost

    forshadowing in first Bran chapter in aGoT

    The foreshadow is a given. I'm more curious as to who/what warged the Direwolf mother to travel south of The Wall, and who/what prevented it by warging the stag? Female/Male alpha forces here. Female pregnant with life force possibilities. Male force of the death life death...cycle of life.
  5. Weirwood Ghost

    An Extrapolation on Preston Jacob's Theory of Telepathic Awakening

    Preston Jacobs probably got the idea of telepathic character possibilities in the asoiaf story, from reading something like Martins Tuf Voyaging, where Tuf's cats in have psionic ability to read minds. If anyone is causing winds mist rain thunder etc...it's likely Bran, possibly Night's King, or the weirwood/nature force.
  6. Weirwood Ghost

    The perfumed seneschal

    Seneschal: an officer having full charge of domestic arrangements, ceremonies, the administration of justice, etc., in the household of a medieval prince or dignitary; steward. Origin of seneschal. Middle French. Frankish. Medieval Latin http://www.dictionary.com/browse/seneschal This appears to be Varys. But Varys is in league with Illyrio who was harboring Dany and Viserys at his manse prior to her betrothal to Khal Drogo. Thoughts Dany has of Illyrio Mopatis in Chapter III Daenerys GoT is that of distrust. The above describes someone of Varys position, but there is more to Illyrio. Illyrio uses perfumes too: "Dany could smell the stench of Illyrio's pallid flesh through his heavy perfumes." Dany's thoughts betray that she distrusts Illyrio: "Dany had no agents, no way of knowing what anyone was doing or thinking across the narrow sea, but she mistrusted Illyrio's sweet words as she mistrusted everything about Illyrio." Intriguingly Tyrion has thoughts of mistrust of Illyrio the "Cheesemonger" in Tyrion Chapter I ADWD: "Any friend of Varys the Spider is someone I will trust just as far as I can throw him." With all the organisation and pomp Illyrio goes to (arrange), to provide a ceremony (ceremonies) of Dany and Drogo, administer in justice according to local/cultural customs, having to do with a prince or dignitary (Drogo)....Illyrio with all the strings he is pulling, has to be the perfumed seneschal Dany is warned of by Quaithe.
  7. Dany has dark purple eyes like amethysts (and like Ashara's via Selmy's PoV), not black, which is in contrast to Viserys lilac eyes. Jon looks more a Stark than Catelyn's other children because he looks like Lyanna, in the way that Ned tells Arya she looks like her aunt Lyanna. I have pondered the alternative to Jon's parentage and keep coming to L+R= J because of the literary hints Martin has given us. It's Daenerys that bakes my noodle when thinking about her parentage...