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  1. Sir Matthis Light

    [Spoilers] EP609

    Are you sure? I could have sworn she said she let them become Indy500. I really hope I'm wrong cause it makes no sense for her to give up the Iron Islands when a descendant down the line is more then likely just going to reconquer it.
  2. Sir Matthis Light

    [Spoilers] EP609

    Can someone explain to me if I'm understanding Danys deal with Theon and Yara right? Yara and theon will support Danys claim to the Iron Throne and in return they want the Iron Islands for Yara to be independent? So in return for helping them kill Euron and take the Iron Islands they(Theon/Yara) are not to reave and rape the 7K(Well 6 now) anymore and help her take the Iron Throne???? So Dany going to give the Iron Islands independence?!?! Also did she tell Tyrion the other great Lords can ask for independence also?!?!? I call bullsh*t.....Just why?!?!?
  3. Sir Matthis Light

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 606?

    I gave it a 3 for Undead Benjen, Aerys II, and Ned and Lyanna bloodie hands. Should have gave it a 4 cause I'm happy Jamie no longer in the KG he really never should have been made a member. Hes good(was) with a sword, but his personality never fit with the whole KG thing. At this point if you don't believe in R+L=J your either in denial or just really don't want to believe it