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    Baelish at Riverun

    How on earth did a very minor lord manage to get his son fostered at Riverun? Every indication points to Lord Hoster Tully being as important before Roberts rebellion as after, there doesnt appear to be the title 'warden of the middle' but thats the impression i get of the Tullys and Riverun. Littlefinger was hier to a tiny insignificant spit of land which sounded incredibly gloomy when littlefinger and sansa landed there before travelling on to the vale. I dont recall ever hearing anything about Littlefingers parents but it seems very unlikely that they were in a position to have littlefinger fostered somewhere as prestigious as Riverun. I also dont recall hearing about any other wards at Riverun so was he also the only one? surely you would get your son fostered somewhere in the vale if you were from the fingers? This all seems very odd to me.
  2. My confession is i couldn't give less of a s**t who sits the iron throne. For me that whole bit will be redundant by the end of the book. i suspect kings landing will be a ruin anyway. and Dany and Jon get married? that would be so generic, Il be very disappointed if that's a plot point. I'm hoping that by the time she gets to Westeros we will be in the depth of winter and kings landing is a ruin covered in snow. it wont be worth the boat ride. and i always assumed Cersei's prophesy about 'another younger and more beautiful' actually meant Marcela. which i thought would be a nice twist and again show prophesy to be unreliable. But she got killed by D&D so i was probably on the wrong track. and on a side note that the bear and the maiden fair is Jaime and Brienne, Jaime being the maiden fair.