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  1. My confession is i couldn't give less of a s**t who sits the iron throne. For me that whole bit will be redundant by the end of the book. i suspect kings landing will be a ruin anyway. and Dany and Jon get married? that would be so generic, Il be very disappointed if that's a plot point. I'm hoping that by the time she gets to Westeros we will be in the depth of winter and kings landing is a ruin covered in snow. it wont be worth the boat ride. and i always assumed Cersei's prophesy about 'another younger and more beautiful' actually meant Marcela. which i thought would be a nice twist and again show prophesy to be unreliable. But she got killed by D&D so i was probably on the wrong track. and on a side note that the bear and the maiden fair is Jaime and Brienne, Jaime being the maiden fair.