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  1. I really don't see what the problem here is. George R.R. Martin is a realist. He won't write a story where the villain is just some arrogant asshole who likes to make fun of people and sit in his chair while others do his dirty work. He created Ramsay in order to show the readers what it was really like back in the medieval period. There are many real life examples of incredibly cruel and sadistic people from our history. Here's a list of people ( real people from history ) that are arguably worse than Ramsay: - Godfrey of Bouillon. A french nobleman who fought in the First Crusade. He marched with thousands of men on Levant ( which is basically where Syria and some other Arab countries are ). They were there to kill and take Land from other people. During the siege of Jerusalem this guy and his men captured many Jews and then they burned them alive. Those who tried to surrender were killed on the spot and civilians ( also Jews ) who begged for mercy and asked for sanctuary were trampled to death. This is from The chronicler Fulk of Chartres describing the massacre: "Indeed, if you had been there you would have seen our feet colored to our ankles with the blood of the slain. But what more shall I relate? None of them were left alive, neither women nor children were spared." - Ferdinand I, King of Naples. The bastard son of the Spanish monarch, Ferdinand/Ferrante. One day this guy decided to invite some French noblemen to dinner. They were actually spies/agents of his rival for the Throne of Naples. Anyway after they finished their dinner, he fed some of them to crocodiles and imprisoned others for 30 years. Some of them were later killed and propped up in a mock banquet, their bodies were pickled and turned into mummies. He made sure they looked "lively" during the feast. - Galeazzo Maria Sforza. This was a great guy. He cared about his people and was very religious. In fact he was so religious that he imprisoned a priest because when the priest was asked "How long shall i rule" the priest answered "11 years". Galeazzo was so thrilled that he decided to not only throw the guy in jail, but he also decided that it would be bad for the poor father's health to eat too much, so he told his guards to feed him only when absolutely necessary! So they gave him a little food and said "Have fun!". The priest soon ran out of food, and was forced to eat his own excrement. Twelve days later he died. Galeazzo was of course devastated when he heard that the good father had passed away, so to cheer himself up, he organized a gang rape of some poor women ( which was his favorite pastime activity ). His men loved him of course. Those who never got invited to his gang rape parties were so butthurt that they started spreading rumors about how he poisoned his own mother. He did not care about this totally false rumors and turned to his second favorite hobby, torturing prisoners. - William The Bad, King of Sicily. Apparently when his subjects got tired of him and decided to rebel and tried to put his 9 year old son on the Throne, William killed the boy ( his own son ) by kicking him to death. So no, I've got no problem with Ramsay being a total lunatic in the books who tortures people, rapes women, and has "human beings" for pets. He has no real power. He is a bastard and a psychopath who is hated by the entire North, any idiot can torture you after you have been taken prisoner and you are unable to defend yourself. I don't understand why so many readers think that Ramsay is so terrifying, Roose is terrifying, The Mountain is somewhat terrifying ( if you have to fight him 1v1 because the dude is a freak of nature ), Maegor I Targaryen AKA Maegor The Cruel was terrifying, Littlefinger is terrifying because he acts like the nicest person alive but is probably more sadistic than Roose Bolton and is probably the most intelligent person in Westeros ( not counting Bloodraven ), Euron is Euron.
  2. LordMiddleFinger

    House Frey should be respected

    Walder Frey had an opportunity to build a similar reputation for his House like Tywin did for his own. His mistake was that he did something so dishonorable during the RW that he basically destroyed any chance of Freys regaining their honor in the future. Robb Stark fucked him, he swore that he would marry his daughter and then he went and married Jeyne Westerling. The facts are the facts and you can't argue with facts: - Robb did break his promise to Lord Walder. - Robb did insult Walder Frey and his entire family. - Walder Frey had every right to be furious about what happened. - Had he just forgiven Robb he would've been viewed as a fool and a weak Lord. He should've just switched sides and join the Lannisters or just sit in his castle, make sure Robb and his army can't march back North, and wait for Tywin to oblitirate Robb and his army on the battlefield. And let's face it, without The Freys and the Karstarks, Robb had NO chance of winning against The Lannister AND the Tyrells. His days were numbered anyway, Walder was just too impatient and too angry to just let Tywin deal with the Young Wolf. I realize that Tywin offered him a deal but he could've refused to go through with the RW and just tell Tywin that he will not do something that would destroy the reputation of his House forever and turn the entire North and the Riverlands against him, but that he will do nothing to help the rebels and that he'll make sure that they can't run back North to safety should Tywin and his forces march on them and force them to retreat. He could've gotten his revenge, preserve what little honor his family had left, and send a message to other Houses that The Freys don't take shit from anyone. But he fucked up, so now his days are numbered and his House will likely be completely destroyed before it's all said and done.
  3. LordMiddleFinger

    Do you see the red God becoming popular in Westeroes?

    It can go either way. If Jon Snow turns out to be Azor Ahai in the books and somehow defeats the Others, then i imagine a vast majority of the people in Westeros are going to turn the Red God AKA R'hllor. I can also see the North refusing to accept a new religion and a new "God" considering how hard they fought to keep their religion ( the old Gods ) even when the faith of the 7 took over as the dominant/main religion in Westeros. The Ironborn are definitely not going to turn their backs on the Drowned God no matter what happens. On the other hand even if R'hllor turns out to be real, and his champion Azor Ahai defeats the Others, the chances are that Azor Ahai ( if the prophecy is even real ) is probably going to die fighting the Others and the survivors of the war are going to be the ones who write down how it all went down and what happened ( as long as it suits their goals ). So if they decide that they don't want a new religion in Westeros they could easily say that the new Gods ( faith of the seven religion ) were the ones who helped them defeat the Others. They erase any and all records of Azor Ahai and his involvement in the war, and in 50-100 years no one will know the truth of what really happened ( that's if the Others don't kill them all and win ). In any case it doesn't really matter that much in the end.
  4. LordMiddleFinger

    Elite Fighters vs Raw Physical strength who wins?

    Jaime deserves a place in the "Best Swordsman in ASOIAF" category. He might not have Barristan' experience or Arthur Dayne's reputation but that's a direct result of what he did to the King he was supposed to protect with his life, it would stand to reason that people would refuse to acknowledge his incredible skill with a sword and think of him as a snake who prefers to fight dirty and stab his opponent in the back like a coward ( all the things that Jaime is not ). Jaime was the best swordsman in Westeros at the begining of the story, the first book "A Game of Thrones". Even George R.R. Martin said this. In my opinion he is better than old Barristan but prime Barristan Selmy was most likely better than Jaime. Having said that, i believe that in a fight between a younger Barristan Selmy and Jame Lannister from from the first book, Barristan wins but barely. Just my personal opinion, i am not shitting on your comment or your opinion. Cheers.
  5. LordMiddleFinger

    Elite Fighters vs Raw Physical strength who wins?

    This is a fantasy match up. Of course Sandor wants Gregor dead but in this scenario it's just a team of monsters vs a team of elite swordsman.
  6. LordMiddleFinger

    The People Vs. Sansa Stark. Exhibit A: Lyanna Stark

    1. We still don't know what really happened between Rhaegar and Lyanna. For all we know George might surprise us in the future books and reveal to us that Rhaegar was a villain who really did kidnap Lyanna Stark and raped her. 2. What if Rhaegar was so obsessed with the Azor Ahai prophecy that he decided that the only way to save the world is to kidnap Lyanna, force her to have his child ( a nice way of saying: he raped her ) and then died while fighting Robert still thinking he was saving the world. 3. What if, and this is just a crazy theory i have... what if Lyanna was a.... WHORE! A Highborn slut who didn't like Bobby and wanted to ride a Dragon, so she ran away with this feminine "stud" so that she could fu... i mean, make sweet love to him because she was in heat, i mean... in love. So who cares if thousands died because of what Rhaegar and Lyanna did... they were in love!
  7. LordMiddleFinger

    The People Vs. Sansa Stark. Exhibit A: Lyanna Stark

    The Illuminati. Shhhh!
  8. LordMiddleFinger

    Who would be the best King from the WoFK

    Definitely Stannis. Unlike Robert, Stannis actually takes his duties seriously. He wouldn't waste gold on tourneys, wouldn't allow Littlefinger ( not saying that Littlefinger would still be the Master of Coin if Stannis is King ) to manipulate him into financially ruining the 7 Kingdoms, Varys and his little birds would be executed so that means Aegon doesn't have an "inside man" in Westeros anymore, The North would probably bend the knee to him once he gets rid of the Lannisters and returns Sansa to her family, Dorne would come back into the fold considering that in this scenario all of the Lannisters are dead, Pycelle is probably executed, he would help the people from the Riverlands get back on feet if they also bend the knee to the Mannis, Westeros would be prepared for the Others if Stannis is King, Bolton take over does not happen or if it does The Mannis rides North and destroys them... everything would be better. And don't tell me that he would introduce a new religion in Westeros and people would turn on him, the smallfolk would be so grateful that the war is over and that they now have a King who actually cares about them that it wouldn't matter what God he worships. The only problem i see with this is the fact that he doesn't have a male heir.
  9. LordMiddleFinger

    Elite Fighters vs Raw Physical strength who wins?

    I agree with you that Robert was more than just a "big, strong guy with a warhammer" he was also a very skilled warrior in my opinion but Rhaegar is overrated if you ask me. Not an Elite swordsman/warrior which is why he lost against Robert. As for the others: Gregor is a freaking idiot. He barely has any actual talent, he is just a freak of nature and a incredibly strong maniac who loves killing, so of course he's going to be a challenge to take down. He is not in the elite class of fighters however. Victarion is a vicious warrior and very brave but he is not very bright, in fact, he is an idiot according to George R.R. Martin. Also he relies too much on his physical strength to win. Smalljon Umber doesn't have many impressive feats, he is a huge man but not really known for his skill with a sword. Greatjon is probably closer to being an elite warrior considering that Jaime actually considers him a challenge. Strong Belwas is very skilled and experienced but he is too reckless, I'd like to see him try that "I'll let you cut me one time before i kill you" shit with Ser Arthur Dayne or any other member of the elite team, he'd be dead in a second if he did that. Drogo is quite agile and fast for his size but he would be like a fish out of water fighting against someone like Jaime, Arthur, Barristan or Daemon. Which is why it's a 8 against 4 type of scenario.
  10. LordMiddleFinger

    Elite Fighters vs Raw Physical strength who wins?

    I totally agree with you that Sandor Clegane is a mixture of incredible physical strength and impressive fighting skills ( he's a very good swordsman but i wouldn't put him in the same league as Arthur Dayne, Barristan Selmy, Jaime Lannister and Daemon I Blackfyre ). I thought the big guys needed a skilled swordsman on their team to make it more interesting. Now i admit that i should've been more specific about the conditions as you yourself mentioned: Battlefield, leaders, weather conditions, equipment and weapons and all that stuff. The idea was that all of these fighters are: - In their prime. - They are using their favorite weapons ( which means that Ser Arthur is using his greatsword Dawn, is in his Kingsguard armor. Jaime has his gilded longsword and Kingsguard armor, Barristan also has a Longsword and his Kingsguard armor, Daemon has his Valyrian Steel sword, Blackfyre, Robert is using his Warhammer, Victarion has his battle axe, Greatjon has his giant greatsword, Belwas has his curved arakh and his shield, Gregor is using his two handed greatsword and is in his ridiculous armor which makes him even more dangerous, Sandor has his longsword and his standard armor, Drogo fights with an arakh of course, he also has his tiny bells LOL. ) - They fight to the death - Fight takes place in an open field somewhere, no distractions from other people. - Day time, it's a little cold but no rain, snow and stuff like that. "And why do you want the match to be two to one in favor of the behemoths?" Great question! It is because i want to know if you guys think that superior skill, intelligence and natural talent is enough to overcome something like a team of, well, basically monsters who outnumber you two to 1. And i welcome all opinions and outcomes.
  11. So i was thinking about this the other day and i would like to hear your thoughts on this, do fighters/warriors with superior fighting skills ( swordsmanship, fighting strategy, speed, experience, incredible talent ) really have an upper hand against fighters with incredible physical strength? In my opinion they do. But what would happen if a small group of Elite swordsman/warriors are attacked by a larger group of freakishly strong and big warriors? For example, i think that in a fight between 4 Elite Swordsman against 7 or 8 super strong and freakishly big/tall/muscular fighters, the 4 Elite swordsman would probably win. What do you guys think? BTW just to give you an example of what i mean, i chose these fighters to decide which group has the advantage: Elite Swordsman team: Ser Arthur Dayne, Ser Barristan Selmy, Ser Jaime Lannister and Daemon I Blackfyre AKA "The Black Dragon" AKA "The Warrior Himself" Raw physical strength/power team: Gregor Clegane, Sandor Clegane, Robert Baratheon, Greatjon Umber, Smalljon Umber, Strong Belwas, Victarion Greyjoy, Khal Drogo. Who wins?
  12. LordMiddleFinger

    Casterly Rock Why?

    The real question is: Why didn't Euron just wait for the unsullied to come out of the Castle and then slaughter them all. Jaime could've left an additional 2,000 Lannister men hidden on Euron's ships and Euron must have at least 5,000 Ironborn in his army. The Unsullied were already weakened as a result of their battle against the Lannister soldiers protecting CR. It would make sense for Jaime to want to get rid of the Unsullied in order to weaken the Mad Queen and her army and to send her a message. "Fuck with the Lannisters, just know that we'll fuck you back twice as hard."
  13. LordMiddleFinger

    Was Robert right about Dany?

    Robert did not really fear that the Dothraki are going to come to Westeros and actually win, he was worried about the Targaryen loyalists joining the Targaryen "WHORE" and her army of savages. Robert was smarter than people think, he was not meant to be a King but a warrior. He understood the battlefield better than the politics of KL and how to run a Kingdom. He was one of the best military commanders in Westeros and he knew that Houses still loyal to Targaryen name would betray him if Daenerys invades with an army of Dothraki. Houses that would side with the "WHORE": - House Martell. They want revenge for what happened to Princess Elia and considering that Tywin would side with the Crown, they would definitely join Daenerys. - House Tarly. In my opinion it is possible that they would support a Targaryen in this scenario, not too sure about that though. - House Hightower ( unless they are involved with the whole Citadel conspiracy AKA "Fuck da Dragons!" ) Still without fully grown Dragons, the WHORE and her Dothraki rapists get slaughtered by the combined forces of Westeros, not even the secret "Targaryen Loyalists" can change the outcome of this war.
  14. LordMiddleFinger

    Sansa/Ramsay marriage did not make sense

    Umm... remember the huge army that Tywin commanded during the WOTFK? In the show it's stated several times that Jaime has 30,000 men under his command and Tywin's host is even larger. Jaime's forces were destroyed in the show by some 16,000 Northmen ( even though Jaime had a much larger army then Robb did in the show version but whatever ). The point is, Tywin' part of the Lannister army was not really that weakened in the show. In the books Roose Bolton attacks the Lannisters with 16,000 men and Tywin had about 20,000 men in the books, so if the same thing happened in the show i would understand if they were like: "Tywin lost a lot of men during that battle, the Lannisters are in a very poor shape as a result of the war of the five Kings" but in the show Tywin has an army 30,000 strong and Robb sends 2,000 men to attack him, i doubt the Lannisters lost a great number of men during that battle, it was probably slaughter from the start. So how exactly do you figure that Roose Bolton had no reason to fear the Lannisters? Jaime ( who now leads the Lannister army ) is a pretty good military commander in the show. He is not on Tywin's level or on Stannis's level when it comes to strategy and tactics but he is a better commander than Roose Bolton. Not to mention that at this point the Tyrells were still on the Crown' side. There was no way for Roose to predict that Cersei would fuck it all up with her ego and her idiotic plan to use the High Sparrow to fuck with the Tyrells.Even without the Tyrells, Cersei and Jaime still have enough men to march on Winterfell and destroy Roose and his 5,000 men ( 6,000-7,000 if the rest of the North decides to support them ). Book Roose would never risk pissing off The Lannisters when he already has most of the North plotting his downfall.
  15. LordMiddleFinger

    Sansa/Ramsay marriage did not make sense

    They really fucked up when they decided to make Littlefinger an idiot in season 5. Why would he give Sansa to the Boltons? What did he gain by doing this? Nothing! They sort of had a way out and a chance to make Littlefinger a brilliant strategist in season 6, how? Well he could've just waited for Stannis and his Army to attack Winterfell and then come to the rescue with the Knights of the Vale ( sort of what he did in season 6, Battle of the Bastards ) and the Boltons would be out of the picture, Stannis would be a valuable ally considering that he was the greatest military commander in Westeros ( at least in the books he is ) and Littlefinger would have the upper hand in that partnership considering that he would control the larger force/army and Stannis would have to put up with him even though he despises people like Littlefinger. Later on Littlefinger could just betray Stannis by changing sides again or just have him assassinated and blame it on the Lannisters. The North would consider him a Hero for getting rid of Ramsay Bolton and for saving Sansa Bolton. Sansa would think that he did it because he loves her and he would be able to manipulate her to do whatever he wants her to do. Instead he waited like an idiot for The Boltons to destroy Stannis and his army, for Jon Snow to march on Winterfell which made him look like a hero ( that could've been you, show Baelish! ) and for Bran and Arya to come back to Winterfell and "play him at his own game". Hell he could've just gone through with whole: "Name me Warden of the North and I'll get rid of Stannis and the Boltons and bring you Sansa's head on a spike" scenario he used to manipulate Cersei. This could've worked, but Dumb and Dumber don't seem to care about LOGIC very much.