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  1. I really don't see what the problem here is. George R.R. Martin is a realist. He won't write a story where the villain is just some arrogant asshole who likes to make fun of people and sit in his chair while others do his dirty work. He created Ramsay in order to show the readers what it was really like back in the medieval period. There are many real life examples of incredibly cruel and sadistic people from our history. Here's a list of people ( real people from history ) that are arguably worse than Ramsay: - Godfrey of Bouillon. A french nobleman who fought in the First Crusade. He marched with thousands of men on Levant ( which is basically where Syria and some other Arab countries are ). They were there to kill and take Land from other people. During the siege of Jerusalem this guy and his men captured many Jews and then they burned them alive. Those who tried to surrender were killed on the spot and civilians ( also Jews ) who begged for mercy and asked for sanctuary were trampled to death. This is from The chronicler Fulk of Chartres describing the massacre: "Indeed, if you had been there you would have seen our feet colored to our ankles with the blood of the slain. But what more shall I relate? None of them were left alive, neither women nor children were spared." - Ferdinand I, King of Naples. The bastard son of the Spanish monarch, Ferdinand/Ferrante. One day this guy decided to invite some French noblemen to dinner. They were actually spies/agents of his rival for the Throne of Naples. Anyway after they finished their dinner, he fed some of them to crocodiles and imprisoned others for 30 years. Some of them were later killed and propped up in a mock banquet, their bodies were pickled and turned into mummies. He made sure they looked "lively" during the feast. - Galeazzo Maria Sforza. This was a great guy. He cared about his people and was very religious. In fact he was so religious that he imprisoned a priest because when the priest was asked "How long shall i rule" the priest answered "11 years". Galeazzo was so thrilled that he decided to not only throw the guy in jail, but he also decided that it would be bad for the poor father's health to eat too much, so he told his guards to feed him only when absolutely necessary! So they gave him a little food and said "Have fun!". The priest soon ran out of food, and was forced to eat his own excrement. Twelve days later he died. Galeazzo was of course devastated when he heard that the good father had passed away, so to cheer himself up, he organized a gang rape of some poor women ( which was his favorite pastime activity ). His men loved him of course. Those who never got invited to his gang rape parties were so butthurt that they started spreading rumors about how he poisoned his own mother. He did not care about this totally false rumors and turned to his second favorite hobby, torturing prisoners. - William The Bad, King of Sicily. Apparently when his subjects got tired of him and decided to rebel and tried to put his 9 year old son on the Throne, William killed the boy ( his own son ) by kicking him to death. So no, I've got no problem with Ramsay being a total lunatic in the books who tortures people, rapes women, and has "human beings" for pets. He has no real power. He is a bastard and a psychopath who is hated by the entire North, any idiot can torture you after you have been taken prisoner and you are unable to defend yourself. I don't understand why so many readers think that Ramsay is so terrifying, Roose is terrifying, The Mountain is somewhat terrifying ( if you have to fight him 1v1 because the dude is a freak of nature ), Maegor I Targaryen AKA Maegor The Cruel was terrifying, Littlefinger is terrifying because he acts like the nicest person alive but is probably more sadistic than Roose Bolton and is probably the most intelligent person in Westeros ( not counting Bloodraven ), Euron is Euron.
  2. LordMiddleFinger

    Who would be the best King from the WoFK

    Definitely Stannis. Unlike Robert, Stannis actually takes his duties seriously. He wouldn't waste gold on tourneys, wouldn't allow Littlefinger ( not saying that Littlefinger would still be the Master of Coin if Stannis is King ) to manipulate him into financially ruining the 7 Kingdoms, Varys and his little birds would be executed so that means Aegon doesn't have an "inside man" in Westeros anymore, The North would probably bend the knee to him once he gets rid of the Lannisters and returns Sansa to her family, Dorne would come back into the fold considering that in this scenario all of the Lannisters are dead, Pycelle is probably executed, he would help the people from the Riverlands get back on feet if they also bend the knee to the Mannis, Westeros would be prepared for the Others if Stannis is King, Bolton take over does not happen or if it does The Mannis rides North and destroys them... everything would be better. And don't tell me that he would introduce a new religion in Westeros and people would turn on him, the smallfolk would be so grateful that the war is over and that they now have a King who actually cares about them that it wouldn't matter what God he worships. The only problem i see with this is the fact that he doesn't have a male heir.
  3. LordMiddleFinger

    Casterly Rock Why?

    The real question is: Why didn't Euron just wait for the unsullied to come out of the Castle and then slaughter them all. Jaime could've left an additional 2,000 Lannister men hidden on Euron's ships and Euron must have at least 5,000 Ironborn in his army. The Unsullied were already weakened as a result of their battle against the Lannister soldiers protecting CR. It would make sense for Jaime to want to get rid of the Unsullied in order to weaken the Mad Queen and her army and to send her a message. "Fuck with the Lannisters, just know that we'll fuck you back twice as hard."
  4. LordMiddleFinger

    How would you rate episode 702?

    I give it an 8, because Euron and his BIG COCK got rid of the Sand Snakes and killed the terrible "Dorne storyline" in under 2 minutes. If only Daenerys got the same treatment it would've been 10/10.
  5. LordMiddleFinger

    How did The Reach lose?

    The Reach forces were destroyed in the show because according to D&D logic, if you have a Rose for a Sigil, your army doesn't know how to fight. Who cares that the Tyrells commanded the largest military force in Westeros. Who cares that even Stannis, the greatest military commander in Westeros thought that there is no way he can beat his brother on the field because he had the Tyrell army on his side. Who cares that Jaime had a smaller force when he was marching on Highgarden, it's not like the Tyrell forces had the option to just wait inside the Castle, let Jaime and Randyll try to storm the castle and then kill thousands of their men using their archers and high walls to protect their own men. It's not like Lady Olenna had enough food supplies for a 2-3 year long siege and Jaime had to defeat her armies, take her castle, steal her gold and march back to KL as fast as humanly possible in order to avoid an ambush from Daenerys and her Dothraki savages...
  6. LordMiddleFinger

    So... Who gets Dorne?

    Dorne? LOL no such thing in the show version.
  7. LordMiddleFinger

    Manderly Wrote the Pink Letter

    But would Lord Manderly really want a bastard to march on Winterfell with a Wildling army? He wants Rickon as his Liege Lord, remember? Would he risk a situation where Jon Snow decides that he wants to rule Winterfell and the North?