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    I think the scroll...

    OMG! Totally miss this part. Was this in the books or/and the show? Book/show details are killing me.
  2. Check out the Order of the Green Hand videos in youtube if you want an alternative theory on Jon's parentage.
  3. She asked for Tyrion and Jon's advise which they both gave. Tyrion advised her not to attack the Red Keep by virtue of her being queen. Tyrion is a chess player (or cyvasse as is the case in this story) so his thing is less chances of the queen being killed is better. Tyrion is a reader and might I say a fanatic of dragons/dragonlore. Daenerys might think she's invincible because she has 3 dragons but history says otherwise. No need to add that the show also confirmed it. For more on this you can read the long Targaryen history in this same website's wiki. Dany understands Tyrion wants her safe and protected but at the same time she is right in entertaining the thought that Tyrion might just be protecting his family and playing her considering recent events. So she asked Jon's opinion. Keep in mind her original plan is to burn the Red Keep/KL. Jon does not directly tell her to do/don't do that. He instead tells her that if she does (continue with her plan) she would not be any different than those who aspired/sat the throne. So in essence, she did somehow follow Jon's advice by ambushing the soldiers (man who are totally aware they are in a war and somehow have accepted their fate in consequence of them taking part in it) on their way back to King's Landing instead of KL itself and its inhabitants (the "Sheep"). If I heard it right Randyll Tarly, also mentions that all (?) the gold has entered KL. The background scene also shows a huge structure that definitely doesn't look like the Citadel in Oldtown. As for locating the current movement of Jaime's forces, Varys must have that info as that is after all his purpose in Dany's council. The raven network is also in play. Now the logistics, if you look back to your map, Dragonstone is an island just off the Blackwater Bay. Same position Stannis was originally in battle of the Blackwater (where Tyrion used wildfire). Since she fought with the Dothraki not the Unsullied, it's safe to say they went by boat/ship and landed somewhere near the Kingswood to ambush Jaime's forces in the Roseroad as they are coming from Highgarden. Not to mention Davos and Tyrion who fought in Blackwater bay are there to provide insights. As for the strategic value of her decision, she indeed show that she has dragons and that her army although undisciplined (as compared to the westerosi) have a probability of defeating Cersei's. However, as the whole point of her rage on why they lost is Casterly Rock and Highgarden is food/resources not sure if she has hit that objective. We'll see next episode Now to your question - So who advised her to take that action? They all advised her. As any leader, commander do, you ask for your council's advise but it ultimately falls on you to decide what/which action to take.
  4. The Great Udder

    Jon should bend his knees.

    This is just plain amazing. Glad someone can be as objective and logical when it comes to GoT.
  5. The Great Udder

    Jon should bend his knees.

    Exactly. Nothing is to be gained by either party in debating the whole matter over and over again. Their actually both losing time and resource by insisting on this battle of wills. To be fair though, even if Jon has already pledge the North's loyalty and support to her claim (can't remember if he already did) it is wise of her to show a little bit of caution. Realistically, they can't be plain comrades (really rooting for this solution) by virtue of a few days of interaction, they can either: a.) marry (if GRRM/D&D would like to follow the fairy-tale story type) b.) exchange valuable resource ( e.g. like theon being fostered by the starks to prevent greyjoy rebellion) Jon is big on equality per his experience with the wildings so a fair and equal trade would be a more persuasive argument than bending the knee. It doesn't always have to be a zero-sum game. There surely is a way that both parties can win.
  6. The Great Udder

    Jon should bend his knees.

    Why are we only asking for Jon's excuses not to bend the knee? Why aren't we asking why Dany requires someone to bow to her? If your answer is because it is her birthright or her Targaryen ancestry, then who is being stubborn now? If your answer is because she has the dragons/dragon steel/resource, then how is she a queen who cares for the people is she chooses to withhold resources to aid them? Why is her help contingent on something as petty as bowing and scraping if she aspires to be a better ruler? Is her ego greater than her people's survival?
  7. The Great Udder

    [Spoilers] EP608

    Love is the death of duty and honor - Maester Aemon
  8. The Great Udder

    [Spoilers] EP605

    Yes, please. A whole episode explaining the why and how of every event, arc and character development. That wouldn't be boring and tedious.
  9. The Great Udder

    [Spoiler] EP604

    I don't think they were thrilled. I think to them it was a stupendous event. Something tremendous and terrible that they were inclined to kneel down (?). They are of course a largely superstitious lot too. Who knows, this might be one of those old Dothraki prophecies.
  10. The Great Udder

    [Spoiler] EP604

    Jon also cracked a joke. Imagine that!