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  1. delspark

    Be as unhelpful as possible 2.to

    Nah! You are doing fine on your own.Carry on! I say," The Winds of Winter won't be published even next year." Anyone wanna bet against me?
  2. Are you talking about the matter that is a physical substance in general, as distinct from mind and spirit; (in physics) that which occupies space and possesses rest mass, especially as distinct from energy?
  3. delspark

    TWOW humble opinion discussion

    1.Myrcella 2.Old town 3.Kings moot 4.No resurrection. Wildings will do as per Val's order. They won't fear Mel. 5. Mance 6. Starks 7. LF will die near the series end. 8. Kill few possible people. 9. Both Tyrion and Dany will 50% Hate & 50% Like each other. 10. Sam will find important facts that will save Westeros from Others. 11. To access something that might kill dragons or Others. 12. No they wont make it alive. Arianne. 13. Aegon will marry Arianne. 14. Aegon 15.Many possible candidates. 16. No idea.
  4. delspark

    Sandor Clegane's future

    Icky!! No Sandor is dead meat. Although Mountain's soul may be dark magic-d into Robert strong
  5. By the time Robb returned to Riverrun, the news of him marrying Jeyne would have reached Tywin. The news about Robb seeking forgiveness by making an alliance for his uncle with Frey would have also got into Tywin's ear. What better way to already use the given chaos and remove Robb than kill him using a FM? Hiring someone to murder Robb would directly point the finger at Lannisters and risk Jamie's life.
  6. Why would Tywin and Rhaegar want to go through all this trouble? They could simply poison or assassinate Aerys using someone from Braavos. That way their honour too would not be questioned or be labelled as Kinslayer/Kingslayer.