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  1. I loved this episode! Arya finally got her eve he for the red wedding! Cersie burned them all with the wildfire. Looks like Jaime may be the one to kill her next season if they are going. With the whole Volonqar prophecy. Dany is finally riding towards Westeros! Jon is King in the North! I still don't trust Sansa. Mel going South means she will run into Arya likely, the Brotherhood, Sandor, and Brienne too maybe. And finally the reveal of R+L=J! Wow.
  2. This was a really great episode! I loved that Tamsey died by his hounds! Karma's a bitch... Sansa didn't tell Jon about the Vale army and they come in at the last minuet and she's smirking. Gah! I did love her little smile after she walked away from Ramsey getting hounded... poor Rickon. Poor thing didn't stand a chance.
  3. I liked the episode but why did they have to make Arya so stupid! She's a smart girl why did t she have Needle on her? Why did she trust the 'old lady'? Man my heart broke when she got stabbed. Arya better kill the Waif and escape on that boat next episode. The Hound!! Oh my god! I kind of want Ary and the Hound to reunite now...
  4. I really enjoyed this episode even though it was more of a set up episode. I was actually surprised to enjoy Sam and Gilly's scenes. I thought the second scene of theirs was pretty good. Walder Frey is back and Arya better be the one to kill him. Actually speaking of Arya-Yes! So much character development we saw tonight. She is Arya Stark, she won't kill off innocent people, she can feel what other characters feel like how she knew how Cersie would react, and Needle! Something about how they are protraying the Faceless Men is confusing me. The Waif goes ' you promised me' to Jaqen; to kill Arya. She is not being a FM. And Jaqen's comment that Arya had many great gifts sounded sad... I wonder if this the actual test. We all know Arya has to get back to Weateros and hopefully it will be with the theatre troupe. Benjen is back! Go Bran! I loved their scenes. And I felt for poor Meera. King's Landing... Was interesting. Same for Dany. I bet Yara and Theon will come to her aid with the ships.
  5. I loved this episode! I knew Jon was coming back but actually seeing it on screen was amazing! And Ghost was so adorable! The Tyrion scene with the dragons I loved! It was great! It made me want a pet dragon too, haha! The Arya scene was as short as the first episode sadly, BUT! - her scene next season looks to be a lot longer with more progress with story and character development. Hopefully she'll get her eyesight back next episode. Sansa knowing Arya is alive is great also. And Tower of Joy next episode!!!!!
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