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  1. I guess Dragonstone and Casterly Rock. Which she can easily recapture if and when they win the fight against the NK.
  2. The first point of absurdity about the effort to capture a wight was their purpose for doing so. They don't need to convince Cersei to stop the war and turn her attention to the threat from beyond the wall, if they can just convince Dany. With Dany and her dragons and the Dothraki and the Unsullied and the Lords of the North and the Free Folk and a lot of dragon glass and a few Valyrion swords on Jon's side, they could face the threat together, and let the Lannisters (who are never to be trusted) do whatever they want in their part of Westeros until the Night's King is defeated.Then they can come back south and deal with the Lannisters. Everything from this first point on just becomes increasingly absurd. And as a result the Night's King now has the very tool he needs to melt a hole through the wall, whereas up until now he and his army were contained.
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    I suppose it should be Ser Pounce.