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  1. https://subterraneanpress.com/slider-tabs/just-announced/fire-blood Subterranean Press preorder page is live for those with ADWD
  2. I have Subterranean Press Limited numbered set for sale - it has a few imperfections on cases so I would not list it as perfect. But could be a good deal for someone who wants to save $$$ Game of Thrones Clash of Kings Storm of Swords Feast for Crows Dance of Dragons I think i have sketchbooks and bookmarks. I do not have the earlier MM editions Please PM if interested.
  3. ym2000

    Books For Sale

    New titles added
  4. ym2000

    Books For Sale

    Lowered prices and updated!
  5. ym2000

    Books For Sale

    REDUCED PRICES:Shattered Sea trilogy By Joe Abercrombie SP Lettered, $900The Cold Commands/ The Steel Remains SP Limited set $150NOS4A2 Joe Hill IDW Lettered $550The Name OF The Wind 1st UK Proof and 1st UK Paperback $300ALASTAIR REYNOLDS Revelation Space [signature edition] $200THEMIS FILES TRILOGY Sylvain Neuvel - UK Signed Limited Matching Numbered Set $130R. J. Barker - Blood of Assassins / Age of Assassins - Signed LTD Matching set $150Linnea Hartsuyker - The Half Drowned King & The Sea Queen Signed & Numbered matching set -$115Who Censored Roger Rabbit? by Gary K. Wolf - Signed - Limited - Centipede Press $80All prices Friends and Family PP plus shipping. Please ask questions or photos.
  6. Not my listing but looks like a good deal: https://www.ebay.com/itm/George-R-R-Martin-Subterranean-Press-Song-of-Ice-Fire-Game-Thrones-Signed-number/253478834564?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649
  7. ym2000

    Books for sale

    GRRM - Hunters Run, signed, slipcased and custom remarqued by Bob Eggleton, 200$ Joe Hill Nos4a2 IDW, Lettered edition, Fine, 700$ F&F plus shipping
  8. Yes - rerelease with Jon Snow on the over.
  9. Signed? Im thinking in 400 range for fine plus condition. They have been all over the board lately mainly because of the books condition. And since its not really a fist edition ( although it does have 1 in the numbers line) I have no idea of a print run
  10. Still looking for 1st / 1st in PERFECT condition preferably signed
  11. And now you have that "match" bug - hahaha , good luck!!! And congratulations !
  12. ym2000

    What do you Collect?

    Incredible collection Pat - I am blown away. I will try to look you up on Facebook as well! Cheers
  13. Good Luck on your journey - its a fun ride!
  14. ym2000

    What do you Collect?

    I just got my shipping notice yesterday!
  15. I'm looking for SubPress AA editions - ASOS, AFFC. Also AA Lettered Meisha M editions for AGOT, ACOK. I have for sale: MM edition of ACOK #153 new and sealed, SubPress AGOT and ACOK matching set # 39.