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    Books for sale

    GRRM - Hunters Run, signed, slipcased and custom remarqued by Bob Eggleton, 200$ Joe Hill Nos4a2 IDW, Lettered edition, Fine, 700$ F&F plus shipping
  2. Not my listing but looks like a good deal: https://www.ebay.com/itm/George-R-R-Martin-Subterranean-Press-Song-of-Ice-Fire-Game-Thrones-Signed-number/253478834564?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649
  3. Yes - rerelease with Jon Snow on the over.
  4. Still looking for 1st / 1st in PERFECT condition preferably signed
  5. Signed? Im thinking in 400 range for fine plus condition. They have been all over the board lately mainly because of the books condition. And since its not really a fist edition ( although it does have 1 in the numbers line) I have no idea of a print run
  6. I have a special discount code for Grim Oak Press anthologies - Unbound, Unfettered and Unfettered II that will get you 25% OFF this weekend - just enter "yegor-coupon" in apply coupon code field. It will give you a very nice intro into amazing world of this fantasy books publisher if you already do not own any! Have fun!
  7. And now you have that "match" bug - hahaha , good luck!!! And congratulations !
  8. For Sale or will take trades (see below signature for desired books):
  9. ym2000

    Books for sale - GRRM and others

    UPDATED For Sale or will take trades (see below signature for desired books):Joe Abercrombie Half/... trilogy, 1st/UK/numbered matching in custom slipcases $250George RR Martin - Wild Cards - 6 book set, all signed, immaculate $120 - Suicide Kings, Busted Flush, Lowball, High Stakes, Fort Freak, Inside StraightScott Lynch - Bastards trilogy, 1st/UK, 3 books signed and doodled $450 Robert McCammon - Last Train To Perdition, SubPress, limited, 55$, new Gene Wolfe - A Borrowed Man - PS, slipcased, signed, $45, new Joe Hill - Horns PS, limited $350, new Joe Hill - 20th Century Ghosts, PS, Lettered $800 Stephen King - Doctor Sleep CD, Limited, $ 500, fine Hyperion Set - Dan Simmons $725, new PM me if you have interest and for photos - prices F&F plus media shipping.
  10. ym2000

    What do you Collect?

    Incredible collection Pat - I am blown away. I will try to look you up on Facebook as well! Cheers
  11. Good Luck on your journey - its a fun ride!
  12. ym2000

    What do you Collect?

    I just got my shipping notice yesterday!
  13. I'm looking for SubPress AA editions - ASOS, AFFC. Also AA Lettered Meisha M editions for AGOT, ACOK. I have for sale: MM edition of ACOK #153 new and sealed, SubPress AGOT and ACOK matching set # 39.
  14. Hi! I'm looking for particular volumes ASOIAF - what is the best way to let you know? I really appreciate all the help!

  15. Thank you! What about Lettered editions and adding them to the mix of numbered? I know they are considered the Holy Grail of sorts - yet there was a sale on eBay a few weeks ago for HH set that I thought wasn't that much higher then a numbered set.
  16. Hi New member here. I started my obsession/collecting with a set that was for sale here a few months ago - same number of MM AGOT and ACOK and then matching ASOS and AFOC from Subterranean. I already had AGOT and ACOK with a different number. So it's "completed" but not matched set. Question - whats the difference between a full match and a partial one, speaking in value %? https://www.dropbox.com/s/3lsmx7bkcobhf30/GOT.jpg?dl=0