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  1. This setup also seems iffy to me. Does someone involved (other than Littlefinger) know who Sansa is? Otherwise I'm not sure it makes sense.
  2. Lady bonehead

    Jamie's second chance.

    He should have made a decision before he did. If he'd been cleverer, he could have killed Aerys in a way that made it look like the act of an anonymous assassin. He waited because he wanted to do the honorable thing and be true to his vows. He also could have made sure that Elia and the kids were absolutely safe, but he didn't, because he thought they were safe enough where they were. And he's tortured himself ever since then for making the wrong decisions when he was 17. That's the story.
  3. Lady bonehead

    Could Penny be Tyrion's daughter?

    Penny is Tyrion's sister. Tyrion is actually the product of a fling between Joanna and a traveling dwarf (haven't heard this theory before, but it makes as much sense as many).
  4. Lady bonehead

    Why did they have to fight at the ToJ?

    I don’t believe Rhaegar was mad, just an impractical dreamer who believed in prophesies and visions and didn’t handle power politics very well. Of course the irony is that he may have been right.
  5. I wish I’d thought of that. It’s never too early to teach your kids about crushing their enemies.
  6. Lady bonehead

    Why did they have to fight at the ToJ?

    According to their vows they should have been obeying Aerys’s orders, not Rhaegar’s (unless Aerys told them to obey Rhaegar, which doesn’t seem likely). In that case their instructions might have been not so much to protect Lyanna as to keep her (and her baby) locked up no matter what. Come to think of it, maybe Aerys had Rhaegar locked up initially and only released him when he decided he was needed to fight Robert.
  7. Lady bonehead

    Why did they have to fight at the ToJ?

    1. We know that this was a fever dream and the conversation didn’t take place exactly as described. Nonetheless it does seem odd. 2. Nothing we know about Arthur Dayne in particular suggests that he is a robot who follows orders blindly without exercizing any judgment. 3. The words “we swore a vow” here may be key. Does he mean the Kingsguard vow? Or some specific vow sworn to either Aerys or Rhaegar (such as “Keep Lyanna in that tower no matter what!”) Even if we are talking about the Kingsguard vow there is a potential conflict—follow the orders of the now-dead king (or prince), or follow the prime directive of protecting the present king (Viserys or Jon, depending).
  8. Haven't seen this discussed before, but supposing that some of the WW are Craster's sons, this means that Gilly is their sister, and her baby is their brother twice over. Not sure how this would play out but we know that siblings are important in the story. At minimum it would mean that Jon's baby swap is ironic, since in all likelihood Mance's son will turn out not to be important at all.
  9. Lady bonehead

    "I never thought he'd hurt them"

    After killing Aerys, Jaime himself considered the option of declaring Aegon king, then rejected it because Aegon had Aerys's blood. He may have thought even at the time that that was Tywin's plan also, since it would have been a way of putting the Lannisters directly in power rather than kowtowing to Robert. I do wonder if at any point we will get some version of the subsequent interaction between Jaime and Tywin (squirms).
  10. All right, but save the world from what? Did Rhaegar have any idea of the nature of the menace? And what made him think that the prophecies were scheduled to come true just now?
  11. OK, We know that Rhaegar was obsessed with prophecy, that he believed that either he or his son was the Prince that was Promised, but do we have any evidence that he was aware of an existential threat to the realm ( the White Walkers)? People tend to assume that Rhaegar wanted to save the world, but maybe his ultimate objective was just restoring the Targaryen dynasty to its former glory--same thing all the Targaryens have been trying to do since the dragons died out.
  12. Lady bonehead

    Disliking Tyrion Lannister

    I'm glad someone mentioned Tyrion's sending Myrcella to Dorne, because we are made to feel at the time (especially in the show version) that this is a clever move, but really it's not. Tyrion is mainly motivated by spite against Cersei, who has every right to be consulted about the marriage of her only daughter, and doesn't really consider the long-term consequences. After all the Dornish are not that important militarily, and it's well known that they hate the Lannisters, which means that they are likely to believe the incest story even if they don't act on it. Which means that instead of making a useful alliance, he's just provided his enemies with anuseful hostage.
  13. Lady bonehead

    Moments of Foreshadowing v.12

    Probably mentioned before, but considering what we know about wights could this be a literally prophetic dream? (ASoS Jaime II) "In his dreams, the dead came burning, gowned in swirling green flames. Jaime danced around them with a golden sword, but for every one he struck down two more arose to take his place."
  14. Lady bonehead

    Why and Where does the Dany/Jon love theory com from?

    Either Jon or Dany, or both, is almost certainly infertile, so a normal marriage with kids ain't gonna happen. In fact after dying and being resurrected I wouldn't be surprised if Jon isn't just infertile but actually impotent. I always had him pegged as a sacrificial hero who dies for the greater good or perhaps becomes a perpetual Undead hero. But perhaps it is Dany who will end up being the sacrificial hero.
  15. Lady bonehead

    POV's You'd Like to See?

    Rhaegar, Varys, Howland Reed, Hoster Blackwood and Ser Pounce.