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  1. I gave it a 10/10 because I thoroughly enjoyed every part of it....I'm not going to bother nit picking the episode I'm sure plenty of people on here are already destroying it for 'poor writing' 'no logic' 'crazy teleporting' etc and that's their opinion. For me it was an excellent/cinematic piece of telly that made me feel happy, sad, elated and angry for the characters and that's what I want from GOT.
  2. Firstly....separate book from show....2 different universes now, so it's much easier to enjoy them by accepting they are 2 separate entities rather than trying to use one to make sense of the other. 1. Because....as the show has already shown, Ramsey is an impulsive idiot with not much tactical know how. He doesn't think long term. 2. It was explained through the series....Robb killed Karstark's dad and Smalljon was pissed at Jon for letting the Wildlings through the wall. Plus Jon hadn't put himself up as a leader, he was still in the Nights Watch when they joined Ramsey so not a potential leader. 3. No idea, he probably wasn't expecting an attack from them but this is a fair point 4. He was angry, grief stricken, desperate and enraged....did you not watch the moment that Rickon was shot down right in front of him!! It's not logical or sensible but it's human and emotional, just like Jon Snow. 5. Bother with what? The fight? Maybe to show off, to beat down anyone opposing him, because he's a narcissistic idiot, because he thinks he can etc....all character traits the show has established for him. 6. She's happy Ramsey just got eaten....maybe she's been crying up until that scene and she'll cry after....we don't know but for that one moment she was happy to watch Ramsey get eaten.....that's all (plus it means she won't have to kill herself which she threatened to do earlier in the show) It was a 10 from me....I loved the raw emotion, the suffocating way the battle was shot and the horror of it all. Nice to see if not glamourised. The little character moments were great too, Sansa and Jon arguing, Dany and Yara connecting, Davos and Tormand chatting...enjoyable moments in quite an intense episode.
  3. 8 I really enjoyed it as a filler episode. It was lovely to see Sam and Gilly again, yes they are a bit cheesy, but their scenes make me smile and in such an intense show as this I like to have a bit of light relief, especially after the trauma of last week's episode. Enjoyed the flash backs, Benjen reveal and The High Sparrow's clever games. Not a fan of Jamie/Cersei this year, I can't see anything pushing them apart in the show which I think has taken away a major part of his character growth and development. Drogon looked awesome but the speech was a bit meh, although I am looking forward to seeing Dany the Conqueror take on Westeros and how she will react when she realises that the true threat is not from the other houses by from an undead winter army.
  4. MrsStocksey

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 603?

    I think I watched a different episode to some people on here...I gave it a 9. i thoroughly enjoyed everything at CB, I was glad Jon seemed weak after his resurrection. I loved the little moment with Tormund, a call back to their meeting at Castle Black in the book. The little moment of humour with Edd and Davos giving his words of wisdom. Now go kill Ramsey please! I'm wondering if a Pink Letter type thing might be used to tell Jon they have Rickon. Tower of Joy was really fun, excellent sword work which was really entertaining to watch, I couldn't care less how many swords he 'should' have, I thought it looked cool! I just wished we'd got to see the rest of the scene with Lyanna but I can wait. loved the Small Council getting up and walking away from Cersei and Jamie, made me chuckle. More Queen of Thorns is always welcome. Arya getting to be bad arse was good to see, bit of a cheesey training montage but a quick way to pack in the information we need to move her character forward. Sam and Gilly were sweet, I've always hoped that theirs is the actual love story that will survive the long winter. Dany's scene was a bit of a filler for her but I liked that she has no power at the moment, it will make her come back all the sweeter. All in all I was entertained, as was my unsullied husband and we look forward to next week.
  5. MrsStocksey

    [Spoilers] EP602

    I think it was just that natural reaction most people have when they do something stupid/scary, then afterwards turn to theirmate and say 'never let me do that again!' There wasn't anything specific that the dragons did in that moment, other than being dragons.
  6. MrsStocksey

    How would you rate episode 601?

    7 for me....solid set up. Liked the Wall stuff, Sansa and Brienne, Dany and Arya (particularly with the Titan in the background) Not a huge fan of Jamie and Cersie, I can't see him pulling away from her which disappoints me Glad Dorne is almost finished, kill the rest of them and be done with it...the show got them all wrong!