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    Poll: Answer 10 mysteries of asoiaf

    M,DeadheadoaelysKinslre is Tysha? 1. Where is Tysha? No clue. But I think we have probably seen her. 2. Who is Mystery Knight of Harrenhall (Laughing tree)? Ned Stark 3. Who is the Harpy? There are probably several. 4. Who is Jon's mother? Lyanna 5. Real identity of Aegon VI? The son of Rhaegar. 6. Who killed Little Walder Frey? Big Walder. 7. Who wrote Pink Letter? Mance. 8. Who is Coldhands? The 13th Lord Commander. 9. Who is Hooded man of Winterfell? A dissociated Theon. 10. Who is Azor Ahai? Unless something crazy happens, it's Dany.