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  1. You are a bitch. How can I block you?

  2. I don't really care if anyone considers me a racist, I stopped caring about that shit. What means something to me is that people like you are able to see through what other, dumber and narrowminded ones, don't. Thank you.

  3. Valens

    Shiera Seastar's whereabouts

    Yea, I've come across it. Based on the vision Mel has of Bloodraven, when she starts to bleed. Very interesting...was it just a case of a powerful magician being "bitchslapped" by a more powerful one or is there something deeper behind it? Really hope Martin reveals that. Mel is also said to be red-eyed and white-faced, which means she's in reality an albino (or should I say albina?) who dyes her hair. Her mother being very beautiful and probably voluptuous makes her inherit that, while she has the height from her father, who, while not being as tall as his very tall half-brothers, was still far from short. He is described as a "shade under six feet", which would mean he was 5'11.
  4. Valens

    Shiera Seastar's whereabouts

    Well, anyway, I'd like to know how he got to live that long. Yes, I know he also practiced magic but still...how he wound up below that tree.
  5. Valens

    Shiera Seastar's whereabouts

    What I really would like to know is how BR became immortal.
  6. Valens

    Shiera Seastar's whereabouts

    Oh yeah! That's right...so you think she just went up there when he was sent to the Wall? But still...she wouldn't be allowed to see him anyway, or be with him, so why would she bother? I dunno...sounds a bit improbable to me. And there is a passage when Dany dreams of Quaithe where it is mentioned that seastars shone around her, something like that.
  7. Valens

    Shiera Seastar's whereabouts

    I don't think she's Old Nan. Why would she go to North of all places? Quaithe would be more plausible since her mother is from Lys, the East. And she knew and practiced dark magic, like her mother, which could make her almost eternally young. So, she might not look so young anymore but still looks and sounds a lot younger than her age, like Quaithe. I like the voice of that actress that played Quaithe...wonder when and if she will ever return to the show.
  8. Ok, this is my first thread here. I was always wondering what became of Shiera Seastar. Does anyone know if Martin writes exactly when she left King's Landing? I assume that might be when Bloodraven was imprisoned. And also, I know some have alledged that she is Quaithe, how old does that make her like "now" where the series and the last book are in time? I think she's a very interesting character, yet not developed enough. I hope Martin will unveil the secret wether she is Quaithe by the time the series (book series) ends. Quaithe does speak Westerosi perfectly in the series, when she talks to Jorah for instance, but isn't she shown to have dark eyes? Shiera had one blue and one green eye and was fair skinned. Quaithe doesn't look so fair skinned.