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  1. Blame it on taking some advice from Kevin J. Anderson way to far. Anderson: I read your story on the plane home. You're an incredible writer. I know you've written a trilogy. You should really show it to my agent. Is the first book ready to show around? (Hint: your answer to this question is "yes, of course it's ready." And if it's not ready, you work your ass off over the weekend and you get it ready.) Rothfuss: You see? He knew what I was hoping for, but he didn't have any idea what sort of a writer I was. And he also knew what it was like to be a spooked new writer who finally gets the chance to show his novel off. That's why he wrote that parenthetical to me. So I e-mailed him back and said, verbatim, "Yes, of course it's ready." Then I worked my ass off over the weekend and mailed it off to his agent on Monday. And Matt eventually accepted me as a client. Then, eventually, we sold it. Interview from the Pat's Hotlist
  2. This show makes me laugh. Tala trying to get past the chief of security. Was there really no one on hand to point out that a commanding officer is not the same thing as a higher ranked officer? Jeez. Reva telling Tala that she knew there had to be a traitor because Obi-Wan couldn't get passed the laser gate by himself. I laughed hard.
  3. You've probably noticed, but the last names tend to relate to the house. Fifth house is Pent and Quinn. Seventh house is Septimus. etc.
  4. The UK is always wonderful at coming up with boring cover art.
  5. Back in the day there used to be anti-monopoly rules that frowned on television networks airing shows made by their own studios so channels almost always aired shows made by rival studios. And no, TBS doesn't stream Friends.
  6. That's not for the reunion special. HBOMAX is supposedly spending 85 million a year to stream Friends.
  7. Covid-19 is slowing down the TV pipeline. The start of this year has been pretty barren. It's a Sin and Wandavision have been the only prominent shows to air so far this year in my mind.
  8. Different strokes for different folks. I think that with the addition of FX on Hulu, it has been churning out the best set of originals this year. Devs, Mrs. America, Normal People, Little Fires Everywhere, the Great, and Dave are all good shows.
  9. Huh, I have the plan with ads and and in the normal course of a "half-hour" episode I got 90-120 seconds of ads total. It does seem like the more you watch the fewer ads you get. I've been watching on a desktop and when I turned on an ad blocker the other day I was able to watch several episodes without it even visibly attempting to play an add.
  10. Sounds like you're playing stuff from the Live TV part of Hulu, which is a cable replacement and has ads instead of playing things from the streaming side of the site which is almost entirely ad free (assuming you paid for that tier). I personally think Hulu has the strongest TV show streaming library in the US.
  11. Patreon Mark Smylie published the Barrow back in 2014. Its a grimdark fantasy set in the world of Artesia that Smylie had previously created in a series of graphic novels. As I recall several members of the board were big fans of that book. At this point he's planning on self-publishing the second book. There was a lot of scuttlebutt back then that he wasn't able to publish the second book due to disputes between him and his comic book publisher. He doesn't make mention of it, so maybe those rumors were false.
  12. I had no idea Nigerian God-Punk was a thing but now I do and I'm interested!
  13. I'm planning on getting Marvel Unlimited. Anyone have any run recommendations?
  14. That Paris Adrift cover is really pretty.
  15. Yeah, it is very static. One of other sketches has an awesome sense of movement and I would have preferred they used it.
  16. I would be hard pressed to name a series that has better covers than the Mirror Empire. Really spectacular.
  17. That's a cool cover and very Malazanesque.
  18. That is a very cool cover. I also like the ones James Islington's work has.
  19. They aren't nearly as bad as those Neuromancer covers though. The Stewart covers at least have a hint of artistic inspiration
  20. Really like the covers for Hammers on Bone and Nevernight. Gilded Cage is handsome but unmemorable. A Taste of Honey is a nice cover but that grey color really makes unmemorable. Cold-Forged Flame is a slight step up from the typical protagonist with a sword.
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