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  1. Galazza Galare doesn't get a middle name. I guess it works differently for the Ghis females. We really need an introduction to a female Ghis who will be prominent in the story.
  2. Dawn, Lightbringer, Dragons, and Azor Ahai are not related to the Starks. The Others, White Walkers, Craster, the Night's Watch, direwolves are the ones related to the Starks. None of the Starks are worthy of Dawn anyway. Jon is an oathbreaker who betrayed the Wall. Bran is physically unable to use a sword without skinchanging Hodor. Rickon is a cannibal. Arya is no hero and will definitely not bring the dawn. More like she will bring the night.
  3. If Gregor's toy was not appropriate for his age, the same will be true for Sandor's. The toy was made for a younger boy. So what is too young for Sandor? It's a Sansa doll? No, it was probably a static toy that does not move. I mean, Sansa is wooden and static, but we are talking about the toy.
  4. Martin is harsh on leaders who neglect their duties. Lady Stoneheart pushed Westeros into war because she loved Bran. She prioritized the need of the one she loved ahead of the many innocents whom she does not necessarily love. Jon is guilty of the same sin. Jon has a direwolf to allow him a second life as an animal.
  5. The House with the Red Door is a place of safety. This is the door to which Daenerys was running to in her dreams. In real terms, any door can be painted red. But this is a dream and the door is a concept of safety. The Dothraki would have forced her to join the Dosh Khaleen if she had failed to reach the red door. Daenerys passed through the door and watched her shadows below. The red door is figuratively Drogo's funeral fire and she walked through the fire and got rewarded with three dragons. She escaped the fate of the Dosh Khaleen.
  6. Watch one of Preston Jacobs' programs on Youtube. All of them are really good (the art). Cartoony but still appropriate.
  7. Arya Stark is the most disturbing character in the series. It is partially because of her young age. Readers do not expect an insane, brutal killer at that age. Arya reeks of blood. She is disturbing and I am sure that was the author's intentions.
  8. I am always happy to do so. Getting back to the topic's question. Arya is not going to make it on the list of the beautiful. She's walking bitterness and hate. Arya's life is revenge. Beauty is not in her game.
  9. Lady Stoneheart is already using up her second life. This is as far as she goes before final curtain time. She was the first. Jon Snow will be the second to use his second life in the form of an Ice Wight, part direwolf. Stoneheart was a Tully. No second life as a direwolf for her. Bran, Arya, and Jon will all die as humans and live for a time as direwolves before the final curtain time comes for them. Catelyn will not be a part of that pack.
  10. The Baratheons had one king. They failed to follow Robert on the throne. His bastards are not that important. Gendry the blacksmith is only interesting if he gets a crazy notion in his head to temper a sword in Arya. Then the sword breaks anyway.
  11. It was Jon who becomes guilty of treason soon after he killed Janos Slynt. He ordered a sworn man of the watch to take his sister from Ramsay. It's illegal and violates the law of the watch. It's not neutral to get involved in Ramsay Bolton's affairs. If one of the two deserved to die, it's Jon.
  12. Jon tried to kill his commanding officer in public. Mormont didn't chop off his elongated head. Jon should have given Janos Slynt the same mercy. Jon violated his oaths and left to help Robb. He was given a break. Jon killed Slynt to get even for what the Lannisters did to Ned. Jon is an idiot. Illyn Payne killed Ned because he was ordered by Joffrey.
  13. We are talking about beautiful. So that would mean this person has smooth, clear skin. Great hair is a must. The most beautiful woman (or girl, depending on how you see a teenager) is Daenerys Targaryen. There is a checklist for beauty and she meets the criteria of a classical beauty.
  14. Whoever the artist who does artwork for Preston Jacobs.
  15. Death is not curable. I am 100% sure of Jon's return but he is not coming back as a human. He will return as a Super wight and just long enough to settle his affairs. He will rule the wall as its Nightsking and send the Boltons to their graves with an army of wights. He will turn poor Bowen Marsh into his wight. They will take back Winterfell and win the North for Rickon. Sansa will oppose and it will be the death of her.
  16. You were not asking me but I will volunteer an answer. No. The tree has been dead for a long time. Cat was not reborn. She was like a damaged vehicle who got patched and force started. She is operating for the moment but her engine will stop soon. I liken Cat to an I4 engine operating on 3 cylinders.
  17. True in the real world. Weirwoods are like vampires in Westeros. A few drops of Stark blood will surely bring that old tree back to its sinister life.
  18. A Blue Rose is a poisoned gift from the bards to the Starks. It brings death to the Starks. Mance screwed up Jon's loyalty, or what little was there, and made him question his duties. Jon released Mance from what should have been a death sentence and it bit Jon in the ass. The rose is the gift which destroyed the order of the Night's Watch and will lead to the death of the North. The White Walkers will resurrect Jon and he will come back to murder the men who are guarding the wall.
  19. Westeros will be covered in a deep blanket of ice when she arrives. The Westeros of King Viserys III will be gone. The White Walkers and the wights will have killed most living things. So all of the political hurdles that the Dany haters just love to make up and invent will not be present. Cultural differences are not going to come into play because just about everybody in Westeros will be dead, wighted, or both. Daenerys is the leading protagonist of ASOIAF and Slaver's Bay will be resolved in a satisfactory manner. She has discipline and intelligence, unlike Jon Snow and Robb Stark. She will not screw up the way those two idiots did.
  20. The Night's Watch cannot take sides if it expects to serve the people. It has to stay above the quarrels and the politics of the families. That is the only way it can serve and protect them.
  21. Archmaester Marwyn didn't seem well-informed about what was happening in the life of Daenerys. It wasn't until he had the information from Samwell when he decided to go to serve his Queen. He was keeping his distance to protect her but he also lost touch and failed to keep up with King Viserys III and Daenerys.
  22. She has other options. She could continue to sell seafood. She could work as a servant. There is the option to join the church and become a Septa. And why not become a Silent Sister? It is no more challenging compared to what she does with corpses for the faceless men. Her murders of Dareon and the Insurance man were acts of evil. They have not wronged her and have not threatened her any harm. Arya is both insane and slightly evil.
  23. The Starks having the most loyal bannermen! The Boltons, Karstarks, Dustins, and perhaps the Rhyswells may disagree with you. Lannister and Tyrell bannermen are at least as loyal if not much more so. By the way, I don't think Lady Dustin was alone when she sent the minimum people she could and only to avoid punishment from the Starks.
  24. Torrhen Stark didn't know what the Targaryens were like. His banners said "The Valyrians are out to make slaves of us." He chose to fight rather than become a slave. Then he met the Targaryens and the lords who bent their knees and found out they were decent folk who only wanted to bring order and discipline to the kingdoms.
  25. The Westerlings are sitting pretty right now. The Lannister-Tyrell alliance is still holding. Why are you predicting damnation on the Westerlings? They did what they did to survive the Stark's bad leadership. Do you think Tywin would forgive them if they had not helped them get rid of the pesky Starks? Robb and his Starks were making poor choices and the Westerlings had to choose wisely in order to save themselves. Tywin needed to end the war quick to hold the kingdom together. The Westerlings, Freys, and Boltons helped to make it happen for Tywin. A weak house does what it needs to survive the games of the high lords.
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