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  1. The Children of the Forest tells Bran that the most gifted Greenseers and Skinchangers have red eyes. They have great magic but live short lives. Bran does not have red eyes. Ghost does. The direwolf will be Jon's body soon. But the animal does not have to die. They just lose control. This may mean Jon and Ghost will have powerful magic but they will not live long. Jon will use his magic to save Arya and then die.
  2. The order of the revelations is important to understand the meaning. Stannis matches the blue-eyed king without a shadow. The second is the cloth dragon on poles, Aegon. The third has to be Jon Snow. The sword and Stannis go together. False dragon and Aegon. The Wall and Jon are together. A man without a shadow is not real. A prop dragon is not the real thing. And a shadow fire is not really fire.
  3. Lord Commander Snow sent the much abused Aliser Thorne on a mission in which he is not likely to survive. Another move by Jon prompted by his distaste for the man. I think Thorne will survive and continue to be the opposition to Jon. He will survive Jon's purge of the watch. He gets to tell the story of the last lord commander before the watch was corrupted.
  4. Craster's immediately family has not gone extinct. He shares the DNA with the Starks. His last son is being cared for at Castle Black. The little fellow will be important.
  5. The conspirators already had their children engaged to marry by the time of the tournament. So the connection to Harrenhal to the decline of the Targaryen dynasty has a low correlation. If anything, the tournament delayed the rebellion. Harrenhal is the example of pride overcoming practicality. The castle is too big to secure. It is a monument to the foolishness of man. It should also serve as a tale of caution to the landholders that their castles are only meant to defend against a conventional army.
  6. Issues of bastardry will be far in the back of Jon's minds. He will be raised as a wight by the white walkers. He will keep his free will because his consciousness will be in Ghost or some other animal nearby. I just hope it's not Craster's son whose body Jon steals. The poor little fellow is too young to resist a skinchanger.
  7. She is the most valuable person on the known parts of that planet. The landmass of Westeros is a fair price.
  8. The Citadel is a micro-model of Westeros. Jon began an avalanche when he cast aside his duty and brought the Stark conflict to the wall. This act of abandoning his vows because of his lingering loyalties to House Stark will bring down the wall. The same thing will happen in The Citadel. Leo, Sarella, Sam, and the other boys will give in to their feelings and ignore what their heads are telling them. They will bring family quarrels with them to The Citadel. The faceless man could possibly do something to trigger those emotions and sow discord among the apprentices. The Wall, Citadel, and KL represent institutions of stability in Westeros. Cersei and the Sparrows are wrecking KL. Jon wrecked the Wall. It may ultimately be Sam who will take a wrecking ball to The Citadel.
  9. Sansa and Jon are the outliers in the Stark wolf pack. Sansa turned her back on the Starks. Symbolically and practially, she did this. Jon from the start has always been the odd man out. Ghost was found away from the cubs and presumably driven away. Robb met his end and took his wolf with him. No chances of a second life for him. Rickon, Jon, and Arya will die some time in the series and they will get second lives through their wolves. What Jon could not get in his human life, he will get in his life as a wolf. He will be the Alpha of the Stark pack. What he could not get as a Stark human, he will get as Direwolf. The Dwolves will be the last survivors in the North and Jon-Ghost will be their leader. It will be a small pack ofcourse, consisting of Ghost, Nymeria, and Shaggydog. Nymeria follows a similar story to her namesake. She will lead her pack to the North and away from the Riverlands to escape the human hunters. Ghost will be seen as the spirit of Jon Snow by the Free Folk and he will probably lead the few survivors to the safety of Winterfell after the Boltons are dead. Shaggydog will represent the Skagos survivors and they too will take shelter in Winterfell before they all perish. Sansa will die and not get a wolf life.
  10. ASOIAF will continue to have its appeal due to the timeless plot about the weakness of the human heart and how it leads to disaster. The Targaryens, Daenerys, Drogon, and the Starks, are now cultural icons. Dragons have always fascinated and captured the imaginations. I believe that fascination will continue for a long time. We will continue to hear the Targaryen name for many, many years.
  11. Stannis will live long enough to meet Daenerys Targaryen. He is the first of the deceptions that must be "slain" for Daenerys to fulfill her destiny. Mel is presenting Stannis as Azor Ahai. Daenerys' existence prove that to be false. Mel is trying to take away Daenerys' identity, Azor Ahai.
  12. I would like for Ramsay's hounds to battle Arya and Nymeria but he will have to encounter Undead Jon first. Jon will be resurrected and it will not be Mellisandre who will do it. The Others are near and they are good at making the dead walk again. Being an undead, Jon will be impossible to stop. Ramsay and his hounds will not win that fight.
  13. Jon could come back as a wight of the Others or not come back at all and his soul takes refuge in Ghost.
  14. Drogon is growing faster compared to Rhaegal and Viserion. Dany first rode Drogon in the Pit of Daznak.
  15. So were Catelyn, Robb Stark, Sansa, Tywin, and others. Everyday was almost a feast compared to the peasants. Mismanagement and complete incompetence from the ruling class is why Westeros is not prepared. By ruling class, that means Stark, Baratheon, Lannister, and Greyjoy.
  16. Sansa is the next of the Starks to die. I am convinced now that Ghost will live until the last chapters of the last book. Ghost is how Jon Snow will return from death. Bowen and the Crows killed Jon and he will come back inside Ghost. He can come back as a wight with his mind inside Ghost but his body is not going to last long. Either way, Ghost is what Jon will be.
  17. Bowen assassinated a dangerous traitor and stopped that traitor from doing more harm than he has already done. In a way, Bowen is heroic because it may cost him his life. He did it to save the watch and Westeros from Jon.
  18. You are not describing Jon Snow because he is a traitor to the watch. Your traits partially describe Bowen Marsh. Bowen Marsh may not be a merciful guy at all times, but then he could not show any mercy to Jon. It was necessary to stop Jon. It gave Bowen no joy to have to do it. Bowen is heroic in a way. He did what needed doing and it may cost his own life.
  19. Jon gave a public speech admitting his illegal activities. If that was not bad enough, he even told the gathering of his intent to lead the wildlings against the Warden of the north. The men who took his life really had no choice.
  20. Jaime is a scumbag. Filth. Ned judged him correctly. Jaime is a kingslayer and an oathbreaker. Crippler of children, though I care not for Bran. Cuckolder of a king.
  21. Bowen Marsh will do his best to pull the watch back together but the destruction caused by Jon's affections for his little sister Arya is too much. The watch will collapse because its leader could not stay true to the vows. Jon abused his leadership to rescue a girl who he thought was his crazy little Arya. The best case is the widlings leaves the wall and the remaining men are all loyal to Bowen Marsh and their duty to stop the Others.
  22. Khal Drogo had at least, by Jorah's estimate, 40 thousand warriors. Khal Drogo would need the cooperation of the other khalasars to make the conquest successful if they were to do this without help from the other side. King Viserys III would have gotten a lot of support from the nobles of Westeros. The Riverlands are loyal and the Tyrells would have sided with the Targaryen king. I would have offered Balon Greyjoy the north in return for his cooperation. Offer the Riverland to the Freys and promise to feed Hoster and his brood to the goats. Viserys will have to marry Arriane to get Dorne's help but so be it. All Viserys had to do was cross the sea with a believable force and that was easy enough with Khal Drogo's khalasar. Even Robert, a warrior himself, was scared of the Dothraki coming across. Hoster and the other nobles would be soiling their britches when the Dothraki khalasar starts riding towards their castles.
  23. If Daenerys dies then it will be the time for me to stop reading the series. The protagonists of the series died and there is no further need to read for me. The White Walkers and their Stark toadies will overrun Westeros. Their army of cold corpses will make short work of Westeros. Fine if their spread could be contained on that one land mass. But not good if the ice army crosses the land bridge to Essos.
  24. Jon's bond with his Stark family destroyed the Night's Watch. Snow Flake just could not leave well enough alone. He had to involve the watch in the conflict between his now homeless and destitute Stark family and the new wardens of the north. What had stood united for thousands and thousands of years will be broken because of Jon. The wildling barbarians will do as Jon wanted and raid Roose Bolton. It will not end well for the north. The wall will be at its weakest at the worst moment. All of that screw up is because of Jon.
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