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  1. Tour De Force

    Why did Hoster Tully throw his lot with the Rebels?

    Whoever the Targaryens choose to marry, there will be other houses who will have a problem with it. The ruling House has to stay above them all to avoid any perception of bias and partiality. But that is very hard to do without marrying a daughter or son from one of the Free Cities. The royal family had to marry and siblings were not always available. But yeah, Aegon V marrying the daughter of a Blackwood could have wounded Tully pride. Unfortunately, Edmure is still drawing breath.
  2. Tour De Force

    Meanwhile back at the Wall

    Jon gathered wildling support at the same time he revealed what he had been up and what he was about to do. The wildlings will prevent any arrest of Jon because they don't care about oaths, honor, and laws. They only cared about going to Winterfell to get their beloved Mance back. Jon used the wildlings devotion to Mance to mobilize them so he can rescue his sister from the Boltons. Jon made it impossible for Bowen Marsh to arrest him. Jon was going to lead the wildlings to attack the Boltons. Jon receives the Pink Letter. Jon won over the wildlings to his side and uses their devotion to Mance to get their support to do what he wanted to do, which is to attack the Boltons. There was a lot of personal motivation in this for Jon. Everyone at the meeting found out what Jon had been up to. He had been conducting an illegal mission to get his sister away from the Boltons and now announced he was going to escalate that feud to war. Bowen can't arrest Jon because of the wildlings. But he can kill him and stop the madness from doing more harm than Jon already has. That's coming from Jon's fan base who keeps trying to put the blame on Bowen Marsh when it was Jon who was absolutely in the wrong in the first place.
  3. Tour De Force

    Meereen and the Great Skahazadhan

    1. The Egyptian pyramids on steroids. Topped by a palace like penthouse at the top. Hanging gardens with water features and lovely landscaping. 2. The comparo with the great Nile is good. Skahazadhan.
  4. Tour De Force

    Greywater Watch

    Thank you all for the comments. Westeros nobility sees land as property. The Freys think the river and everything in it, on it, and above it belong to them. The crannog people may have different opinions on ownership. Perhaps they think nature is not property to be owned. That's why they cross the river without paying the toll. The Freys think its trespassing.
  5. Tour De Force

    What was Cat thinking kidnapping Tyrion?

    I blamed Catelyn for igniting the war of the five kings but several comments on this topic got me to reconsider my opinion of her. Particularly, the need to keep her presence a secret and Tyrion saw her. I don't know, was that enough to take the risk. Getting to the bottom of what happened was important not only to get justice for Bran, but for Jon Arryn, and to learn what threat her husband is facing at the capital. It's not only about Bran. There was more at stake. Catelyn needed to know what the Lannisters were plotting to do. Her suspicions are reasonable because she believed the Lannisters murdered Jon Arryn. The queen is a Lannister and her brother betrayed his last king. Whose to say they won't use the same play from the same book against Robert and Ned?
  6. Tour De Force

    Should the giant population have replenished sooner?

    While it may not have anything to do with the Umbers, it is possible that the giants were enslaved to build the wall. Enslaved as in skin changed. The worst form of taking away someone's freedom. The giants and the children are dying out. Maybe they live longer than men and therefore balanced out by low fertility.
  7. Tour De Force

    Ned wasn’t a true Stark

    The ways of the old gods are savage. Remember the vision from Bran. The early Starks fed human blood to their weirwood tree. I would not be surprised if this practice continued in secret until Ned's generation. Ned and Benjen may be different from their forefathers. The Andal and its Seven diluted the extreme among the worshippers of the old gods. The sharp edges slowly got rounder as the centuries moved on and the influence of the Seven affected the north.
  8. Tour De Force

    Greywater Watch

    Greywater Watch is hard to find. I don't remember reading a good description of this keep. But living in the swamps and its constant dampness. You would think Greyscale would be common among the crannogmen. Grey water is waste water. Is this the inspiration for the name or Grey Water station in one of Martin's short stories? I would like to learn more about the feud between the river lords and the crannogmen. A land dispute or something else. The Reeds brought frogs to the Starks. If you were Bran, would you sample the frogs? It is the courteous gesture. I'm almost positive Ned would. Bran tasted worse through Summer but that was later when he had to face hunger. This is not about hunger but about diplomacy.
  9. Tour De Force

    Fatherhood: Jon Arryn and Randyll Tarly

    Letting Sammy go to maester school is sensible to me. But Randy is a proud man who doesn't like his son in service. Walder Frey doesn't seem to mind though. One of his sons is a maester. Hypothetically, what if Sammy can't cut it as a maester and runs back home. Forcing him to go to the wall gets rid of Sammy forever. There is no escape clause in the fine print.
  10. Tour De Force

    Dr loveless inserted to tyrion lanister

    Kenneth Branagh
  11. Tour De Force

    Mance Rayder violated guest rights!

    Guest rights on the north side, yeah, I agree. So far as Mance, yeah he's still a man-of-the-watch. He took his vows and made it to the ranger group. Desertion doesn't release him from his vows. Maybe when his head leaves his body, ala the Immortals in Highlander, then maybe he is freed from his vows.
  12. Tour De Force

    House Targaryen, the First Family of ASOIAF

    Jon Snow, Joffrey B., Balon, Robert, Robb Stark, Renly, the idiots who caused a lot of damage.
  13. Tour De Force

    House Targaryen, the First Family of ASOIAF

    The Targaryens are the star family of the story and Daenerys is the primary protagonists of the novels. The original post is correct. So much of The World of Ice and Fire was devoted to the Targaryens. The novella, The Rogue Prince was about the Targaryens. This upcoming book is supposed to be about them. The Baratheon rule and the War of the Five Idiots (Robb, Stannis, Balon, Joff, and Renly) have really made a mess of things. The Targaryens left behind a full treasury and now the realm is indebted to the Iron Bank. Stannis and even the Wall are now indebted to the Iron Bank. The Lord Commander just fucked up and got the NW mixed up in politics. The Dornish are plotting war. Euron is making trouble. It is time for a Targaryen Restoration led by Daenerys.
  14. Tour De Force

    Why do people hate Sansa?

    I guess because people value family and she betrayed hers over a boy. She's dreamy and not particularly smart.
  15. Tour De Force

    The future Lord of the Crossing

    Lame Lothar. He's clever and he has the experience of running a castle. I do like the Walder Frey and hope he lives many more years.