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  1. The assets and the resources were slowly diminishing over time. King Viserys 3 was slowly losing his chances until he met up with Illyrio and the marriage between Princess Daenerys and Khal Drogo was brokered. All of that is just water under the bridge now. Khaleesi Daenerys hatched her three dragons and she now has more resources than her glorious ancestors who conquered the west. To directly answer the question from Mario Seddy: No, quite the opposite. The Targaryen (Daenerys) has built herself a very, very strong power base. That's perhaps not the answer Mario Seddy was expecting nor hoping to receive but it is the truth. I would love to see Khaleesi-Queen Daenerys succeed and rule over Westeros.
  2. Tour De Force

    Iron Bank, Littlefinger and The Faceless men

    The Iron Bank backed the wrong horses. Stannis will lose this war and Jon is not reliable. Jon will do what he thinks is best for the Starks. He will not honor that debt if it will somehow hurt the chances of a Stark restoration. We all know the Starks cannot afford to pay this debt or any debt for that matter. They are a ruined family. Even restoring them to Winterfell is not going to solve the financial problem. There are no crops to harvest in winter and so there will be no revenues coming to the wolves. None. A slave revolt in Volantis and the other slaving cities could actually help the Iron Bank clear its financial obligations. After all, there are borrowers and lenders/depositors. Yes, many of the borrowers will die but many of the depositors will die too. Revenue will be reduced but so will the Liability to the depositors. The bank gets to clear its books.
  3. Tour De Force

    Can the Iron Bank be with financial problems?

    Whatever loses the Iron Bank may incur as a result of the war against slavery will be more than compensated for when the economy expands as the result of freedom. The ex-slaves, who are the ones possessing the craft skills in the economy, are given the freedom to pursue their dreams the economy will expand. Innovation can happen in a place that had not changed in thousands of years of slavery. The bricks and the mortar are crumbling in the slaver cities. The lazy masters had little incentive to innovate. A free labor force will make this economy stronger and those free people will need to borrow capital to build shops, farms, and such. The Iron Bank is not going to side with the slavers. Braavos has historically resisted slavery and is opposed to the practice. The debt from Westeros is another matter. That could put them under if it is not collected. Winter and the continuing war between Stannis and the Lannisters, Stark and the Boltons, Euron causing trouble, Aegon's attempts to retake the throne, will make it impossible to pay that loan. The economy of Westeros will collapse even without the debt. With the debt, it will make it impossible for them to borrow money and buy food to survive the winter.
  4. Fear of Robert kept them in line. Though many would have wanted to rescue the Targaryen children this fear would keep them from acting openly. Varys kept them safe but we can assume he also wanted them to experience hardships.
  5. Tour De Force

    What are some significant differences between Robb and Jon?

    Jon had a choice. He could claim being gay. The wildlings would buy that because a man who admits to being gay can't be lying (in their minds).
  6. Tour De Force

    What are some significant differences between Robb and Jon?

    Roose had not done anything to deserve suspicion. Jon is not really smart. If Robb had not figured Roose out then Jon would not have.
  7. For me it is the choices Aerys and his staff made after the executions of Brandon and Rickard Stark. Those were fine but the way he handled Jon Arryn was the problem. He should have hired assassins to kill Eddard Stark, Jon Arryn, and Robert Baratheon. He gave Jon Arryn too much time to gather his banners. That was a mistake. So perhaps keep Brandon and his companions in jail and ask the families to come forward. Promise them safe passage and then have them ambushed on the King's Road. Only after Rickard, Jon Arryn, Stannis are dead should Brandon be executed.
  8. Tour De Force

    Dragon Eggs in Winterfell

    Dragons take time to grow. You're still looking at many years even if those eggs were to hatch.
  9. Tour De Force


    Untamed and wild. Thick jungle canopy and green as far as the eye can see. Humans aren't cutting down trees and clearing land.
  10. Tour De Force

    Why did Benjen take the black?

    The Starks are not what you could call rich. There was no room for Benjen in Winterfell. The Stark household doesn't need another brother and his future family living under the same roof.
  11. Tour De Force

    Contemporary sources on the 5 year gap

    The story grew because George fell in love with his characters and the world it exists on. It generates a lot of income for George and his publisher. Every incentive is there to keep the series going as far as the readers are willing to buy. It's a franchise like Star Wars. Success encourage more sequel in the future.
  12. Tour De Force

    Who's the worst human being, Tywin Lannister or Roose Bolton

    These two are normal lords for their time. The dark ages was not a time of kindness. Tywin. What he did to his son's fiance was uncalled for.
  13. Tour De Force

    The Night's Queen + The Night's King

    The people of north leave the old and the weak to the elements during hard times because of resource scarcity. It had to be worse for the wildlings and the other savages. The Others had no shortage of flesh donations. It's not as simple as handing your screaming baby to them. The night's king was a member of the Stark family and Craster is too. The Others have a blood connection to the Starks. King's blood is powerful and they held that status before Aegon came along. The Others need Stark blood. There is balance and if the Valyrians bonded with dragons, the Starks must have bonded with the Others.
  14. Tour De Force

    Is Young Griffs invasion filler?

    The Stark vs Lannister dimension is over. The Lannisters beat the crap out of the Starks. It's only Arya, Jon, and Catelyn who are still carrying out the war. Arya and Catelyn are both too obsessed with revenge. Jon's judgment is too clouded with bias to properly carry out his duties at the Wall. Aegon is an important player. He is the dragon on the cyvasse board. Arrianne will use him but do it poorly. She's too impatient. She brings out the dragon too soon and that can get them both killed. But perhaps not. Cyvasse is real-world chess and the most powerful piece on the board is the queen. The king is the most vulnerable piece. Dany started out with one reason to go back to westeros. Take back her family's kingdom from the usurpers and his allies. It is Aegon who will certainly try to do that and judge the guilty. It is obvious to me that George decided to keep Dany in Essos to stop slavery.
  15. The Tyrells run a prosperous territory. It's easy to have loyalty during the time of plenty.