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  1. Way less people died than I expected and I'm totally okay with that.
  2. It seems the discussion has moved past this, but I just saw this, and coincidentally, I was looking at the timeline of births around Robert's Rebellion the other day, and how they squared with various events in the war. The Tourney at Harrenhal was in 281 AC, not sure what time of year. Prince Aegon was born either towards the end of the year or the beginning of 282 AC. 282 AC is also the year Rhaegar took Lyanna. The HOTU vision indicates that Rhaegar was at the birth of Aegon, so if Aegon was born in 282, the abduction would have happened after his birth. If he was born in 281, then the abduction definitely happened after. So, Rhaegar would have had to have known before he abducted Lyanna that Elia could not bear any more children. But, he needed a third child as "the dragon has three heads". Rhaegar likely originally had expected Elia to have all of his children. When she couldn't, he decided he needed to find a second wife to bear the third child. I think he came to respect Lyanna at Harrenhal because he knew she was the Knight of the Laughing Tree, and that's why he crowned her Queen of Love and Beauty. I don't think he expected to do more than show his respect to her at that point; he was too honorable to cheat on Elia. That honor, though, would extend to not sleeping with her because he did not want to put her life in danger, but at the same time not putting her away/divorcing her. So, thinking of who would be a good second wife to bear the third head, he thought of Lyanna, a woman who knew to be strong, honorable, kind, and loyal, not to mention beautiful. She, like many of the women of the realm, was already attracted to Rhaegar, and agreed to marry him when he told her he'd be faithful to her physically (important to her) due to him not sleeping with Elia. I think Rhaegar would have told Elia his intentions, again as a matter of honor. She was, after all, as he believed, the mother of the prince that was promised. I think he planned to call a Great Council, overthrow Aerys, and bring Lyanna to King's Landing to crown her and Elia queens. Their children would be raised together. Best laid plans, though. I suspect the Daynes have some knowledge of what happened at the Tower of Joy, and maybe both Arthur and Ashara were there at Lyanna's death.
  3. I'm surprised they haven't already. One or all of them might soon, though.
  4. Was it me, or did Gilly look pregnant?
  5. To let Olenna know that Margaery is still a Tyrell at heart and this is all an act, but that Olenna should still leave the city.
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