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  1. Can’t agree more , I hated it. Had to stop it after 20 minutes. Couldn’t understand anything and the actors accents were way too thick for comprehension.
  2. I was with Ed all the way till he played the white man victim card
  3. Really enjoying S2 so far , I’m also really interested by the political campaign sub plot going on , will be very significant if she ends up becoming president to the future timelines…interesting choice to portray her as a republican at a time when the party is quite demonised in contemporary society. Hopefully politics in this alt history won’t get quite as polarising.
  4. Have you considered the possibility that you’re probably not interested in this type of period drama ? It’s not about some big moral conflict. It’s a show about a bunch of rich people trying to fit in high society. And that’s perfectly fine , Shows can be about anything they want , and it’s really well made and written like a classic HBO show. Sooo much attention to detail in the production design alone, great performances and interesting storylines,brilliant music too.
  5. Saw The Gilded Age recently,fantastic HBO show. Reminded me a lot of Martin Scorsese’s The Age of Innocence
  6. Absolutely loved this season and the satisfying ending…makes me think we don’t really need a two hour movie to tie things up further , they ended it perfectly. Destiny is all indeed one of the few shows that maintained its quality for the most part and which I completed from start to finish in these last few years
  7. Not a comment on the Ukrainian crises but I’ve got to admit that there’s a lot more attention given when it’s a European country under attack as composted to all the turmoil and wars happening in Africa and third world countries all the time…..
  8. But the Witcher world in which a similar premise is hinted at ( modern humans come to an ancient continent and lose their tech ) , they at least retain some modern lingo like abortion,genetics, virus etc Here it seems every trace of the former world has been erased except the Aes Sedai order and the mythology and structure around it which seems a bit illogical.
  9. The intro intrigued me…had this world already reached the technological level of the space age\Information Age and beyond? If so why were the character dialogues ,decor and outfits still stuck in mideval level ? can a mad dragon really offset so much tech , cant they just nuke him from their flying ships or satellites lol if the internet existed could they not find a way to preserve knowledge for future generations? It just really calls to suspend my disbelief that aes sedai and a lot of the mythology survived but not any of the tech and they just went back to late medieval age.
  10. Loved this show….binged both seasons in 3 days ! Can’t wait for Maaars! Artemis get inspired from this show !
  11. Yeah too bad the writing is gonna ruin it now that the original creators have been chucked off the project
  12. I noticed there wasn’t a thread on this yet. Was curious what kind of portfolio are you guys into ? As a young adult (26) who’s recently started earning decent amounts of money , i reserve majority of my savings for index funds , with maybe 20% invested in direct stocks , with remaining 10% in crypto. I’ve recently been wanting to take the plunge into the world of NFTs and try timing the primary market for a drop event where I can pick them up for cheap. Get rich quick schemes seem like an eternal craze, irrespective of which generation you are Would love to get more financial education from the board !
  13. It’s more comparable to pre Islamic Arabia - and Mohammed was able to unify the Arabs due to religious zeal , solid tactical leadership and lack of a national state/religion already in place. Many of the same factors helped Paul. The missionaria protectiva - the missionary work done by the bene gesserit unwittingly helped Paul as he became a self fullfilling prophecy, able to meet alot of the predicted stuff. Paul’s own prescience and training helped win over the Fremen too. The fremen also become more powerful with time, once kynes started getting them to store large water basins, begin early terraforming efforts , start to unify them towards a common purpose. A lot of this was developed during those 80 years so you could say half of Paul’s success was his timing, the fremen were ripe for the taking.
  14. Exactly lol… Azkaban is the best of the lot cause they took chances and got a great filmmaker for it as well… it’s all downhill in the quality of the films post the first 3 actually.
  15. When I compare the production design, the art , the visuals and the sheer world building this film had to offer, all the comic book flicks pale in comparison. Haven’t had such an out of body experience in a long time. Really hope we get a part 2.
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