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  1. Just don’t read Childhoods End or you’ll get existential gloom
  2. Reached Act 3 after completing roughly 30 hours in Act 2. Hope this Act is exhaustive ! So far no bugs at Wryms crossing and it’s clear they were reserving the best visuals for this Act, as the graphics are utterly gorgeous especially the scenes overlooking the city in the horizon. Really nice touch of adding a singing version of the camp song as well. I just woke up after a long rest and shadowhearts gone to her local hairstylist lol Sad that I can’t romance Isobel tho since she plays for a different team
  3. Anyone else rewatching Part 1 right before going for Part 2?
  4. Thanks Brimstone sounds like what I had in mind, I’ll check it out!
  5. All Disney needs to do is adapt kotor, they will print money and make everyone happy. But no,instead we get frozen meets kill bill lol
  6. Are there any really high quality novels set in the Forgotten realms worth reading ? I want more of this world ! Ideally featuring multiple races as well.
  7. Ya I used to mod Knights of the old Republic and Vampire the Madquerade back in the late 2000s and it’s really amazing to see how much more convenient Nexus, Discords and Wabberjack( it’s an automatic modlist installer ) has made modern day modding. No more rummaging around .ini files lol.
  8. The only modding I’ve installed is for Skyrim ( like 500+) to keep modernising it in terms of graphics, as well as adding new quests/companions. I actually really like vanilla BG3 so don’t want mods anyways, also I’m afraid of breaking it with mods One day I’ll make my way to these older CRPGs but first dos2 and disco elysium after bg3. btw you should play the Witcher Thronebreaker game as it’s essentially an isometric CRPG with gwent as the combat and tons of branching choices. I enjoyed the story and characters just as much as the mainline Witcher games.
  9. Azula actress is so badly miscast it feels like a random teen girl cosplaying as Azula .
  10. I’m guessing all these complaints are still from Act 3? I’ve almost finished Act 2 now and haven’t encountered a single bug. No frame rate drops either. Act 1 was more buggy tbh. Only the pathfinding continues to be irritating with companions refusing to jump at certain places.
  11. I read somewhere that they’re not gonna be adding an extensive mod editor similar to the divinity series,as WOTC won’t let them as they’re planning on launching their own virtual DnD GM editor. Could be an unfounded rumour though but given how greedy that company is, it’s quite likely. They also apparently fired almost all the people who gave bg3 their initial support for licensing :/
  12. Thats weird - do they not want to make more money easily ? Expansions would cost them alot less than another major game as well since all the underlying tech is already ready! I hope they go down the CDPR route and give us one, i know alot of people have a craving for more BG3 content.
  13. Also just realised it- why the hell did they remove the Agni Kai between Zuko and Zhao?!! Also why dosent Azula have blue flames ?
  14. 20 hours into Act 2, I still have yet to go to moonrise towers, did everything else including the Masoleum though. Dunno how you guys get through this act in 10-20 hours In having a blast and really don’t want this game to end anytime soon ! Does anyone know the actual sales numbers of the game ? I hope it’s done well enough to merit a big expansion !
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