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  1. Damn I knew he had a thing for Sylvia… so is it okay for them to be together ?or is it like dating your sister…..
  2. Am I the only one who kept thinking they’d kiss ?
  3. Straw dogs man…. The first one with Charlie.
  4. And an artist of making erotic rape scenes…
  5. He’s a good actor, don’t know if you’ve seen any of the guardians of the galaxy films. It’s not his fault that the script and direction is total shit.
  6. Speaking of Apple TV… every gamer owes it to themselves to watch Mythic Quest, the Silicon Valley of the gaming industry.
  7. The movie is gorgeous looking and it’s easily one of my favourite Kubrick films ,love the time period ,the score, the atmosphere. Do you hate The Shining as well ?
  8. Ah fuck my life… Alright guys I’m going back to my usual staple of CSGO and heavily modded Skyrim till something good comes out…
  9. Any new news on Vampire the Masquerade ? i believe the release date is shifted to the end of the year now...which is a shame cause its my most eagerly awaited game now. Really loved playing the first one, probably the most atmospheric vampire game I've ever played and has a better lore/story than most vampire movies and novels...
  10. I agree with all of this although it also depends on the showrunner. I urge you to watch Godless, one of the finest western shows and certainly the best one on netflix. The same showrunner also made The Queens Gambit and both shows have a very real lived in feel that other Netflix productions simply can’t match. But yeah, I got the same feeling with GoT vs this show as well... For all of GoT’s flaws, the production values always been flawless and got a very realistic scale and feel to it , much better than this show gave. Typical HBO quality of production and world building...
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  12. Oh wow they didn’t end up making him Black too ??? Surprising !
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