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  1. This show gets right what vikings doesn't... That you can't rush character development in one episode and people actually behave in a logical way... The story is also fast paced, no fillers and really bad ass likeable characters. I hope it gets renewed, this has been my staple European medieval show to watch on tv since I stopped Vikings (S4 was atrocious) 

  2. That see

    5 hours ago, 3CityApache said:

    Yes, you're probably right. And as for the importance of The Sword of Destiny to the whole series, it's even more significant if you come to realise that it's probably just the best of these seven books. 

    Rodrigo, The Season of Storms is ok, but definitely not a must read, and you have a link with the information of the publication plans just four posts above.

    This  seems to be the opinion of alot of people...I think I'll just skip it rather than be dissappointed since I have such fond memories of the other books. 

    Guess  a sequel concerning Geralt is out of the question cause of the games. I hope he returns to the universe someday and writes a story set a couple hundred years later with new characters.