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  1. It is a 10 for me, from the music to the story. Everything was almost perfect, and even knowing all the spoilers I have enjoyed it fully. Can't wait to see it again tonight with my wife, she knows nothing and will be blown away.

    I prefer the do only 5 episodes next season instead of 7 is they all have this quality, and you don't feel they are saving budget in every scene.

  2. 15 hours ago, GrapefruitPerrier said:

    Welcome!  English is my only language and I still get it wrong, so no worries.  Do you get Game of Thrones at the same time we do?  A couple weeks?

    I think we are going to get it at the same time in english with subtitles (at least first episode) and the next week dubbed to spanish.

    Anyway it will be 3 AM in Spain so I am going to record it a watch next day.